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Dona shave gel Dona shave gel

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Dona shave gel reviews

15 reviews
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15 reviews

I love the smell of this and the shave. I am really considering buying all of the scents so I can try them all. You get a lot for you money.

With all the amazing things in the Dona line this did not disappoint. Next too Coochy this would be my third favorite shaving material. My second after Coochy is the Inttimo shave cream. None the less I had to give this is a try.

Since buying the Dona shave gel in the blue lotus scent, I just can't get enough of it. I don't see myself going back to the old bar of soap to shave myself with again.

The Dona by JO line of products includes this great shave gel in many scents including the fresh, light Mangosteen. The 8.5oz bottle of clear shave gel isn't sticky and leaves skin in great condition. Just add water and a nice sharp razor and shave away, be you male or female, your parts above or below the waist. You'll be left with smooth, nick free skin and as long as you don't have allergy issues, no bumps redness or irritation.

I was really hoping I'd like the Dona Shave gel. When using this gel, I feel like I'm shaving with regular shampoo. I don't even like the scent I tried. It doesn't leave my skin feeling smooth and soft after use like it's supposed to. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

If you normally use shave gel, try this out. It might work for you. But if you can go the old school way with just a bar of soap or nothing but water, then don't purchase this. The scent is just heavenly, but I personally wish it was stronger.

Overall the Dona shave gel is well worth the price since a little goes a long way you will be surprised how long your bottle will last you.

After trying so many other shaving creams, It's nice to finally have "The one". I'm looking forward to trying the other scents.

The Dona Shave Gel really works to help cut down on razor burn. It is one of the best out there for me. The scents are also amazing too.

The Dona shave gel is a great addition to your bathing routine. Not only does it smell amazing, but it proves a close shave and leaves skin feeling supple and moisturized. This is one of two products I used for my first Dona experience and I couldn't be happier with either!

Dona has proven to be a very economical, high quality and consistent brand of bath and body products. While not quite in the same bracket as the very high end products, it is by far a higher quality product than the drugstore brands. This shaving gel is no exception!! I actually like it better than other one is have tried from companies that only produce shaving products!!! The versatility, aroma and skin conditioning properties make this a must have for me from now on!!

I'd recommend this product to anyone that needs a good shave, no matter their gender. You get a lot of gel for your money (you probably won't use it up quickly) and it prevents a lot of nasty nicks and irritation. My only complaint is that the smell lingers so long that I can't wear my usual colognes. I was expecting a very poor product but I am happy to say that Dona's shaving gel is very much a success.

This is a fantastic product. I went from a lot of irritation during shaving, to none. It also made my skin so much softer. The effects are lasting. The fragrance and product did not irritate someone who has sensitive lungs and skin.

The entire experience of using this shave gel is luxurious, from the first whiff of its pleasant scent, to the feel of a razor gliding over your skin, to the softness and smoothness of your skin afterward. Whether it has the aphrodisiac properties mentioned on the label or not, it is a high quality shave gel.

As with the other products that I have tried in the Dona line, I am very satisfied overall with it. It is affordable, smells great and I only need to use a small amount for it to cover both of my legs. My legs are left feeling smooth and oh so very soft to the touch.

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