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Exotic massage oil Exotic massage oil

Oil by Shunga Erotic Art

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Exotic massage oil reviews

38 reviews
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38 reviews

This is one of the best massage oils I have ever used. If you are looking for a long lasting massage oil that smells divine, this is your product!

This fabulous massage oil is the total package - velvety, aromatic, long-lasting and luxurious! While the Floral scent may not appeal to everyone, I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to enhance their at-home massage experience without breaking their budget.

If you need a sexual mood enhancer, this is exactly what you want. This is the perfect product for everyone, solo or not.

Shunga's exotic massage oil is a great product to use to make giving and receiving a massage more comfortable and enjoyable by allowing things to glide more smoothly and lightly scenting the room and your skin.

A sensual massage is one of the most romantic forms of foreplay I know, in my opinion, and this massage oil is the perfect tool to make this romantic scene as serene and peaceful as it can be. It can even be used in a bath or as a moisturizer after a shower, and really leaves your skin feeling soft, without feeling greasy. The only thing I see wrong with it are the ingredients on the bottle not mentioned on the product page that can cause skin irritation for some people.

Eupho-o-o-ria, mine is the heart you own...Chris Cornell might have come up with the song--but Shunga made the words come true. Spicy, floral and oh, so light--the aroma will sweep you off your feet and the massage, well, that happy ending is up to you and your partner.

For lovers of a good massage, this oil is highly recommended. A wide variety of scents allow you to pick your poison, and the fact that you do not need to stop and reapply frequently leaves you and your partner able to really get in to the moment. Though it is not the cheapest massage oil available, a little goes a long way and you can bundle this with other Shunga products to save yourself a bit of money and create a memorable night from start to finish.

The Shunga Exotic Massage Oil is an amazing choice of oil. This product has a fantastic and perfectly strong scent that will add to your experience. It works wonders during a massage or even just as a moisturizer. This makes skin glow. It absorbs well and is long-lasting. The oil does have a slight greasy feel to it and the bottle has a habit of leaking, thus it must be kept upright. This is a must-have for couples who enjoy giving/receiving relaxing massages.

Compared to most oil the price is very resonable for the use you can get from this product. I love using this product it is one of the best on the market today.

All in all, I would (and intend to) buy this...just in a different scent. This Lavender is AWFUL unless you want to smell like an old person's house, or bug spray. I gave it 4 stars because I'm positive I'd love this in a different scent.

I got this massage oil thinking it would smell like lavender essential oil, and that the ingredients were natural. It turns out that the ingredients aren't all that natural, and it smells nothing like lavender...who knows what the "fragrance" is.

We love this oil as a body moisturizer more than a massage oil. If you're looking for long lasting massage oils, I'd suggest another oil. If you want a great scented body moisturizer to linger throughout the day and to feel nice, or you want to "spice up" a tattoo or two or three, then this product will work great for you!

I did some research on what massage oil to pick for our first one and decided on Shunga. I'm glad I did. It lasts a long time without needing to reapply. The smell is heavenly on both of the scents I picked. I'm not left feeling sticky after using this. It does take a while to absorb and does leave an oily feel. If that won't work for you then neither will this. There's some possibly irritating ingredients - make sure to check them before you buy or use.

The Shunga Exotic Massage Oil is way over priced for what it is. It is just very heavy and doesn't work that well to absorbe into the skin.

This massage oil is great for beginners and advanced massage enthusiasts alike! The consistency is quite thick, but absorbs well into the skin. A little goes a long way!

Slick enough to slide, but thick enough to last, Shunga's Erotic Massage Oil is a favorite of ours! The long lasting, non-sticky or greasy oil makes long massages possible without the turn-off of cleaning up right after. The light, romantic scent is relaxing and the oil creates a unique awakened sexual desire. A must have in my opinion. This is a product that will be staying in my massage basket!

For the money you will spend this will be one of the best massage oils you will use. I can’t wait to try the other scents. This definitely smelled like the advertised smell. The bottle is lasting and is well worth the cost. I haven’t gotten tired of using it – in fact I can’t get enough! It doesn’t warm like other popular oils, which is very appealing to me. My husband enjoys it for heating up as well as cooling down so to speak. I suggest it stay right next to your bed for frequent fun!

This is a great massage oil, that can also be used for moisturizing dry skin, and add a couple of drops in your bath for some soothing aroma. This is a thicker massage oil, so a little bit goes a long way. With a variety of scents to choose from, part of the fun is deciding which one(s) to get.

