My favorite sex accessory!

The Fascinator posh throe is absolutely the best, most useful, and most frequently used sex accessory that I own. It stands up to multiple uses and frequent washings. I only wish the velvety side absorbed liquid a little better.
Protects furniture, carpets, and beds from getting wet; feels and looks sexy; makes clean-up easy.
I find that I need to wash it after every two to four uses, but this may vary for you.
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I make a mess when I orgasm. Squirting, gushing, whatever you want to call it... I almost always leave at least a small wet spot behind me. And sometimes the wet spot is not so small.

Before I got the Fascinator Posh Throe, I would sometimes put a towel or two beneath me during masturbation or sex, but sometimes my "juices" would seep through the towel(s) and still get the sheets or carpet underneath wet. Towels are not, after all, made for absorbing a sudden burst of liquid. Additionally, once I used a towel, I had to immediately wash it if I wanted to be able to use it again. This was at times inconvenient, as I don't live in a place with my own washer and dryer yet. The result of this, I'm ashamed to say, is that there were times when I would be caught without a towel to use and would end up making a mess on my sheets or the carpet, thus causing myself even more trouble in the long run.

I eventually realized this madness had to end. I love having orgasms, and I usually squirt when I have an orgasm; instead of trying to deny or resist this fact, I decided to embrace it and buy the Fascinator Posh Throe.

I was a bit apprehensive about spending this much money on a blanket, but it has been totally and completely worth it. It beats using towels for several reasons:

1) It's way sexier-looking than old towels. Using this blanket has become part of my masturbation/sex ritual; I take it out along with my Devine crocodile toy box, and weird as it may sound, it helps me to feel in the mood.

2) It's way more absorbent than towels. Although the exterior of this blanket is something that feels like a cross between velvet and fleece on one side and something that feels like silk or satin on the other, the inside is made up of a waterproof barrier. And that barrier is truly waterproof. No matter how big of a mess I make on this blanket, whatever the blanket is covering (floor, couch, bed) remains dry. That was not true of towels.

3) Because the blanket offers peace of mind, it allows me to feel free to "let go" in a way that I couldn't with towels. This is my boyfriend's favorite thing about the blanket -- the way that it helps me to get over inhibitions about squirting and fears of making a mess.

I have had my Fascinator Posh Throe for about a year now. I use it every time I masturbate, and I wash it after every 2-4 use. I'd say I've washed it at least 40 times since I got it, and the blanket has not changed in texture or performance at all with repeat washings. It still looks good as new. The care instructions say to wash it separately on delicate cycle with cold water, which is what I do.

The only problem that I've had is that I have to make sure that I have enough quarters on hand to wash the Throe regularly so that I can keep using it regularly. There have been times when I've wanted to use it but didn't because I felt like I should wash it first. For that reason, I recently bought a second throe so that I can increase the odds of having a clean one on hand. I figure that having multiple sex blankets is no crazier than having multiple bath towels.
As I mentioned before, you have your choice of textures with this blanket -- you can use the more velvety side or the more silky side. For a while, I preferred the velvety side, as the silky side provides a little less traction and can sometimes cause me to slide around a bit when I'm using it. However, I've also noticed that the silky side seems to be a little better for absorbing liquid. When I squirt on the velvety side, the wet spot that I made on that side of the blanket is still there the next night. This is obviously a problem, as I don't want to be lying in last night's wet spot! I deal with this by either folding over the blanket and using a dryer part of it (the blanket is big enough that this is feasible), or turning the blanket over to use the silky side.

The silky side, on the other hand, seems to do a better job of absorbing wet spots. When I make a wet spot on this side, it is gone by the next night when I put my hand on it. I think something about the texture of this side of the blanket makes it better at absorbing liquid. So ultimately, when it comes to the question of which side to use, I recommend that you use the silky side if you're looking to put off doing laundry as long as possible. If, however, you have no problem with washing the blanket more frequently, the velvety side does feel very nice.

And of course, you will inevitably have to wash this thing no matter which side you use. I have come to rather enjoy washing it, though -- I love getting the fresh, dry blanket out of the dryer and spreading it out on my floor. It seems at that point like it's inviting me to lie on top of it and get it wet again!
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  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    See, I also have to use public machines and the washing of something like this would suck. I am already lazy when it comes to my sheets. LOL
  • Contributor: Desdimona
    I was also hesitant about getting this due to my not having my own washing machine. But what I ended up concluding was that this is even more important for a person who doesn't have her own washing machine, because it saves you from having to wash a million towels.

    That being said, if you are a person who doesn't squirt very copiously or very often, then this blanket might not be as necessary for you.
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile
  • Contributor: Newlyinclined
    Thanks for the review! I've been eyeing these blankets for a while...first time I orgasmed I squirted and I freaked out because I didn't know what was going on--ended up with a wet spot. I think I've scared myself from doing it again...this will hopefully help making me feel more comfortable with it again ;D
  • Contributor: Tart
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Howells
    I want that inviting experience too! hmm
  • Contributor: Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review :3
  • Contributor: Missmarc
    thank you for the review
  • Contributor: geliebt
    Great review, thank you kindly!
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