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Liberator safari throe reviews

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This is as good as you have heard it is. Keeps whatever is under it dry. It is washable making clean-up a snap. Can be used indoors or out, even in the car. It only comes in one size, which may be too small for some play areas. The satin side is a bit slippery which is a drawback, but it does feel so nice on your skin. Liquid does not absorb into it so it will stay on the top.

If you're looking for something to protect your sheets during sex, this is the product for you. Overall, it is a high quality product that does what it is intended to do. If you love animal prints, you're really going to love this throe!

Throe me down and have a Safari!!

This is great for those squirters, those who like food play, or those who just want something they can take along for spontaneous sex. Great product and well made. Must have for going out to have sex or just to save your sheets.

These throes are a little pricey, but they feel great, are convenient, and last a long time. Other than the wet spots and slight crinkle of the plastic, I absolutely LOVE this blanket! It was worth every penny. I highly recommend it to anyone who is tired of sleeping on wet sheets! We will definitely be buying more of these in the future!

This throe will protect any surface from potential damage from bodily fluids. It also makes clean up after sex so easy you'll be asleep in seconds. Just pull it off the bed, roll it up, and toss it aside until you are ready to put it in the wash. But, if you value comfort, look elsewhere.

These are great throes. Although I would recommend getting the shag over the safari or the posh, because the shag is softer and a bit larger. Which ever Liberator Throe you choose to get, you cant go wrong.

Saves your sheets from female ejaculate, lube, wet spots and period stains. You may think of more. A practical item with a luxury chic look.

This is a must for any bedroom. It is beautiful, functional, and oh so soft! You'll want one for every room of the house.

These throes are perfect for soaking up whatever you throw at it, and keeping your bed and other furniture clean at the same time. No more worrying about sleeping on the wet spot, this is a purchase you won’t regret making.

Squirters rejoice! Finally a product to keep the wet spot away. Everyone should invest in one of these. It really will not disappoint.

The Liberator Safari Throe is a wonderfully effective tool that can be a critical component in any squirter or messy lover's toy arsenal. Unfortunately, I'm not convinced it's any more effective than the cheaper alternatives. There's no doubt that this thing does its job, but really what you're paying extra for is just the attractive design. If you're a sucker for aesthetics, however, this will definitely be worth your while over a rubber sheet from Target.

Soft, comfortable and portable. The Liberator throe gives it all to you so you can protect whatever surface you are going to play on.

Tired of changing the sheets every time you have sex or get it on with yourself? The Liberator Throe is a fantastic alternative to having to get it on on a big blue tarp.

The Liberator Safari Throe is the apprentice for any squirters. It is a large throe that has a satin side that repels all fluids and liquids. The throe makes clean up a breeze, simply throw it in the wash and go.

Soft, sumptuous, and super absorbent, what more could you ask for! This blanket will greedily suck up any liquids you can throw at it leaving your bed clean and dry after fun time ends.

The Liberator Throe is a very pretty and very effective way to keep yourself from having to sleep in the wet spot. Soft microfiber and slick satin with a waterproof inner layer mean you can completely let go, have a good time, then chuck the blanket in the wash and sleep in dry, happy peace. Just be aware that the inner layer is quite crinkly, the satin quite slippery!

Well worth the cost as this throe absorbs all fluids from messy sexual play. Looks great, feels so sexy to lie on and can be used anywhere.

This throe is an absolutely brilliant idea, and does what it is supposed to; it keeps your bed (couch? loveseat?) nice and dry, no matter what kind of sex you have. Plus, it's quite fashionable. Only problem? Keeping the throe on the bed, and yourself on the throe!

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