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Dona plumping lip balm Dona plumping lip balm

Lip balm by System JO

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Dona plumping lip balm reviews

37 reviews
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37 reviews

This is a great product for moisturizing and keeping your lips nice and soft! I recommend this product to everyone!

There are a ton of other lip balms that are cheaper than the Dona lip balm if you're looking for any sort of chapstick to use. If you're feeling adventurous, Dona is worth dropping $5 to see if it works for you!

I always try to find any possible redeeming qualities of the products I review. I just couldn't find any with this product. I didn't experience any of the promised results of this Lip Balm. Plumping just didn't happen. No sexy pouty lips for me. My lips felt totally the opposite of the promised results - softens, moisturizes, and sexual arousal or desire that results from an infused Aphrodisiac.

This is definitely a must-have product. You get amazing results in such a little tube. I never go anywhere without mine.

The Dona Lip Plumping Balm should technically work for the average user, but then it comes down to the degree of plumping you get. You might get a tiny, barely noticeable boost. You might get more or less. This is more dependent on your body, sensitivity, and response to mint products.

If you're looking for a great inexpensive lip balm, that will look and make your lips feel super supple and glossy. This is a great product. If you're seeking the next best plumper, I don't think this will do it for you.

I don't plan on getting another tube of this lip balm nor do I plan on recommending it to anyone I know. I didn't like this product whatsoever. The tingle is too overwhelming for me to handle. I also got very irritated with how thick it felt on my lips.

I would say with the price of the product, It was worth it. I am happy with the softness of my lips and I really love the smell and how strong it is.

Overall, I'm not satisfied with this lip balm. I could overlook it being scented entirely different from what I thought when I purchased it but I can't say I'm happy with the clumping. Though the hubby notices a difference in my lips I really can't tell if they're plumper or not. My lips are smooth but i'd get the same results from a regular lip balm. This was just a big, messy letdown.

This is one item I'm glad I paid more than 99 cents for! It was worth it, now my lips aren't so dry. It's like a small spa treatment for your lips. I would recommend this brand of lip balm to someone else.

Even though I had a few problems with this lip balm I am still using it today. It makes my lips look better than any lip gloss has ever been able to. Plus, the slight burning sensation that it causes gives the balm time to dry so I don't constantly lick my balm off anymore. After a while the burning sensation almost seems to give you a sign that the balm is working its magic. It really is a great deal and a product that I will continue to use for years to come.

This lovely balm smells great and makes my lips feel like silk. It also keeps my lips smooth for hours. However It doesn't work as a lip plumper or aphrodisiac for me though.

I'd use this again for sure, and I think it's a nice alternative to the smelly lip balms you can buy at the grocery store.

While not the greatest lip balm on the market, it is not bad. The aroma is mild and the tingling effect is sorta pleasant. The packaging is fairly discreet. My only complaint is that it can be pretty gritty.

This isn't the greatest plumper out there, but it is definitely a very nice lip balm. It does have the "e" for excellence on the tube which is something that I always look for on all my beauty products. I will for sure be buying this again.

DONA plumping lip balm has a pretty even number of pros and cons. If you can get past the price and the fact that it does not have sun protection, it may be worth it for you. I love that it smells so good, but for me it is not worth the full price (on sale is a different story!).

Overall this is a nice lip balm if you're looking to try something natural that leaves your lips feeling fresh and tingling. However, if you're looking for a balm to give you sexy, pouty lips; this one isn't going to take you there. It's a nice feeling balm, but for $4.99, I expected a little something more from it.

I really like this lip balm and fully intend to buy the other scents in the future! The tingling sensation it gives, the nice scent, and great texture were all things I want in a lip balm and made this a great product.

I love that this comes in quite a few flavors and does just the right amount of plumping as well as adding shine to your lips.

Overall the mint is a little too overwhelming for me. The thickness of this balm makes it extremely long lasting but also makes me find myself wiping it off as it tends to get sticky. It is effective at clearing up my sinuses and I will keep it handy in case I get a cold.

I wasn't expecting much from this lip balm but I was pleasantly surprised! It moisturizes my lips, lasts a long time, feels melty/soft, and feels slightly tingly. It wasn't strong enough to actually plump my lips but that's ok with me. The acai passion fruit scent smells fruity and slightly bitter. As a lip balm it works really well and I definitely plan on purchasing more!

