Slick for quick thrusting!

This lubricant is water based however it will fool you. It performs as if it is of higher quality silicone. It can be used with any toy and also increases sensation with a partner. I highly recommend it for your water based lubricant!
Feels like silicone, performs very well, can be used with any toy
May not be best for anal
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


This lubricant is great for many uses. One of course is for intercourse. The other was for toys. I used this lubricant with multiple different toys, all of which worked wonderfully. I would say that this is the best water based lubricant I have used with toys to date. For intercourse it is above average but, not WOW. I did not use it anally, but because of the silcione like properties, I would gather a guess that it would also work well this way.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture of this lubricant is amazing. It was hard to believe that it is water-based. Even squeezing it out of the package I noticed a difference in thickness. It felt amazing between my fingers. The first way I used it was on a Real Skin dildo and I actually took long to smooth it on because it was FUN to slide my fingers up and down the toy. I imagined what it would be like to use this for a hand job. My fingers slide effortlessly over the veins and curves of the dildo. It was extremely easy to pour and even better was that this lubricant didn't drip. It stayed put until I wanted to lubricant my toy, or my partner. It does not feel sticky or greasy, just completely SLICK!

Here are the ingredients for those of you who many have allergies:

-Deionized water
-Aloe Vera Extract
-Carbomer 941
-Carboxymethylcellulose Tetra Sodium EDTA
-DMDM Hydantoin

Taste / Aroma

This lubricant is water based and can be used with any toy. It is not the best for water play since it can so easily be washed off. I did not notice a taste to this lubricant. If there was one, it wasn't unpleasant enough to bother me. The smell was what you would expect of lubricant. It was very slight, and not at all disgusting. It didn't turn me off in any way. It smelled like melted wax in a way.


This lubricant performed amazingly. I used it in a variety of ways. I used it first on my smart balls. The lubricant eased the insertion amazingly. I have had some difficulty in the past and this completely eliminated that. Second I used it on one of my dildos, the dream cock. The lubricant was so amazing, that is produced the most realistic feel I have ever experiences with a dildo. I was able to slide the toy in and out and completely feel it's texture. Third I used the lubricant on my clit to slide a clitoral vibrator, the discreet lipstick vibrator around. It worked very well with all the different types of toys. It worked amazingly vaginally with my partner also. I lasted a very long time and delivered all of the same properties as silicone lubricant. I only needed to use a few drops also!

Clean up was easy. Even though this lubricant is water based, it seemed to hold up better than other water based lubricants. I needed to use soap and warm water to remove it from toys and myself. It did not irritate myself or my partner in any way.
Follow-up commentary
I ordered a new bottle of this and forgot to include this in my new review. I had a funny experience when trying to open the bottle. The bottle has a red plug that goes into the top so it doesn't leek when being shipped etc. You have to take this plug out before use. Make sure you are applying NO pressure to the bottle at all when you remove the plug. This means DON'T SQUEEZE. If you do, lube will go everywhere when the suction is released. My boyfriend did this and it made for a good laugh...and a big mess. Simple stick your pinkie in the hollow part of the plug, grip with your nail and pull out.
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