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Venus body butter Venus body butter

Body moisturizer by Venus

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Venus body butter reviews

15 reviews
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15 reviews

With a great scent and moisturizing properties this is a body butter well worth the price. I am hoping EF gets more of the different fragrances in because I sure would love to try a few more!

I really like the Venus Body Butter right now. I've been using it everyday for a few weeks, along with my other beauty products, and have noticed a difference in my skin.

If you're looking for a lotion or body butter to make your skin feel extremely soft, you should give the Venus Body Butter a try. The price may seem a little too much, but it's well worth it. The cucumber melon scent smells phenomenal!

This had the potential to be my new favorite moisturizer, but sadly, it just didn’t work out for me! If you don’t live in an arid climate and/or are sensitive to smells, or perhaps just prefer something lightly scented, then this body butter might be perfect for you as the scent is neither overpowering nor artificial. It's actually quite a nice, delicate peachy scent!

Venus body butter is the thickest of the thick lotions that I have ever tired. I'm a fan of thick lotion and if you are too, try some! The Pineapple Tangerine scent is so juicy, refreshing and uplifting. With the variety of scents, there is bound to be one you'll like.

This is a great body butter that serves as a thicker-type lotion for use after a bath or shower, or for moisturizing. It can also be a fantastic aid in massage. Leaves skin feeling smooth once absorbed, this is definitely a winner.

I'm really surprised by how good the Venus Body Butter turned out to be. It makes my skin feel super soft and silky. I love the scent and the texture. The only things that aren't so great is that this product contains parabens and the lid is huge! I'd rather have more product than a big wasteful lid. I'm extremely happy with this product and I'd be more than willing to buy more! It's a great product and one of my new favorites.

The milk scent of this lotion is just amazing. It's a very creamy, vanilla-y almond scent with a bit of an oatmeal-y undertone and I wish that I could smell like this all day every day. It's a very earthy scent and I would highly recommend this body butter to anyone who isn't sensitive to the ingredients.

Hopefully, the other body butters and product from Venus smell good and do what they claim. However, I would never, in a million years, recommend the pomegranate to someone who didn't want to smell like Lemon Pinesol.

Venus body butter is an excellent choice for moisturizing skin. It also works well for massaging, as it does not absorb as quickly as many lotions. The pomegranate scent is light and fruity. I think this jar would make a nice gift with some other Venus products, since they look like they could have come from Bath and Body works. This does contain methyl paraben and some ingredients that may be irritating to sensitive or acne-prone skin, however I had no issues with it.

This is a wonderful body butter for everyday moisturizing. It absorbs nicely and makes the skin feel super soft. I don’t really care for the scent I chose, but there are so many others to choose from.

The scent I ordered was pineapple/tangerine and it is the most yummy smell I have ever encountered. It was so good, it made my fiancee want to take a lick. It leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth and the container will last you a very long time. I definitely will be buying this product repeatedly because there are so many different scents to choose from and they're pretty affordable as well.

Give the tub to your husband and let him smooth this along your skin, making you feel so sexy, sensual and velvety soft. Glide some over your skin after you bathe and let the aroma and moisturizers soothe your skin and mind. Go on, butter yourself up, you won't regret it!

For excellence in hydration and something that will last all day, Venus Body Butter is a fantastic choice! With a wide selection of great scents to choose from and a generous amount for your money, to turn this product down might be a mistake! This body butter contains vitamins and shea butter for a little something extra!

Shocked? Me too. The "cheapskate reviewer" has bought other body butters that were only $5 for about this size - so what's up? Simple. I can't find another fruity scented body butter that works as well or smells as well. If I was out of this, I'd probably even buy it at FULL price and not on sale - maybe. I'd at least use an affiliate code though!

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