Inexpensive, easy to carry and nourishing for your lips, the Dona Lip Balm makes a practical and purposeful item for your lip care. This is not as good as some of the higher end luxury brands, but with many natural oils, it sure does outshine many of the drugstore varieties!! Grab one today and give it a try...your lips will thank you.

I really enjoyed this lip balm from DONA. It is available in 6 different scents, all of which smell amazing. If you're looking for a great gift idea or stocking stuffer for Christmas, be sure to pick this up! :)

I really like a plumping balm that smells like heaven and that comes in a convenient little tube that travels. I have a feeling I may be using more of this stuff since it's so easy to use.

I really like the Dona plumping lip balm. It goes on clear and leaves my lips tingling and feeling soft. It doesn't feel as thick and heavy as some beeswax lip balms. I love the Goji berry fragrance. It smells like sweet berries. Unfortunately, this doesn't have any flavor to go with the yummy fragrance. I noticed this lip balm will melt if it gets too warm, so keeping it in my pocket isn't really an option for me.

Not only do I love the sweet, minty, lemon scent of the Camu Camu scented Dona Lip Balm, but it's very moisturizing without feeling waxy, greasy or sticky -- And it lasts a really long time on my lips! What else can I say, I love it!

While I loved this lip balm for it's scent, I don't think that I experienced any of the plumping agents it promises. There is no taste with this deliciously scented balm, if you're looking to try something with a taste, it wouldn't be provided with the Dona Lip plumping balm. The product is still worth trying, even if just once! I might purchase it again when it goes on sale.

Even though this product didn't plump as well as it promised to, I am still incredibly impressed. The amazing smell and great feel alone are reasons to try this incredible lip balm! The smooth texture is perfect for wearing either alone, or over a lip stain, and the sweet smell makes up for a lack of taste. Definitely grab a tube of this before your next sexy, naughty little makeout session.

DONA by System Jo Plumping Lip Balm in Blue Lotus Sorbet really fails to meet my expectations in a lip balm. There is no plump in my pout when I use it. The gritty texture and strong scent is really hard to look past when applying. I really enjoy that it was a cheap lip balm because at least I don't feel like I wasted a lot of money on this. I will not be recommending this balm to anyone.

While Dona Lip Balm works great as a basic lip product, the description is misleading as there is no lip plump to be seen. Your better off using a standard chapstick or lip balm that doesn't change texture mid-use and actually contains spf.

I enjoy the Dona Plumping Lip Balm. It has a nice scent and it softens my lips. Although it has a tingling effect, I didn't notice any actual plumping to my lips. However, I would still recommend it as an effective lip balm.

I like that this is really moisturizing and that it lasts a while, but I hate the strong peach fragrance. I'd reorder these balms, but in another flavor.

The Dona Plumping Lip Balm is a high quality lip moisturizer that gives the lips a subtle boost in fullness. This product is great for those looking for a lip product with many natural ingredients to enhance their daily beauty routine.

Although it doesn't plump like it is advertised to do, it does leave lips feeling healthy and full of moisture. It can melt in your pocket, but it hardens easily by being placed standing up and putting it in a cool place. The scent is so light and gentle it gives a feeling of gentleness. It feels so great on the lips without it being greasy or sticky. I love this stuff and it is well worth the price.

While this is a great, softy scented, long-wearing lip balm for regular wear, it falls very short in the lip-plumping department. If you're looking for something to make your lips feel soft for long periods of time, this is your balm. If you're looking for actual lip growth, I recommend a pass on this one.

Even though I barely experienced a plumping with this lip balm, I still really like it and plan to get more when this one runs out. It's priced appropriately for the results and smells freaking wonderful! I will totally be recommending these to my friends, and they are also great little gifts for random occasions.

So with all the hype about the Dona products by System Jo, I had to give the line a try myself. I am so happy I went with the Scent I chose. The Goji Berry lip balm is wonderful you can really feel the tingle on your lips as you’re wearing it. I did wish it had some type of flavor but that is not the case with this but I don't mind because I would probably be linking it off my lips.

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