I like this oil as a lotion more than I do as a massage aid. For me, the scent is so overpowering at first that it's more distracting than anything. It seemed to kill the libidos around my house, but I think neither of us are exceptionally partial to fruit scents. We enjoy musky, heady & masculine scents the best.

Shunga's erotic massage oil is a nice addition to any collection. The oil absorbs nicely and has a pleasant scent while providing you with a slick, smooth massage. While this oil is top of the line for moisturizing, it is still a very nice oil!

This is an absolutely wonderful massage oil, it's slick, good for the skin, absorbs into the skin (but not too quickly) and leaves the skin silky not sticky. The only downside is that it contains almond oil, which may not be ideal for people with nut sensitivities.

Shunga massage oil is a great product! I'll definitely be purchasing it again in the future and I can't wait to try the other scents. It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and smells really good! It's definitely worth trying if you're looking for a massage oil or just something to use on yourself as a moisturizer. The bottles need to be stored upright at all times because they can be leaky. This is one of my favorite products ever! I love it!

I have some trouble with my bottle leaking but I stored it laying down and maybe that's not advisable. But the product overall is a wonderful massage oil with great friction and smooth feel under my fingers. I would definitely buy it again and although I'd like to experiment with the other flavors, my Peach (apricot!) flavor is great for me.

Overall, Shunga exotic massage oil is a great addition to any bedroom. With a multitude of uses and variety of scents, it's sure to please everyone. A little goes a long way, so it is sure to last quite awhile, and it won't break the bank.

Sexy scents, a near perfect consistency, and a massage oil that doesn't leave you feeling sticky or sliding off the bed? Sign me up please!

Shunga's massage oils are very good oils for erotic massage or regular massage. The oil is just the right texture, not to thick, not too thin, to provide the right amount of gliding during the massage. It feels so good for the receiver and it leaves a very delicious fruity sweet scent on the skin while leaving it extremely smooth. If you need an oil, Shunga's massage oil will fit the bill.

This high-quality oil belongs in the upper echelon of erotic enhancements for the bedroom. If I were asked what, exactly, Shunga oil adds to our already bloated collection of potions and concoctions, I would say that it adds class. Pure class. Not only does our sex improve in feel and experience when we use it, but it becomes the most erotic, most stylish and elegant sex we've ever had.

It's perfect. It smells great, it feels great, it lasts a long time and doesn't need reapplication. This is the best massage oil I've tried.

The Shunga Erotic Art massage oil is definitely a good choice. It is deliciously scented and works great to add moisture and shine to skin. It is made of natural oils and takes a while to absorb, which means less is needed for a massage. The only thing that would really make it any better is if it tasted even half as good as it smells!

The best money I have ever spent. Its a massage oil and replaces lube,lotion,saving cream and much more, I don't leave home with out it.

A lovely scent, absorbs into the skin wonderfully in the right quantities, can be used as a moisturizer, aid in hand jobs, and even added to your bath. There's almost nothing this oil can't do.

I think so far this is my favorite Shunga product. It allows you to give nice long massages, although I love this massage oil so much that I can't just save it for massages. I love using it after the shower or including it in my bath water if I feel like soaking in the tub. It is made with wonderful oils that leave your skin feeling deeply moisturized and dewy. As long as you're careful not to use too much you won't be left feeling too greasy.

Shunga Erotic has a great line of oils with many choices for fragrance variety. The two I have tried of this type smell great, but might be too strong for some. They feel super smooth and luxurious. Used in small quantities, this massage oil absorbs nicely and doesn't feel sticky. But use too much, and you will be left wiping off the excess since it takes forever to absorb and or dry.

Shunga Exotic Massage oil is the #1 massage oil on the market. It is beautifully scented, has a wide selection of aromas, is non-staining, and very long lasting. I recommend Shunga Oil to anyone and everyone!

Shunga Libido Exotic Fruits massage oil excels not only as a long lasting, easily absorbed, non-staining massage oil but also as a bath oil, layered with the shower gel and sweet snow, to create a wonderful, sweet smelling, yummy tasting treat for the senses.

This massage oil has a wonderful non greasy texture, that absorbs in nicely but not too quickly. It is neither too thick nor too watery. It has no flavor, just a lovely light scent.

This is liquid foreplay. Whether it is used to relax & melt away your daily troubles or used to take your mind & body to a wonderful place of pleasure & excitement. This is a gotta have in the sex toy box.

The Libido Erotic Massage Oil combines a sweet aroma with a smooth, light texture. Rather than becoming a sticky film, the oil provides perfect lubrication without an undesirable residue. It brought back memories of Bubblicious in my childhood as it ignited the sex in my present.

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