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Fascinator posh throe reviews

33 reviews
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33 reviews

I have wanted this for so long so when it became available I took the first shot and grabbed it, and it was not a disappointment. The material isn't perfect and it's a little overpriced, so if it was just a blanket I would be a little upset, but it's so much more. Since it is waterproof it is great for sex play or even a picnic on the wet grass! It has so many uses I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

I love the versatility, waterproof properties and luxurious softness of this Throe. I bought mattress garters so it will stay in place on our bed during use, and those worked perfectly. The size is great width-wise, but it is 1 foot shorter than a king sized mattress. This is a wonderful travel blanket and will work perfectly for picnics!! Got a little one? This will keep the bed and other areas dry as well.

The Liberator Posh actually works! This soft and velvety throe is multipurpose and completely awesome for those who make things juicy! The price is a little steep, but that is mostly because of the size of the throe. Since it's smaller than a full size bed, you can't really cover your bed 100%. My only other issue is that the posh is too velvety soft. It makes me cringe, but my skin is really sensitive.

There are 3 basic models of the Liberator throes and come in 3 solid colors and 1 animal print. Whether or not to purchase this is not the quesiton...which Liberator throe to purchase FIRST is the real question. These go out of stock quickly so when you see them come in, don't hesitate to buy and enjoy using. Heck--buy more than 1 so you are always ready to go. Keep a 3rd on hand to give as a gift. Any adult friend will thank you many times for such a useful and caring gift.

Easy to care for, easy to store, discreet and can be used for just about anything you need, this blanket makes for a great item to keep on hand! Use at the park, zoo, for massages, squirters and the like! Raining outside? Drape this over you to shield you from the rain. Don't want to get dirty laying on the ground? Want something soft to lay down to catch all those messy sexual acts? This blanket is the one for you! The price tag is high but well worth it!

Whether you use this for sex or a wide variety of options, this is one of the most used and most versatile items marketed for sex. I am purchasing another to have on hand just in case I haven't gotten around to doing the laundry. I am also thinking of keeping one in the car for those times on the go! Buy this, use this and love this! We did and we do!

You cant go wrong with Liberator, even when it is not what you expect you still get a great product. I expected this to be as soft as our Shag, and as big as the Shag; but it failed me on my expectations. Even so, we use it and are happy to have purchased it. Liberator makes great gear. Just don't go into this purchase expecting something like the Shag Throe, you might get disappointed.

While it wasn't as plush as it looks in the photo, the Liberator Throe does a great job in protecting my sheets during sexual play. I expect to have it for a long time because it is very durable. Well worth the money.

This is a wonderful product in concept, but it doesn't work as well as I'd like it to. The velvet and satin layers are not stitched together, and have a tendency to slip, slide, and bunch up. The fabric could be thicker, and any hardcore squirter will quickly discover that it's not truly waterproof. This is a great accessory to take to a party or the dungeon to cover a surface for play, but I don't think it's worth the high price compared to other Liberator products.

If you squirt or enjoy wet, messy sex, you need this. No longer do you have to fold towels under your butt or wash all your bedding after a session. The Fascinator Posh Throe is an amazingly soft, sexy looking waterproof blanket. It will collect and absorb any liquid, from lube, to massage oil, to any bodily fluids you might expel in the throes of ecstasy. When you’re done getting it on, toss it aside and enjoy your warm, dry bed.

I have slept on beds that have waterproof mattress pads that won't move around on you. Once done, remove the top sheet and pad and toss in the hamper. Your sheets under will be clean and fresh. If you are in another area having sex, you can also place the mattress pad under you. It is larger and cheaper than the Liberator throe.

The Throe is an essential part of any adventurous couple's playbag. Discreet, perfect to bring along for sex outdoors or at a play party, and machine washable for afterwards; I think everyone should have one! I only wish it was a little less stiff, and/or that you could get a slightly smaller one.

The Fascinator posh throe by Liberator is amazingly versatile in it's usefulness. Not only can you use it in the bedroom as a safe guard for your linens during and after sex, it can also become part of a rooms decor. How many sex products can you say that about?

