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Girls Talk ... and boys try to listen in

Whilst the plot is silly and truly laughable Girl's Talk is a fun and entertaining porn flick. High production standards and well performing actors make it a film most hetero people should enjoy watching be it alone or as a couple.
Somewhat Funny
Great Chemistry
Arousing Scenes
The "disguises" are ridiculous
The squeaking Lounge
So many facials
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When Kayden Kross gets her BFF's together at her place for a night of girls talk her flatmate Mick Blue wants to get in on the action. His secret crush on her only spurring him on, he gets together with his friend Scott Nails and tries to crash the party. Their ridiculous attempt at pretending to be women may be transparent but at the end of the day successful. numerous pair ups evolve over the evening and create some realistic scenes that most hetero-sexual couple's should enjoy.

The disguises the boys use to infiltrate the girl's night may be pretty pathetic but all other aspects of this production are High Quality. From the sets and props to the costumes (disguises not included) and characters every element is well polished. The relaxed, more erotic than smutty pace also contributes to giving this movie a high end feel. These factors combined with great chemistry, half decent acting, and scenes so hot they steam up the screen make Kayden Kross' Girl Talk a DVD I'm very pleased to have in my collection.
    • Erotic
    • Hetero


Kayden Kross is the integral character in Girl Talk with her gal pals played by Sarah Stone, Loni Evans and Lily LaBeau. Her flatmate is Mick Blue, joined by his friend Scott Nails who dress up and pretend to be Mick's sister Michelle and her friend Sascha. Tony Ribas is Kayden's un-named one night stand, with Manuel Ferrara turning up as the Pizza Boy and Charles Dera filling the role of being the escort hired by the girl's for entertainment!
    • Good acting / chemistry
    • Good presentation
    • Hot scenes

DVD Features

It is a 2 disc set that has one DVD as well as One Blu Ray disc so it's suitable for everyone whether you have already upgraded to blu ray or not. There is also no region encoding making it possible for those of us outside of the USA to view it without difficulty on any of our dvd/blu ray compatible devices.

The extras include a short behind the scenes featurette, Photo Galleries, trailers and 16:9 widescreen format with the DVD or 1920:1080 with Blu Ray As well as chapter indexes so you can jump straight to your favourite scenes.
    • Scene selection
    • Special features / bonus included

Personal comments

Scene #1 Kayden Kross With Sean Ribas
The film starts with sexual action straight out of the gate with the titles still playing as Kayden gives Sean Ribas a blow job. Theres a very erotic feel to this scene as it is very realistic. A couple alone in their bed starting out slow and gradually intensifying their play. I absolutely fell in love with Kayden's very pale and incredibly subtle tatto in this scene and it is one I have revisited numerous times on my own.

As you watch the initial scene it has no context what so ever, but after we see him quickly ducking out the front door the next morning the pieces start to fall into place and the plot is introduced. Kayden is sick of the one night stands despite their pleasure and while she is complaining to her flatmate Mick about wanting to find her perfect man his heart is aching as he wants to be her perfect man.

Along with his mate Scott Nails he conspires to crash her Girls Only day by turning up dressed as women. Mick hopes to gain some inside info in order to further his relationship with the girl he lusts after so creates an imaginary sister and a friend who he gets invited to the girls only day. Unbenouned to Kayden Michelle is really Mick and Sascha his pal Scott. The costumes are ridiculous and wouldn't convince anyone - Scotts full wrist to upper neck tribal tatto - whilst it's incredibly hot only makes it so much more ridiculous and unbelieveable, not to mention his beard!

Scene #2 Manuel Ferarra and Lily LaBeau
Lily answers the door to the pizza delivery guy dressed in heels and very little else. Whilst she is baring her breasts he is more interested in getting paid for the pizza. As she is without money she offers to pay him with sexual favors, but this is after she accuses him of being gay. The set up for this scene could've been far better but it does still fit well within the plot and has an enjoyable end for those who enjoy facials.

#3 Charles Dera and Sarah Stone

Charles turns up as the day's entertainment - a male escort, which of course scares the pair of boys and creates an interesting moment before he pairs up with his first client of the day Sarah. Considering that he is being paid for his performance it was a little odd that spo much of their scene revolved around her giving him a blow job. Despite this Sarah is certainly a happy and well satisfied customer by the end of the scene, which again ends in a facial.

#4 Loni Evans and Scott Nails

Loni kept giving Sascha (aka Scott) looks of longing during the in between scenes, which only intensifies when Michelle (aka Mick) leaves the room. Whilst Mick and Kayden chat in the Kitchen Loni and Scott take off to find a quiet un-used corner of the house which quickly leads to the girls discovering the truth but also a great scene between Lilly and Scott in the bathroom. Some may be put off by the fact that Scott is still wearing a dress throughout part of this scene, but for others of course this may just be a bonus. Once they are both naked I really loved that they both have quite stunning tattoo's although this doesn't change the fact that yet again the scene ends in ... you guessed it a facial!

#5 Kayden Kross and Mick Blue
In this scene all of the shennanigan's pay off for Mick as he finally gets what he has always wanted - a sexual encounter with his stunning flatmate Kayden.

After abandoning his disguise he returns to the lounge to discuss with Kayden how he feels about her. It is a slightly slower more romantic scene than the others - much like the first one, although the constant squeeks and noises coming from the leather lounge were annoying. This did detract from the heat but the intense action burned through to make this the perfect scene to wrap up this arrousing and enjoyable movie.

They complete the scene with yet another facial, but they wrap up the plot by giving us the impression that their relationship has gone to the next level and stays that way. This creates a satisfied feeling both physically and emotionally I guess making it a fun movie that I've revisited more than once.
Follow-up commentary
Although the plot is filled with cheese and the guys disguises are just unrealistically ridicullous the scenes in this flick are hot and I have found myself watching them over and over again - so for me that makes it a very worthwhile dvd to have in my porn stash
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