Coochy after shave powder - aftershave by Classic Erotica - review by Adriana Ravenlust

Coochy Coochy.. Crap

I'm always on the market for a good after shave product and I thought this one would please me for sure. Unlike other reviewers, I must have ridiculously sensitive skin. After shaving and using this product, I was more uncomfortable than I have been for years. I might as well not have used anything at all!
Easy to use, prevents razor bumps
Smell, didn't help with shaving or clogged pores
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After reading some raving reviews for this product, I decided to give it a try. Although my coochy itself deals well with shaving, my bikini line and inner thighs often become red and uber sensitive. The fact that I walk a lot on exacerbates the problem, so I'm always looking for a product to help alleviate it so I can stay as active as I'd like. Sensitive shavings creams have helped, but I definitely need something for after the shave. In the past, I have used a chafing relief gel from Monistat that has proven to work amazingly well but is also quite pricey. I was hoping this after shave powder would be a good replacement. Unfortunately, it just isn't.

A little background information. It comes in a cylindrical tub that is actually the exact container that other Crazy Girl/Classic Erotica powders come in. Coochy has updated their packaging and this is a shiny, metallic blue that is easy to find but perhaps not discreet. Once you unscrew the top, there's a powder puff between the lid and the powder grate. There's a plastic seal over the holes when you first purchase it, which is nice so it doesn't open in a cloud of dust or so you don't lose product.

Because I knew how sensitive I was, I would place the poof over the holes, tip the container upside down and tap it to get a good amount of product. This was relatively mess-free. When I first used the powder, I noticed two things. 1) It's a light pink. I don't know why it needs to be colored but even if it was white, you'll want to be careful to avoid getting this on dark clothes. 2) It has a strong medicinal-ish/cosmetic scent. I've since become accustomed to it, but it smelled far more like body powder than I expected. I would prefer something a little sweet or not scented at all.

It was easy enough to apply the powder to my skin and I could see by the faint bright powder where it was and where I may have missed a spot. However, that's where all my flattery ends.

I put this on after shaving, headed out for a walk and was soon chafing and rubbing uncomfortably. I could feel the powder at first but, on a warm day, it just wasn't cutting it. I cut my walk short and headed home. I reapplied once I got home, but it just wasn't enough. Not only did this not protect against chafing, but my inner thighs were actually sore for a couple days after. I don't even think that happens when I use no after shave product at all.

Although I didn't get any razor bumps or ingrown hairs, which usually aren't a big deal, I did wind up with one infected pore, which is something that rarely happens anymore. I can write that off as a one-off, unless it continues to happen in the future. What I can say is that despite the tender redness, I didn't get any actual razor bumps. Still, I'd like a product that does much more.

I finally decided to use it as a regular body powder in places where I sweat, like my bra line. This helped soak up the sweat a little but I can certainly buy a nice body powder for cheaper than this.

I don't know how much of this product I'm supposed to use, but I felt like I was already applying quite a lot -- with little to show for it. With the fragrance to boot, I feel pretty dissatisfied. I think that someone who is extremely active, sweats a lot or experiences extreme tenderness from shaving won't find this as helpful as others have. However, I'm definitely going to keep using it and will update with my experience later because I really do want to like it.
Follow-up commentary
My followup will seem confusing. Although this didn't work very well on its own, I continued to use it like a body powder under my bra and in combination with the spray. However, the tiny container didn't take me long to use up. I figured it would last longer. The design made it hard to tell when I was running out and actually prevented me from using the last little bit because I just couldn't get it out. I wouldn't buy it again, that's for sure.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    Thanks so much
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    thanks for the followup
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    I hurt just reading about it Thanks for the review from another sensitive person!
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    I know how that is. I get really sensitive skin, too.
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    Thank you very much for the review! I have sensitive skin as well so it probably wouldn't work for me.
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