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Throe it down and get it on!

If you squirt or enjoy wet, messy sex, you need this. No longer do you have to fold towels under your butt or wash all your bedding after a session. The Fascinator Posh Throe is an amazingly soft, sexy looking waterproof blanket. It will collect and absorb any liquid, from lube, to massage oil, to any bodily fluids you might expel in the throes of ecstasy. When you’re done getting it on, toss it aside and enjoy your warm, dry bed.
Soft, Absorbs Fluids, Completely Waterproof, Easy to Clean
A Little Stiff, Pricey but Worth It
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It’s been about a year since I learned to squirt. Since then, I have either held back when I could feel it coming, put towels down or changed the sheets. Sometimes even when I had the foresight to put two folded towels down, my ejaculate still soaked through. I’d have to blowdry the mattress or lay down another towel and try to avoid the wet spot while sleeping. It was a process, and kind of a pain in the ass. As wonderful as squirting felt, I dreaded the inevitable wet spot, the lack of towels for showering, and the constant sheet changing.
Not anymore. Now I can simply lay down on my bed and squirt to my hearts content without worries. Why? I have a soft, sexy, velvety blanket that is completely waterproof. The throe is also machine washable, dryer safe (low) and seems to be stain proof. It’s amazing. And while it’s fantastic for squirting, I think it would be equally great for any sexy times. It will collect and absorb any massage oil, lubricant or “love juice” you throw at it. You can also have sex anywhere you want without leaving a trace. Sex on the couch? Yes. Sex on the floor? Sure! Sex on the beach - without getting sand in some very uncomfortable places? Hell yes! Enjoy an oil massage, have wild, messy sex, stimulate her G-spot - anytime, anywhere. It would also make for a very sexy picnic blanket - strawberries and whipped cream with a side of sex. Once you’re done, just pick it up, collecting all the fluids in the throe and chuck it in the wash. It’s that simple.

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The Liberator Throe is a really high quality product that looks just like a velvet boudoir blanket. You can purchase a throe in onyx (a deep black), red (bright and vivid) and violet (a bright purple). I got the onyx which is gorgeous and matches my bedroom perfectly. I leave it folded at the foot of my bed and it looks just like a classy blanket. Nobody gives it a second glance or knows that it’s my sexy time throe. It is very discreet. The only thing that might give it away is the small tag that says “Liberator Bedroom Adventures”, but you’d really have to be examining it closely to find it. The throe is 60 inches long and 54 inches wide. It weighs about 3 pounds - weighty enough to feel luxurious, but not abnormally heavy. Spread out, it almost covers my full bed. Plenty of room for a solo session and definitely large enough for two.

All the throes are double-sided. One side is a velvety microfiber (42% Nylon, 38% polyester, 20% cotton) which feels really soft and sexy under bare skin. Did I say soft? I meant uber soft. I thought I would buy this, whip it out for sex and then put it away. But...I really like lying down on this. It feels good! In fact, before I get in bed every night, I lay it out and just enjoy the feeling under my skin. It gets me in the mood, as weird as that might sound. I mean...it’s a blanket. But it’s a blanket that makes me WANT to get naked and rub my body all over it. It’s fantastic. And besides it being an awesome sex playground, another nice thing about the microfiber side is that the liberator shapes will stick to it like velcro. You can place your shapes on top of this and not worry about them sliding off. Or, if you want to put your throe on top of the shapes, place the microfiber side down and it won’t budge. Then you’ll have the other side to lay upon; a satiny smooth polyester (100% polyester) that is cool to the touch. I think it will be nice in the summer time, when you want something cool and smooth under your skin. However, since it doesn’t have any grabby fibers, it is slower to absorb any fluids - so you may be laying in a bit more liquid. However, your bed (and shape) will still be protected.
But how? Well the magic of this throe, what differentiates it from any other blanket out there, is located in between the two layers: a thin, flexible, waterproof material. I had read in other reviews that it felt crinkly - some compared it to a tarp, but I haven’t found that to be the case. Perhaps they updated the inner material, but it wasn’t as crinkly as I expected. If I hadn’t purchased it for the purpose of it being waterproof, I never would have guessed its purpose. However, it does feel unusually stiff - it feels almost as though the middle layer was starched. But it doesn’t sound anything like those super crinkly blue tarps you use to protect floors and furniture. But my god, it works just as well as a tarp! You could squirt buckets - hell, squirt a rainstorm - and it wouldn’t get through this sucker. It’s not as absorbent as a towel - fluid kind of pools and then slowly absorbs. But no matter what, nothing soaks through.


