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Colt slick lubricant reviews

26 reviews
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26 reviews

This is a good solid lube that you can use for many different sexual situations. Great value for the price, but if you are a lube connoisseur you might look elsewhere.

Overall I was very impressed with this product. The slickness that was obtained from using very little product is one thing that impresses me most because that means the product will last you longer. And as far as the uses go, its water based so it is safe to use with all your toys and even safe to use with condoms. I have found enjoyment with COLT Slick when I was alone and with friends.

Colt Slick lubricant can be used for a variety of sexual acts. It is silky smooth, somewhat thick, and lasts for quite a long time, making the product worth the price. Although there are some less-than-perfect ingredients, Colt Slick is worth a shot if you are looking for a versatile, water-based lube!

I liked that it was not too thick or goopy. This lubricant was more like thick water, if that makes sense. It was also great because of the fact that once it dried out a bit, it was not at all sticky or gunky. I think it might be intended for men, but as a female, I enjoyed its no-muss, no-fuss features.

The price is simply too high on this lube. It is worth the money you put into it though, and a little bit of it goes a long way. Even if it dries up, you can get it going again with a little spit.

Colt Slick Personal Lubricant is my new favorite for use with toys that require a water-based lube. With a generous amount for a reasonable cost, and long-lasting properties, I’m not sure I can think of a better water-based lubricant for the price.

It works very well, is not too expensive or messy, and made the experience much more exciting and interesting. It's very well worth the money.

I do not think this item is worth the money, but as I mentioned above it gets the job done and I do use it. I have had worse, but I have also had much better quality lubes. Maybe I am just the type of girl that prefers a silicone based lube, because I like to stay a little wet if I decide to take a minute or two break. I do not want to have to reapply every time I start a new position or whatever the case may be.

Very uncomfortable to use for male and female. Smells awful and God forbid you have to taste this. You're better off using hair gel. Hated this lubricant and will never use it again.

This is a basic, but good lubricant that can be used with toys or just yourself! I find that it will need to be re-applied somewhat frequently, but does not turn "gummy." I will definitely be keeping this "handy" in my drawer!

This product is galloping towards mediocrity, and I would not buy it again. Between leaky lids on two separate products of different sizes, and a consistency that drives me up the wall, and not in the good way. It tries hard, but it's more of a dud than a stud.

Really good water based lube. Nice slick feel, kinda velvety smooth. May need to re-apply during the long haul. For anal, I'd recommend something thicker, but overall, Colt will stay in my box of goodies for a long time!

This easy open, smooth and silky lube makes play fun. No need to unscrew the top, with one swift press of the button you are able to pour you desired amount in your hand or directly on your body. With this no stain product no need to worry about spills or messes, goes on clear and stays clear. However make sure you keep it close by, because with it being so absorbent you will need to reapply several times.

Well, for someone that doesn't have a problem with parabens, this would be a great product. Unfortunately, I had to find out the hard way that I'm rather sensitive to parabens, so if you're not sure whether or not that will cause irritation for you, I'd recommend waiting to purchase this product until you figure that out.

This is a great lube that is good for everything, and even better with toys. My only complaint is the need for reapplication during sex, and the not so natural ingredients.

If you want a slick, easy to clean lubricant that is great for both vaginal and anal intercourse, look no further than Colt Slick! It's a bargain for the price, especially considering that just a little bit of this water-based lube will go a long, long way. I personally don't recommend this as a lube for oral due to its taste.

Colt is too runny to work properly as a lubricant. It drips off any probes or penises the instant it's poured, requires multiple applications and creates a mess. The only saving graces are the easy absorption into the skin, how it makes sleeves extra slippery and that they're USA made.

Colt Slick Lubricant is a great working lubricant. From what I've tried, I'd say its the best performing, water-based lube available. Slick stays silky smooth, lasts for a long time, and is easy to clean (if any is not absorbed!). It's nice for anal play, and we even used it int he shower with some success!

Colt is a great all-around versatile water-based lube that can't be beat for the price, quality, and overall feel. If you're looking for a swiss army knife of lubes without breaking the bank, put a bottle of Colt on your night stand!

This is an awesome value, and it will last forever! I was really impressed with how the bottle seals, and I will never end up with lube leaking again! It feels natural, and lasts a fairly long time. Being waterbased this isn't good for shower play, but is safe for all toys and condoms. Overall, I really enjoy this and it will last me a long time!

If you want a good general, all-around lubricant that you can use for just about everything, get Slick. It holds up well for vaginal or anal sex, and it is compatible with all toy materials. And you get 9oz for around $11. That's a hard price to beat for a quality lube.

I am so glad I found this lube, and I will continue to purchase Colt Slick once my first 9 ounces runs out! It is a great, simple, water-based lube that can be used with your toys and your partner. The only thing better than that is the price!

Colt Slick lubricant is a "best buy" in terms of value and performance! It's safe for use on any material and works well both vaginally, anally, or for hand jobs. This is one of my new favorite lubricants. Next time though, I'm upgrading to the largest size so I'll never run out. It's that good!

Absolutely amazing, exceeded all my expectations and shattered my preconceived notions of what lube should be. Definite must have for any lubrication needs.

This lubricant is water based however it will fool you. It performs as if it is of higher quality silicone. It can be used with any toy and also increases sensation with a partner. I highly recommend it for your water based lubricant!

This is great slippery stuff. It lasts a long time, keeping the fun going. We don't have a problem using it on my partner or on me.

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