I absolutely love this throe. We have not only used it in the bedroom but under our toddler at night and on the floor for for massages as well. I will be getting a couple of the black ones so we can keep them on hand for snacks or crafts on the floor or what have you. I'm in love with this throe!

This Throe is awesome! It keeps the bed dry, washes beautifully, and looks beautiful on the end of the bed.

I love my Liberator Throe. From anal, to oral, to "that time" (and anything else in between), it saves your sheets and takes whatever you want to "Throe" at it (or spill on it, for that matter)

This is a beautiful throw blanket that will catch and keep any wet messes that you want to keep off of your sheets and mattresses, while looking beautiful in the process.

The Fascinator Throe is a wonderful product which anyone in a sexual relationship will find useful. It catches and absorbs any liquids (both lubricants and body fluids) which might otherwise stain your sheets or leave unpleasant wet spots where you plan to sleep. Do yourself a favor and let the Throe catch you messes, leaving your sheets dry and comfy for sleeping.

This is a great product for those looking to save their sheets from bodily fluids and lube (especially if you are a squirter!) 100% waterproof, easy to clean, soft, looks like a blanket... What more could you ask for?! It does have one downside as it makes a bit of a crinkly plastic noise when in use. It is a much better alternative than a tarp though!

If you squirt or like messy sex (the kind you normally clean up with a mop and bucket), this is the blanket for you. You will gladly leave the world of towels and washing sheets behind you. This is by far one of my happiest investments at EdenFantasys.

While this won't replace a good soft fleece blanket or throw, the Fascinator will do what cashmere can't. It will soak up all those messy sex fluids! No more trying to keep your butt positioned on a bath towel or sleeping in the wet spot. It will protect your bed, couch, floor or wherever you find yourself gettin' busy. It is fully machine washable for easy care and maintenance. It will pay for itself in the amount of towels it saves you from having to wash!

Although the satin side can be slippery, the fur side more than makes up for it by being both stable, sensual and functional. Removing the need for a lot of laundry with towels, this blanket is subtle, and makes wet sex that much easier.

This Throe surface protector was SOO much sexier than using a bunched up towel or baby crib pad! It didn't detract from the moment at all - waterproof black velvet that doesn't crinkle or get stiff. Look, we tend to get messy when it comes to sex. We're not afraid of bodily fluids, and neither is the Throe! Having this will encourage me to ejaculate more often and freely, so liberating!

This is the single most important tool in my bedroom arsenal. It's soft, pretty, and it does exactly what it claims. I'd have had to replace my mattress if it weren't for my Fascinator Throe.

The Fascinator Throe by Liberator just might be a stroke of genius. Not only does it look luxe and feel gorgeous, but its practicality and functionality make it a necessity, in my mind. You may never regret adding this luscious product to your lovemaking ritual.

Whether you need this for solo masturbation or hot messy partner sex, it's going to do the job you need it to do. It will protect any cloth surface from being stained by bodily fluids, spilled lubes or anything else you bring into your bedroom.

Say goodbye to wet spots on your bed! A must have for any sexually active couple, the Throe feels nice, it looks nice and is easy to care for. What more could you ask for? Believe me, you get your money's worth!

The Fascinator Throe is exactly what is claims to be; a waterproof, absorbent, washable sex blanket that makes wet, messy sex something to really enjoy rather than dread cleaning up after.

The Fascinator posh throe is absolutely the best, most useful, and most frequently used sex accessory that I own. It stands up to multiple uses and frequent washings. I only wish the velvety side absorbed liquid a little better.

This blanket is essential for anyone who's sick of taking their duvet down to the dry cleaner. It's big, comfortable and does a great job of protecting whatever surface you cover with it. I really love mine and recommend it highly!

The Liberator Fascinator throe rocks. It's sexy, classy, discreet and fun. The satin side enhances slide and the plush side cuddles you gently. Get one!

The Fascinator™ posh throe was made for dirty boys and girls. You can get as wet and as wild as you want with this blanket without having to worry about your sheets, your mattress, or your furniture.

The Fascinator Posh Throe works.  At one point the Throe got tossed to the floor in the heat of passion (oops!) and I ended up gushing all over the sheets.  When we came back to our senses, we simply laid the Throe over the flooded spot and kept right on going.

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