This baby never fails to keep my sheets dry, no matter how much I squirt. It allows me to relax completely during play, when I used to worry about the aftermath of my orgasms. It is also roomy enough that I can lay out a few different toys, lubes and various playthings beside me. I can also switch dildos mid session and just fling them aside without pause or without wiping them off. I don’t worry about lube or fluids getting all over my sheets or mattress, and my throe makes it possible. I absolutely adore it.
I don’t have a sex partner at the moment (besides my wonderful toys), so I have used this for masturbation. However, when masturbating I tend to move around less than I do during sex - it’s mostly my arm doing the “thrusting” rather than my whole body, so I haven’t had any trouble with slippage. This makes me a very happy camper. I simply lay the throe satin side down and luxuriate on the velvety microfiber. However, please be advised that the satin side of the throe is very slippery, and I could imagine that with vigorous activity it could slide off the bed, or move around enough that you’d feel a bit like you’re on a slip and slide. If/when I have sex on it, I’ll let you know how it goes. Thus far, I haven’t had any slippage problems, but I think it would be nice if they made a throe made completely out of microfiber for those that have had issues.


The packaging is nothing to write home about. It’s a simple plastic box with an illustrated cardboard inset. It is not useful as a storage box, although it’s a blanket, so it is easy to fold at the foot of your bed or put away like you would with any other blanket. The cardboard insert is what makes this entirely not discreet: there is a half-naked woman reclining on the front. However, when it is shipped it arrives in a plain brown cardboard box, so no one will know what you have tucked inside. It would be okay as a gift box, but would need to be wrapped.

The front says “Save the Sheets to Sleep on”, which is the cute tagline for this product, and you can see a little symbol of an umbrella which declares that it is waterproof.

On the back is a somewhat sexy, somewhat hilarious description of the product: “Spontaneous sex is hot; laundry is not. Fascinator Throes are a sex play surface faced with velvety microfiber or shag fur; lined with a cool sensuous satin underside and a protective water barrier sandwiched in-between. Excellent for the female ejaculator, this special moisture barrier slurps up love juices, lubes and leftovers while it protects your bedding. Perfect for wet, orgasmic lovemaking.” It’s just funny to think of a blanket slurping, but it sure is perfect for wet, orgasmic lovemaking!

Care and Maintenance

It’s very easy to care for. Super sturdy, it is made to be used, washed, and used again. Often. The directions say to machine wash it separately or with dark colors, in cold water, on the delicate cycle. It should be tumble dried on low heat, but it always works fine to hang it to dry. It takes quite a while to dry, but I came back after 9 hours and it was perfect. The microfiber side does collect lint, although not excessively - I didn’t notice it until I started taking pictures of it. A lint roller will take care of that. The satin side doesn’t collect lint at all, and neither side stains.

Personal comments

Ever since I learned to squirt, I wanted a throe. I knew it would be the answer to my constant sheet changing, mattress blowdrying issues. It has been all that and more. I can masturbate whenever I want (within reason) without stopping abruptly because I’ve squirted “too much”, or leaving myself extra cleanup time. And it is so soft and luxurious that I find myself rubbing it all the time. I don’t want to masturbate without it. It’s my bed buddy - and my sheets (and my G-spot) are grateful! I absolutely adore this thing. Since I use it solo, I usually put one half under me while I masturbate, and once I’m done with G-spot play, I roll over to the other side and relax on the soft, dry side. When I’m ready to go to bed, I just fold it up and throw it in the laundry. If it didn’t get too messy, I can just leave it on my bed and save it for another day. I haven’t had it that long, but I already know I don’t ever want to be without my throe!
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