A Safari in my Bedroom

This throe is an absolutely brilliant idea, and does what it is supposed to; it keeps your bed (couch? loveseat?) nice and dry, no matter what kind of sex you have. Plus, it's quite fashionable. Only problem? Keeping the throe on the bed, and yourself on the throe!
Adorable pattern, brilliant concept, feels delightful.
Slides away, makes occasional squeaking noise.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I have a semi-fetish. It's not quite a full-fledged fetish, I don't *need" it to get off. But let's be honest here; I have a thing for animal prints. Especially leopard print, zebra print and tiger print. So as soon as I saw that Liberator was now making their Fascinator Throe|Liberator safari throe in a safari print, I craved it. I wanted it.

Basically, this throe is genius. One side is soft and fuzzy (in this case, safari print), and the other side is black satin. In between these two decadent fabrics is a waterproof layer. Stop, let that though sink in. There you go. This is so much more than a blanket! It's ideal for pretty much any kind of play - it prevents lube, fluids, food, ejaculatory fluid (from all genders), wax, ice cream, etc., from staining your sheets. Genius!

The first time I tried this, I asked my partner which side she would prefer up - she chose the fuzzy side. I tied her up on top of it, fucked the hell out of her, and it worked perfectly. Even though I spent some time melting ice cubes all over her body, none on the frigid water seeped onto my sheets. Perfect. But as soon as I un-tied her, she flipped me, and fucked me until I couldn't see straight. However, as soon as I regained my vision, I looked around, and asked her where the throe had gone. She told me that as soon as I had started to writhe around, it slipped off the bed.

Hmph. That was no help. While I love bondage, sex doesn't ALWAYS involved being tied up ... I went to the expert. I asked AAG what she did with her throe. Silly me - she told me you had to have the satin side up, or it would defeat the purpose. Sad. I liked lying on the fuzzy side - the soft fabric caressing my skin. Plus, if the satin side slipped off the bed, what was going to keep US from slipping off the satin side?

But I was a brave little reviewer. I gave it a go. We put the black side up, and she didn't slip while I poured hot wax on her back. She didn't slip while I tied her up and went down on her over and over. She didn't slip as she regained her breath. In fact, it stayed pretty well until she had her hand inside me, and I was bucking up against her, and the throe migrated out from under us somewhere to the side of the bed.

Overall, I loved it. The waterproof part worked perfectly, it's machine washable, it's beautiful and styling, it satisfies my animal print love, and when it stayed in place, it kept my bed nice and dry ... the only problem was when it got away from us.

As a side note, it also (fuzzy side in) can make a really nice aftercare blanket.
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    Great review! Thank you for sharing.
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