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Velveteen hand creme Velveteen hand creme

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Velveteen hand creme reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

I give this lotion 5 huge stars. It works very well, it smells great, and it lasts for a long time. This purchase is more than worth it, I really wish there were larger sized tubes, but will just have to buy it often.

As well as this lotion works, I unfortunately would not pay full price for this creme. It is just out of my price range. I will be stocking up next time it is on sale, though.

As a total lotion junkie, and proud owner of over-abused hands, I can honestly say I have never tried a lotion that I like more than this one! It smells amazing, heals your damaged skin, and has zero greasy residue. Do your hands a favor and try some! The price tag is high, but a little goes a long way, making it more affordable than it initially looks.

The Velveteen Hand Creme by Cake Beauty is a lightweight but thick and luxurious hand creme that moisturizes very well for hours and comes in some tasty scents. If you're a person who prefers no scent this hand creme has that option too. Just pick up a tube, spread it on and enjoy the soft skin and yummy smell that's left behind, your man may want to use some too!

Overall, I really enjoyed this product. It is expensive and that was a downer for me, but since a little goes a long way it evens out somewhat. The scent was a little odd, but I've learned to love it. And like someone mentioned, it is really similar to popcorn jellybeans! How cool is that?!

Looking to indulge in something rich and creamy without the calories? Something that will make your mouth water and hands silky smooth? The Velveteen Hand Creme by Cake will leave your hands feeling oh so soft and the scent will leave you craving sweet delights. The only downside to this product is the price!

Thick luxurious spa quality hand cream in your pocket! I would definitely purchase It's a Slice again and suggest it to my friends and coworkers. Working as a nurse, I wash my hands 30 to 50 times in a 12 hour time period and they get pretty dried and wrinkly, this product helps to re-moisturize and soften my hands.

I am always looking for a lotion that will keep my skin from drying out so easily and I believe I have found one that I really enjoy using! It smells wonderful and only a small amount is needed because of the thickness to it. It is a little pricey but it is well worth every penny!

The Milk Made Velveteen Hand Creme by Cake is definitely a purchase worth making. Hand creme is a hand bag necessity for most women. If I didn't have mine my hands would be a dry cracked mess! The Raspberry Vanilla scent is sugary sweet without being overpowering and the Creme moisturizes and absorbs into the skin pretty well.

For a pretty darn good hand creme with an amazing scent you can't beat Velveteen hand Creme by Cake Beauty. While it's not the best hand creme out there it is still pretty darn good. If you are sensitive to heavy fragrance you might want to use this sparingly but a little goes an incredibly long way.

Cake Beauty's Velveteen Hand Creme leaves skin silky smooth and oh so soft. It comes in three delectable scents, along with an unscented version, to suit anyone's taste. Though the price is a little steep, only the smallest amount of product is needed to achieve results. So in the end, you'll get many uses out of the generous sized bottle, making the price worth it.

This hand cream absorbs a lot quicker than others I use, however it makes the skin feel desirably soft and leaves behind a gentle scent.

If this had more of an actual raspberry vanilla scent, I'd be all over it and go through a tube every week. Instead, it smells like popcorn jellybeans and I can't stand it. I might try some other flavor/scent of this lotion, since it did absorb well and it was relatively easy to use and dispense.

I feel that if you have the money to indulge yourself, this hand cream is a real treat. It smells and feels wonderful. If you are a hand cream monster, or need extra moisturization for chapped or dry hands, go somewhere else. You can get lotions that are extra moisturizing or have loads of aloe and stuff in larger bottles for lower prices. For a general use lotion to make yourself feel pampered, this stuff really is the best, and is all natural!

"A little slice of heaven on Earth!", this hand cream leaves nothing out. It is a great moisturizer, doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy and it smells amazing! At a great price, how could you pass this product up?!

While this creme is intended for your hands, you can go crazy and use it anywhere you want extra moisture. A little bit goes a very long way, so even if you do pamper your whole body with it you should still have it for a while.

Looking for the perfect winter hand creme can be difficult, but, Cake Beauty has made it an easy decision for me. Milk Made Velveteen hand creme is a lightweight hand lotion packed with vitamins to nourish your dry winter hands. A bit expensive? yes, but aren't you worth it?

If you crave moisture and softness for your hands (or feet – I lather mine up and then put on dryer-warmed socks to help keep my feet soft and smooth, too), then you’ll definitely want to order some Milk made velveteen hand creme for yourself.

This hand creme works great at hydrating my dry hands. It goes on smooth without leaving a greasy feeling behind. I like using this hand creme to give my hands the moisture they need without all perfume additives.

Cake's Hand Creme comes in two versions - Milk Made and UnSweet. This UnSweet version is unscented for those who are sensitive or don't like the Milk Made smell. You won't find another hand creme like this one. Not only is it the most effective hand creme I've ever found, but it leaves behind no nasty feeling when applied. As a touch sensitive person, the silky feeling left behind after application makes this hand creme a winner to me.

I wash my hands about every thirty minutes or so. As you might imagine, it's a little rough on my hands. They're dry and cracked and during the winter months start to bleed. Not so pretty! I've tried many a hand creme and every one has a flaw that makes it go straight to the trash. Cake's Milk Made Hand Creme is the perfect harmony of being thin enough to feel great on and thick enough to produce quick results. Am I done looking for The Perfect Hand Creme? I think so!

This is my favorite hand creme to date, as it leaves my skin silky smooth, especially during the winter months. My hands are always in dish water, so this product works wonders at keeping them soft. The scent is mild enough to use around people and in small spaces, yet it gives off a fresh, fruity scent. I love that Cake Beauty products are all natural, green, and don't test on animals. This product is worth every penny.

This lotion is absolutely fabulous! I have ordered the Holiday handful trio, and I can't wait to get them! They are coming today!!

Your hands will love being pampered with this sweet treat, just don't let them feed it to your face! Cake's luxury hand cream is packed with rich nutrients and a sweet smelling aroma to leave the hands feeling soft and comforted. The price may seem high, but a little bit of this will go a long way.

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