Fascinator posh throe - throw by Liberator - review by Always Aroused Girl

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Fascinator posh throe review

The Fascinator Posh Throe works.  At one point the Throe got tossed to the floor in the heat of passion (oops!) and I ended up gushing all over the sheets.  When we came back to our senses, we simply laid the Throe over the flooded spot and kept right on going.
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I am not ashamed to tell you that I am a gusher. I gush. I love to gush. It feels amazing.

But it's so bloomin' messy. I gush, and even with a towel folded beneath my bottom, the sheets are soaked. The mattress pad is soaked. The mattress is soaked. Sometimes even the folks in the room below are soaked.

Ok, it's never actually been that bad. But it has been messy enough that I've had to get up from my post-orgasmic haze and clean stuff up, which is not much fun.

So it was with great interest that I read about the Fascinator Posh Throe|Fascinator posh throe. It's a soft blanket with a waterproof core, meant to be used as a surface upon which one can have sex without leaving a huge mess. I had to have one.

The Throe arrived in a zippered plastic pouch just like any other bedding you'd see in a department store, except that this plastic pouch featured a tasteful picture of a nude woman. Cute.

The Throe itself is large enough that two (or maybe even three) people could comfortably lie down on it. One side of the Throe is made of a smooth satiny material while the other is a soft plush.

I tossed the Throw on my couch with the intention of exploring it more fully later, but of course my children made off with it as soon as they found it. I was impressed that the Throe did NOT pick up cat hair from the floor as the children played with it. I expected it to be covered in moments, but it stayed almost entirely fur-free.

I also expected the Throe to feel sort of crinkly due to the waterproof core. Amazingly enough it didn't, even right out of the bag. I've since washed the Throe a couple of times and it's grown even softer. I'm not certain that you could leave the Throe out like a normal blanket. That might raise some questions, as the Throe is significantly thicker than your standard back-of-the-couch throw. But it does not have the texture of a water-proof sheet, and that is a very good thing.

I took the Fascinator Posh Throe with me on a date with a friend. We enjoyed cuddling on the plush surface of the Throe, but it tended to slide around once the sex started. However, once we turned the Throe plush-side down it held its place much better, and the satiny side felt marvelous against the skin.

And how did it do as far as gushing-protection? Let me assure you in no uncertain terms: The Fascinator Posh Throe works. At one point the Throe got tossed to the floor in the heat of passion (oops!) and I ended up gushing all over the sheets. When we came back to our senses, we simply laid the Throe over the flooded spot and kept right on going. The wetness did NOT seep up through the Throe.

Later, some more gushing happened on the satiny side of the Throe. Really a lot of gushing, as a matter of fact. That side of the Throe was just soaked... but nothing leaked through to the other side. So you know what we did? We simply turned the Throe over and kept on going.

This is amazing. I'm highly impressed.

When we were all done, I folded the Throe up and later ran it through the wash. It cleans up very simply and does not leave lint on your other items like some throws do. Washing the Throe could not be easier.

If you like any kind of messy sex, I'd highly recommend the Fascinator Posh Throe. It would be excellent for keeping ejaculate, menstrual blood, lube, food or whatever else off of your play surface.
Follow-up commentary
It's been months now since I received the Fascinator Throe, and I wanted to let you know that it's held astoundingly well throughout I don't know how many washings.

It looks brand new, despite the fact that it's been fucked on, slept under, balled into a suitcase, and used to build tents for my children (when it's clean, of course).

Have any threads come loose?  Is it frayed around the edges? Does it feel less soft? No, no, and definitely no.

Great product, and one I'm extremely grateful to have in my arsenal.
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  • little miss tantelize
    wow this thing sounds great. i think i'll go order me one!
  • amberc
    Is there anything it doesnt do? J/K it sounds GREAT! I have never seen anything like this before (except those bed pads they use in hospitals, but hese are MUCH more attractive) I'm going to check them out right now!

  • Dame Demi
    This sounds like a wonderful and more comfortable alternative than a plastic dropcloth to oil play as well (provided you use a non-staining, water-based lube).  Very thorough review!
  • NunyaBidness
    Thanks so much for the great review - I'm a gusher too, and I love it, but you are so right- the inconvenience of having to clean up afterwards is a pain! I can't tell you how many towels we have gone thru in a single night, it's crazy! I have got to get myself one of these and put it to the test! THANKS again!
  • Airlia
    I need this now.
  • CynicallyYours
    good review, thanks!
  • gothchick986
    i'm not a squirter. but this still looks warmmm
  • HangsLikeCabbage
    good review. I dont understand the voting stats for this review though.
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
  • edrys
    I can attest to how well this throe works, my girlfriend is a gusher too and has needed this throe on many occasions, I need one to add to my personal collection as well. Thank you for the follow up commentary as well.
  • Love Perpetua
    Thanks for the review!
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