A Very Elegant "Blue Tarp"

Tired of changing the sheets every time you have sex or get it on with yourself? The Liberator Throe is a fantastic alternative to having to get it on on a big blue tarp.
Soft, Super absorbent, Easy to use and clean
Not comfortable enough to also be a blanket for everybody
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Ever find yourself getting rather messy during lovemaking? Or how about during a solo session? Maybe you're a prolific squirter, the likes of which haven't been seen since Old Faithful. Well rather than having to wash the sheets every time you go at it, invest in one of these. The Liberator Throe is great for more than just catching all your stray love juices, it's lovely to just lay on, if you don't mind the slight plastic-y noise when it moves, it's lovely to lay under, and if you or your significant other sweats a lot in their sleep, this is a much nicer alternative to a big blue tarp!

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

What I thought I was buying was a 54"x60" tiger striped love juice catcher. What I got was a 54"x71" cheetah spotted love juice catcher. I've tugged, pulled, used and abused my throe and I haven't seen so much as a stray thread anywhere.

The front (the colored portion) is made of 42% Nylon, 38% Polyester, and 20% Cotton. It's like a really nice microfiber, almost a faux suede. Soft and velvety and just divine to lay on naked. The back is made of 100% polyester, and feels almost like a fake satin. It's not quite as luxurious feeling as one might expect, but it's still lovely all the same.

When folded, this throe does feel a bit thicker than most throw blankets. There's a waterproof liner between the two layers that keeps liquids from seeping through and staining anything underneath it, and it's handled everything we've thrown at it.


Amazing. We've spilled everything from massage oils, to the wax from massage candles, to silicone based lubes, and there was even a large Baja Blast in there as well. Everything has washed right out of it with no extra attention having to be paid whatsoever. It easily covered our full size bed, not enough that it could in any way substitute for a blanket, but it did leave virtually no sheet available for any potential ruining.

In addition to being able to handle all kinds of ickies with the fluids, it works really well as something of an elegant tarp. My fiance sweats a lot when he sleeps and when the bedroom is 90 degrees, you can imagine how bad it gets. What we use this the most for is for sleeping on, so that the sheets don't get stained with sweat.


Our throe came in a big ol' plastic bag type case, complete with scantily clad model on the front. The throe itself is fairly discreet since it can be passed off as an accent piece, but there's nothing discreet about the packaging. There's nothing in the way of user's instructions really, but the throe is pretty self explanatory.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is pretty simple. To wash it, just toss it in the washing machine either on its own or with like colors on cold, then tumble dry on low. If you have anything that's dried hard and crusty, you can gently try to rub as much of it off as you can before you wash it. To store, well, ours practically lives on the bed but you can keep it in a drawer, on a shelf, hang it in the closet, whatever really.


I had lusted after this since the first time I saw that it came in a fun pattern and not just a solid color. Reading other reviews got me even more excited, and using it, well I'm really happy we bought it. I know other reviewers have felt as though it was too noisy and crinkly to be used as an actual throw blanket, and that's true to an extent. But it doesn't sound any worse than the table cloth you put out on the picnic table, so since it didn't bother me or my fiance, we sometimes use it as a blanket.

Overall, we're really happy with it, and will probably add other colors to our collection in the future.
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  • Contributor: Jul!a
    You're quite welcome
  • Contributor: Michele
    Great review! Thank you for sharing. After reading all of these reviews, I'm disappoined that this isn't soft enough to use as a regular throw as well. It's a bit expensive, I was hoping this would be softer.
  • Contributor: Jul!a
    I've used it as a throw once or twice, but there are really better options for a blanket.
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