Organic lip balm smooth stick by Evolution of Smooth - review by Dawn (Lilac Distraction)

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I'm just gonna tell you now that you need to try this stuff. I've never found anything so impressive. Here are some adjectives: soft, smooth, silky, cooling, delicious, perfect. Those basically sum it up. It's not shiny, greasy, waxy, or slippery. You can kiss someone without them having to wipe their face afterwards. It tastes delicious and has a fun cooling and slightly tingling sensation. Not to mention, it's organic. Go ahead, add it to your cart. You'll be glad you did.
Amazing moisture, delicious flavor, cooling, organic and natural, convenient
No complaints at all.
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Who doesn't like a set of seductively soft lips? Whether they're your own or someone else's they're always a desirable quality for all that making out fun stuff. Chapped lips are no fun because they feel like icky sandpaper. Not to mention, sometimes they get irritating and uncomfortable. Trying to put lipstick on sandpaper is just a major fail. I think the majority of us appreciate lip balm for these reasons. It keeps your lips soft and healthy, sometimes it tastes good, and it gives you a perfectly smooth pout. No matter who you are you can always make use of it.

This product, much obviously, works as a normal lip balm, but it's not one of those $.99 sticks you end up grabbing at the checkout (although I've seen this up there several times, but it's always the fanciest). Why is that? It has impeccable moisturizing properties, tastes wonderful, won't leave your lips greasy, super shiny, or sticky, and it's certified organic! Not tested on animals, free of gross chemicals, and full of an amazing list of the best ingredients out there for perfect skincare.

Because this product is organic and free of synthetic ingredients, there should be virtually no risk of reactions to it (unless, of course, you have a specific allergy to a natural ingredient).

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil*, Beeswax (Cire D’abeille)*, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf/Stem Extract*, Tocopherol, Limonene*, Linalool*. *Organic. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.

So we have coconut oil, beeswax, olive oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter for moisture. These are all incredibly simple and are some of the most effective and highly regarded ingredients for skincare out there. Coconut, olive, and jojoba used alone are phenomenal. Instead of "artificial flavor" we have pure peppermint oil and stevia (which is a natural herb that acts as a sweetener). Really, you can't go wrong here.

For a comparison, lets look at the Mint Vanilla Softlips balm:

Dimethicone, Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, ozokerite, squalane, ethylhexyl palmitate, petrolatum, myristyl myristate, myristyl lactate, flavor, cetyl alcohol, myristyl laurate, myristyl alcohol, BHT, menthol, tocopheryl acetate [vitamin E]

Eww, right? The only thing that Softlips has here that EOS doesn't is sunscreen, so keep that in mind if you're at a point where you'd need some.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Lip balms are all very different in their approach. Softlips comes at you with super slippery stuff. Chapstick is sticky and waxy, Carmex gets really shiny, and even though Nivea is great it's a bit of a combination of all three. It seems that it's hard to find something that doesn't really have many of these qualities but still performs.

Enter EOS Smooth Stick. I've tried so many different things out there because my lips are horribly, horribly dry and get flaky and peely and all of them had some major downside. This stuff, on the other hand, is the perfect balance of all qualities. It's amazing how it's light, smooth, coats your lips without leaving them waxy, sticky, greasy or oily, and leaves behind lasting moisture without a super shine. I'm really clueless as to how they do it. It's the perfect combination of all of those highly appreciated features in a lip balm.

Taste / Aroma

I sat for a while contemplating whether I wanted the vanilla or the mint. I love vanilla stuff, but the cooling feature of the mint seemed like a great thing for irritated dry lips as it's soothing and such. The other variety here has six other flavors including these two. I had tried the lemon before and was impressed with the true lemon flavor from the essential oils instead of that artificial crap.

The mint didn't let me down. I was worried that it would be overpowering because most minty things are. It's not. It's delicate and delicious. It's really is a sweet mint flavor, as well. Nothing too harsh or too minty. After wearing the balm for a little while the flavor slightly lingers and adds a hint of minty sweet to your pucker. I really couldn't imagine it being anymore perfect in this area. The scent is also light and much like the flavor. It's a little strong, actually 'noticeable', but that quickly fades away so you don't smell like mint face.
    • Light taste
    • Smells good


When I saw this on here I immediately got super excited. I had gotten the little ball one in the lemon a while ago in a free promotion CVS had. Back then I was nuts over it because it was the best thing in the world ever, but the round little ball was quite . . . awkward. When I saw it in stick form I knew it had to be mine! I'd been suffering from those horrible winter dry lips and left my little ball of lemon bliss in my car during a hot day so it bit the dust.

This one, as you can tell, comes in a nice stick form. You twist the bottom to push the stick up and apply it to your soon to be delicious lips. It doesn't take much to do the job, either. You may not get as much here as you would with other balms, but it's not actually much of a problem because you'll be using less of it and less often than others.

When smoothing this on the lips it glides on incredibly smooth and easy. It seems to somehow do an amazing job of coating while still being light and delicate. Honestly, it's somewhat hard to explain. Your lips may be slightly slick for a moment or two, but the balm absorbs into the skin and moisturizes from the inside instead of sitting on top of the lips. Even though it does this is still leaves that delicious flavor. The peppermint oil in here is the best thing since sliced bread. It creates a cool, minty, fresh, slightly tingly sensation that feels amazing on irritated or dry lips, and is fun even when your lips feel great. Deliciously cool and tingly! The moisture here is super intense. If I want awesomeness I only have to apply it once a day and that's enough to last for hours even on my super chapped pout. Even after using it once I could tell a major difference in the way my lips looked and felt. The balm is also wonderful when used as a base or top coat for lipstick because of its smoothing properties.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Long lasting
    • Performance
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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