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Organic lip balm smooth stick Organic lip balm smooth stick

Lip balm by Evolution of Smooth

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Organic lip balm smooth stick reviews

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25 reviews

The Mint-flavored Organic Lip Balm Smooth Stick by Evolution of Smooth is a much more unisex flavor than any of the flavors that Eden Fantasys offers in the sphere. It fits into your pocket easier than the bulky sphere, but it does offer less product. It does a good job of moisturizing your lips, and the fact that it is all-natural is a plus.

Evolution of Smooth (eos) is a company known for natural, organic and moisture rich body products. Pomegranate Raspberry and Sweet Mint are the only two flavors of eos lip balm that are currently sold as both Smooth Sticks and Smooth Spheres. This review is a comparison between the Pomegranate Raspberry Stick and Sphere.

EOS is organic and moisturizes lips without making them greasy. The vanilla flavor is sweet yet subtle and does not transfer onto everything you touch. This delicate balm is pricy but definitely worth it. My only complaint is there being no SPF protection, but I would buy this product again for the natural organic ingredients and performance.

EOS is one of my all-time favorite companies for lip products. I love the various flavors that are available, and I love that these products actually seem to work. After using this product for a few months, my lips feel softer and nicer.

These lip balms are so delicious and smooth just like EOS other egg shape ones they hit the spot right. I have only tried the two in the stick form so far, waiting on the pomegranate one to come back in stock. These ones unlike the other ones are easier to carry around in your purse or pocket. Again, anyone can use this one it does not scream out anything about sex.

I love all things organic, and I love this stuff! It's great for everyday use, it's infused with shea butter and other vitamins, and it's petroleum and paraben free.

I have enjoyed all the EOS products I have tried, including this product. If you want smooth, soft lips with no scent or taste (when applied) this is the product for you. My only disappointment is that there is no added sunscreen. Lips need protection, too. If it had sunscreen, it would be a 5 star product.

If you're looking for a balm that is sweet, organic, won't feel tacky and leaves your lips hydrated, this is a balm to try! It feels light on the lips and has a faint sweet taste and smell. It delivers moisture like it says it will.

This was a great lip balm while it lasted and I plan to get another one very soon. The vanilla scent smelled really nice and it felt good on my often chapped lips. The container is convenient for throwing in your pocket with your keys if you like.

Overall, the EOS organic lip balm is amazing, and I really enjoyed using it. I will be buying another stick of lip balm as soon as I finish this one. Although it is a bit overpriced, it has all natural ingredients, which is always a plus.

My trick when wearing lip gloss is to apply a layer of this lip balm first, and then the gloss wears longer and doesn't dry out my lips and I don't have that gross sticky oily feeling lip gloss always seems to leave as it starts to dry out.

This is by far the best brand of lip balm I have tried. Being up north, we get harsh weathers and this balm helps me get through it without my lips bleeding at night. If you have very chapped lips and want chemical free, this is for you! It's softening with a great taste and smell.

So, this product was just what I expected from EOS -- a great high quality chap stick that will last for a long time! I am glad I bought it, and I will add this to my EOS collection! I would recommend this to anyone who gets dry lips, or just likes the feeling of having something soothing and smooth on your lips! I am only giving this four stars, since I really like having chap stick with a taste to them.

Fans of vanilla will really enjoy this lip balm from EOS. I suppose fans of mint and pomegranate raspberry may as well, but I'm here to tell you about the vanilla one. It goes on nicely, with just a hint of roughness, and lasts a decently long time if you can keep from eating it off your lips.

This is a nice lip balm that smells like a piece of yummy cake! It moisturizes well and leaves my lips feeling soft and luscious. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who needs a deep moisturizing lip treatment though. This is similar to a daily chapstick for light/medium moisture. There's no spf in it but at least it's made of natural ingredients! It would make a nice gift for anyone. The price is a little high for a lip balm though.

I got eos lip balm on a whim because I've always thought that the spheres were cute, but that the sticks would probably travel better. I'm really disappointed that the formula isn't better because I really do enjoy the packaging, this formula is waxy and doesn't make me feel like my lips are actually being moisturized.

I am simply in love with this lip balm. I take it with me everywhere. It does a great job of keeping my lips soft and has a lovely flavor and scent. I highly recommend this product. It's organic and natural. It did not leave any type of waxy feeling on my lips at all. This is a must have for anyone who likes lip balm.

Evolution of Smooth's Organic Lip Balm stick is all natural and USDA certified organic. While it is a bit expensive, the balm is long-lasting and leaves lips kissably soft and smooth.

These lip balms are fantastic. I recommend them to anyone and everyone. They smell and taste amazing. They have a great feel and beautiful look as well. Id get more than one and get them for gifts as well.

This lip balm is a must in every girl's make up bag. It is organic and will leave your lips so soft and smooth. I love this lip balm. It is too expensive for a lip balm but it is organic.

Evolution of smooth (eos) organic lip balm is full of natural ingredients that are formulated to hydrate your lips. This lip balm is currently available in three scent options this review will cover two of them. The mint smells nice and leaves a tingling sensation on your lips during use. The vanilla is a mild smell that wasn't pleasant to me. This lip balm goes on smooth, but is quickly absorb. It comes in a cute twist up tube with 0.14 oz of lip balm. The price is fairly high for what you get.

This product is a decent lip balm, with a cute design. It will do as it promises: smooth, soften and moisturize. However, it doesn't offer any features or performance over the variety of lip balms that you can purchase at any corner store.

I'm just gonna tell you now that you need to try this stuff. I've never found anything so impressive. Here are some adjectives: soft, smooth, silky, cooling, delicious, perfect. Those basically sum it up. It's not shiny, greasy, waxy, or slippery. You can kiss someone without them having to wipe their face afterwards. It tastes delicious and has a fun cooling and slightly tingling sensation. Not to mention, it's organic. Go ahead, add it to your cart. You'll be glad you did.

Eos is a fun company that makes fresh bath and body products. I love the mint version of this balm with its refreshing menthol that cools the lips as it moisturizes!

If you can get one of these wonderful vanilla balm sticks, you should. They are great for anyone, and they are totally safe! I just love this lip balm, I think it is my favorite of any lip balm or lip gloss products I've ever tried. The ingredients are great, and everything about it is just lovely!

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