Colt slick lubricant by Cal Exotics - review by T&A1987

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Colt Fever's Runny and Mild.

Colt is too runny to work properly as a lubricant. It drips off any probes or penises the instant it's poured, requires multiple applications and creates a mess. The only saving graces are the easy absorption into the skin, how it makes sleeves extra slippery and that they're USA made.
Works well with sleeves.
Made in USA
Pours too easily.
Too difficult to put and keep on toys.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Namaste and welcome to T&A1987’s review corner, also known as throwing every style at the wall and seeing what sticks. This review will focus on Colt Slick lubricant, a water-based lubricant usable for all types of toys and everyone from individuals to couples of all sexualities (this is PERFECT for lube ball at the asexual club). Or rather it would be if it wasn’t a runny mess.

As a water-based lubricant, there aren’t any allergy concerns, except for the glycerin. This is an uncommon allergy, but not one to be taken lightly, so please avoid if allergic.

Nor are there incompatibilities with certain materials. All materials are usable with this lubricant, although shower or liquid play is not recommended as water lubricant washes away easily. Further, this is a runny, drippy lubricant causing it to wash away at an even faster clip than normal water based lubes.
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

In a previous review I made what was likely my best joke regarding how runny a lube is; that isn’t enough to warrant removing a star, but it doesn’t make me happy. Anyway, take a look at this and see how runny it is.

Why can’t I hold ANY of this lubricant?

Upon opening the bottle, it starts to drip and the application of any pressure cause it to pour. The picture should make it clear, but the lubricant will not remain on whatever it’s poured on, in fact, unless put directly into something, it will likely drip onto the ground. The textile feel is thin, very thin and at times it felt more like water than lubricant.

Despite being so thin, it’s still sticky. Moments after use it becomes sticky, a feeling which doesn’t go away until absorbed. The tendency to absorb quickly is one distinct advantage, if left on the bare skin, with 20 or 30 minutes all indication of the lube will be gone.
    • Slick
    • Sticky
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

It is odorless and probably tasteless. Probably. It’s going to take a lot more than 30% off for a tasting. Next section!
    • No smell


While this wasn’t quite Spiderman Turn off the Dark terrible, it was quite bad. When applied to toys, the lube dripped off onto the bed and into the sheets, virtually guaranteeing a mess with every use. Cleanup depends upon how it’s used.

When tried with anal, the consistency is thin, runny and of course, brown, which may seem too reminiscent to diarrhea for many user's comfort. In this case, cleanup can be tricky, given the staining power of shit. On the one hand the lube doesn't make cleanup more difficult, but the thinness does increase the likelihood of a mess.

For non-anal play however, the lubricant absorbs back into the skin, making for relatively easy cleanup. For events where cleanup is necessary, sex and anything anal, the water base makes for easy cleanup. Of the lube, everything else, fecal matter, semen, vaginal fluid, they’re still as difficult to clean as before.

Its duration is longer than other lubricants, but not by enough to justify the problems. It remains on the body longer than other lubricants, allowing for longer use with fewer reapplications. Always assuming it doesn’t slide off.

As mentioned this doesn’t work well in the shower. Water based lubricant in general is bad for the shower because it washes off so easily, but considering the aforementioned thinness, it washes off even easier than other lubricants. Use on toys is mixed.

For sleeves, especially closed mouth sleeves, this actually isn’t the worst lubricant. The thinness of the lube allows for rapid stroking in sleeves and reduced friction. Unlike thicker lubes which may constrict the penis, this doesn’t get in between the sleeve and the penis, but still keeps the action slick and quick.

For probes and dildos though, this has problems. Once applied, the toy must be inserted before the lubricant drips off to avoid cleanup, a difficult task given the short time frame. Other, thicker lubricants are recommended for this product as they tend to remain on the toys.

    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Gets sticky
    • Long lasting


The "Colt Slick Personal Lubricant" makes this an indiscreet item. If privacy is desired, then either hide it, or scratch off the writing, otherwise anyone who find this should have little trouble understanding its use. When it arrived, it was in a plastic bag, so don't expect any fancy packaging.

Special Features

it runs and drips really well, that's a special feature. Not in a good way though.

Personal comments

This is a highly rated lubricant and personally, I don’t understand why. It was runny, thin, too slick and sticky, nothing I desire in a lubricant. While there were a few upsides, warranting the two stars, rather than one, it simply wasn’t the best lubricant I’ve tried, not even close.

On the plus side, it was made in the USA (California to be precise). USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!


We both detested this product.
Follow-up commentary
The problem with this lube is that I didn't know the type of toys it was for: sleeves. This lube stays within the confines of the sleeves and allows for excellent sleeve use. It's still too runny for dildos, probes or sex, but for sleeves it's perfect.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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