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Sensuous Smooth Vanilla!

The Shunga Exotic Massage Oil is an amazing choice of oil. This product has a fantastic and perfectly strong scent that will add to your experience. It works wonders during a massage or even just as a moisturizer. This makes skin glow. It absorbs well and is long-lasting. The oil does have a slight greasy feel to it and the bottle has a habit of leaking, thus it must be kept upright. This is a must-have for couples who enjoy giving/receiving relaxing massages.
Variety of Scents ~ Good Price ~ Good Size ~ Long Lasting ~ Amazing Scent ~ Moisturizes
Leaky Bottle ~ Slightly Greasy Feeling
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


A huge benefit of the Shunga Erotic Art Massage Oil is that it is not just massage oil, but can also be used as a moisturizer and bath/shower scent. This is absolutely fantastic no matter how you choose to use, and has the bonus of softer skin when you’re done. With it slowly absorbing into the skin, it gives a nice feel while giving you time to massage it over the entire area. It is also great because then you don’t have to reapply it and can focus on the task at hand. I really enjoy using this after my shower, especially after shaving, to make my skin silky smooth and have a nice, warm vanilla scent around me.

This massage oil currently comes in Fruit, Orange, Rose, Vanilla, Lavender, Peach, Apple, Floral, and Strawberries & Champagne. I have the Vanilla scented oil. A benefit of this product is that the ingredients are actually understandable and a majority of them are actually natural oils.

As shown in these images of the front and back of the bottle, I always try to keep my bottle standing upright to avoid it leaking. When it does leak, the bottle has to be entirely cleaned as it gets a sort of greasy feeling to it.

Front View

Back View
    • Foreplay
    • Massage
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This oil is exactly that – an oil. It is a fairly good consistency for oil though. It isn’t too thick where it feels like paste or too runny like water, thus little to no mess is created. It is thin enough to move around in your hand but not so much you have to worry about it dripping. This consistency is really nice; it gives a nice smooth feeling when massaging it in. It does leave behind a slight residue though that can feel sort of greasy. This feeling does go away and is easily washed off.
It’s really nice that since it is oil, it doesn’t absorb immediately but instead gives you time to massage it all over leaving silky skin behind. One thin layer of this is definitely enough. With it being slightly thin, it is important to be careful when pouring it out of the bottle and making sure the bottle doesn’t leak. The best way I’ve found is putting it into my hand and going from there. It is really excellent that even if this oil drips a bit, I haven’t had it leave a mark at all.
    • Oily
    • Slick
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

As soon as this oil is poured, the oil just has this fabulous smell of warm vanilla that lasts throughout the application and for a short time afterwards. When poured into a warm bath/shower, the smell lasts for quite a while and is very relaxing. The actual smell is absolutely wonderful and never overwhelming. The aroma is enough to fill the room but still light enough to be gentle. It smells like actual vanilla rather than imitation vanilla.
I did not taste this nor do I recommend doing so, it is not meant to be edible.
    • Non-edible
    • Smells good
    • Strong smell


Massages are something that have always meant something in my relationship due to the trust and comfort level that is required, so I was very excited to add massage oil to the mix to try something different. It is very easy to apply this oil, and it really cuts down on the mess if you are sure to put it into the hand before massaging it into the desired area(s). It is very smooth going on and just has a wonderful feel for both the receiver and giver. It has a nice consistency, not too thick or too thin at all.
I have never needed to get more oil after starting (unless I am switching areas) because it is wonderfully long lasting. Though it is long lasting, it also absorbs pretty nicely into the skin so there is a fantastic, smooth, silky balance. It’s nice to use oil that didn’t feel sticky or gross at all. After use, both the givers hands and receivers massaged area(s) are extremely soft and nice to the touch. The scent is the perfect strength during application, not overwhelming, but present.
This is also an amazing moisturizer as well as a scent for a bath/shower. To wash this off, the best way to go about it would be soap and water. If you don’t like the lasting feeling of the oil, it’s simple to clean off as soon as you’re finished. It is very important to remember that this oil is to be used as a massage oil, as well as working as a great moisturizer and scent, but that it should never be used as lube.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Long lasting


This is a tall, somewhat thin bottle with a simple label with all of the product information listed on it. The front has the artwork, product name, and scent information. The back describes the product as "Silky smooth, this oil slides gracefully onto the skin, evoking a sensation of total rapture. Sexual desire becomes alert and ready for love", as well as listing the ingredients. It didn't come with any external packaging. The cap is a push style which can be opened with one hand, though it does make the product more prone to leaking. This bottle should always be stored upright and when traveling, it should be kept in a bag.

Size Comparison
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Leaky container

Special Features

The massage oil comes in a tall cylindrical bottle with the usual Shunga couple, and all the product information is on the bottle. The cap is a push style tab, which is easy to open with one hand. Be sure to remove the foil seal located under the cap before using. You get a generous 8 fl.oz which is a great deal. Store the bottle upright, and it shouldn’t leak. This would be a nice gift for a partner.

There is no external packaging to this oil. It's just the bottle it comes in. The front says "Shunga Exotic Art" at the top and "Erotic Massage Oil Sensation" with the scent name at the bottom. The back has two sentences about what the product is in multiple languages. It also has the ingredient listing.

If you travel with this, I would recommend keeping it in a plastic bag in case of leaks.


Personal comments

In my opinion, a big upside of this product is that it has both quantity and quality at a low price. The smell of the product is amazing, not overwhelming but still present. I have a few food allergies and my skin is easily irritated and I didn't have a single issue with this oil. I love that this product is both long lasting and absorbs into my skin without making a mess. There is a slight oily feeling left on the skin afterwards.


I love using this oil as a moisturizer after shaving and before bed. After shaving, it helps so much to make it that much smoother and has a nice, light scent. Before bed, it’s a relaxing smell that helps me sleep. It’s even more helpful that this entirely absorbs into the skin without making a sticky or overly greasy feel. It’s also really great to use in the bath; I pour a little in as I run the bath and it simply adds a nice, warm smell. As far as using this massage oil for the purpose of a massage, I absolutely love it. It gives an amazing feeling with an excellent scent that makes us both happy. We have both used it on one another and loved how we don’t immediately have to go clean it off since it absorbs so well. I have noticed it leaves me feeling sort of oily, which I’m not a fan of so I do always wash it off.
Follow-up commentary
Though it leaks and feels a bit oily right on my hands, I still use this all the time. Even if I'm not giving/receiving a massage, I use it for my elbows and knees. Great product.
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