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Coochy after shave powder reviews

14 reviews
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14 reviews

This comes in a close second to Coochy's spray version, but is miles ahead of using no aftershave at all. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and razor bump free! Great for use in the summertime or whenever you dress in a bathing suit or lingerie.

I'm thrilled to have tried this product and I'll use it as long as they make it. I recommend it to everyone and I've given it as gifts.

Body Boudoir Cootchy powder is an after shaving talc made especially for the bikini zone. Formulated with aloe and other natural ingredients it works great to prevent chafing, redness, bumps and other discomfort. It doesn't smell great- very 'baby powder all grown upish' but its soft and smooth and the provided sifter and puff make application easy.

This is a great after shave product if you're not planning on seeing your significant other that day. It stops any irritation after shaving and makes your skin feel silky. The only reason not to use it if you are going to see your significant other is because it smells like baby powder. While this may not bother some people it does bother me. So, I just keep it in my own apartment. This is worth trying out if you are looking for an after shave product.

For those of us with sensitive skin, shaving is always a challenge. Either it hurts to shave, or there's soreness or irritation afterwards. Fortunately, Coochy has a line of products to help. I have yet to try other items, but the after-shave powder is just marvelous to soothe freshly-shaved skin and prevent razor burn.

Sent from the gods to your coochy. This little slice of heaven is sure to make shaving your sensitive areas less of a pain and more of a pleasure. While the smell can be a little off putting I doubt you have someone with their nose up your coochy all day long. No matter where you use it after you shave this powder will leave you silky smooth, and bump free 'til you shave again. Don't ever go down there without protection...shave protection that is.

Overall, I really cannot endorse Coochy over the old standby of Johnson&Johnson. While Coochy does throw in a few luxury touches to boost its appeal, it is about as effective as a gilded tub of baby powder, one that I cannot justify purchasing for three times the price. However, I would recommend this specifically for those looking to alleviate chafing, them and princesses. Fairy princesses.

I'm always on the market for a good after shave product and I thought this one would please me for sure. Unlike other reviewers, I must have ridiculously sensitive skin. After shaving and using this product, I was more uncomfortable than I have been for years. I might as well not have used anything at all!

I think this is an awesome product that anyone who sweats where their groin meets their legs would enjoy thoroughly. The smell is not distinctly feminine and could be used by both males and females. It doesn't seem like it would come with much, but if used daily this powder should last you about two months. While it is intended for after shaving use, it can be used daily to absorb moisture.

If you've ever had irritated itchy skin after shaving or if you seem prone to ingrown hairs, this powder could prove to be a miracle in a jar for you. For the price, give it a chance and you may just find that this is the answer to your prayers. Goodbye irritation, So long ingrown hairs, Adios chafing! Coochy's after shave powder eliminated all of these problems. I'd recommend this powder to anyone who shaves!

I highly recommend the Coochy After Shave Protection Powder for anyone who has irritation after shaving. This, combined with other products from their line increase the softness of your skin while preventing irritation. This is a product every woman should add to her daily routine!

Alone, this powder is much better than nothing, but in conjunction with the spray I can say that it has gotten rid of any and all irritation I have from shaving. This series of shaving products really compliments each other, and I would highly recommend it for those who experience bad irritation.

Looking for a solution to irritation and chafing after shaving? This Protection Powder dry lubricant could be just the thing. It makes skin glide easily, preventing bumps---and it's replaced my standard oil aftershave because it feels light and natural and doesn't stain clothes. The scent is a little clinical but you won't smell it through clothing, and everything else about Coochy After Shave Protection Powder is ideal!

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