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Good head reviews

36 reviews
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36 reviews

Good Head provides a tasteful lubrication with a side of tingling. A long lasting, gel-like lube that's sure to do the job.

All in all, I would recommend using it if you like a little flavor and smell. It would be great for your partner who wants the added sensation that comes with it.

Whilst I wanted to love this product, it did leave a lot to be desired. It would have been better had it not been as numbing, as a desensitized penis is a bit hard to give a blow job to, and it would have been great had it felt like actual ice cubes.

This is a great product for foreplay. It's subtle hints of apple and ability to cover a large area with a minimal amount of application is awesome. I definitely recommend this product if you prefer to have something edible while you're going down on your partner and not wanting to taste bare skin all of the time. It adds a little spice to the bedroom, so I say pick your tube of Good Head up now while you can!

I'm sure this product works great for some people, but not for me. I didn't like the texture and consistency. There is nothing sexy about sucking on his hard cock and being about to vomit at the same time! This product was a "boner killer".

If you have any sort of trouble with oral or just want something to boost up your performance and his delight, then Good Head is the product for you. It's rather cheap and tastes amazing. With this gel, you'll be singing the lollipop song as you suck on his.

Unfortunately, the mark was way off on this one! Didn't do anything "for him" but at least it tasted okay for me.

The taste is not to bad for this product, It does not leave a horrible after taste in your mouth. Use care when using this product if you have issues with glycerin (and in the heat of the moment you end up having intercourse while this product is on your partner). The tube is 4 oz and should allow for more than a few sessions with your partner.

I love Good Head. Their products haven't failed me yet, and I doubt they are going to start to soon. This green apple flavor was mouthwatering, and my boyfriend loved it just as much on me.

In my opinion, this product is not worth buying. It doesn't live up to its numbing claims at all. It doesn't even taste good, which is the whole point of a flavored sex product. Doc Johnson missed the mark on this one. Shame on them for backing such an awful product.

There are two types of people, the ones that love giving oral and the ones that don't. For the ones that don't, try this it will open your mind to bigger and better things. For the ones who already do sex it up a little. there are so many things you can do with this.

Doc Johnson has done it well again! Good Head Gel is a product to die for! Both you and your partner will absolutely love it! I promise that your male partner will love you for using this on him!

Overall, this is a great way to spice up your regular blow job or oral sex session. Although it isn't exactly the cinnamon flavor I was looking for, it still tasted great and I had fun using it. The flavor lasts long, and gives a lot more incentive to keep going with that blow job until the very end!

I feel that there are many other products out there that far surpass this one. The taste, texture, and overall feel to the product was disappointing.

Overall, I loved this product. I'm going to give it to you straight up and let you know that it does not numb gag reflexes or make your partner's dick tingle, but it is very slick making your partner get the most out of any hand job or blow job. It performs well, tastes great, and I would recommend this to anyone! If you're looking for something to numb, try the Good Head Deep Throat!

Good Head is an awesome addition to anyone's sex life. It adds great flavor to anyone's tongue that is giving head, and tingles the one's parts who is getting the head! If you've never been able to comfortably let him cum in your mouth, this product will help you a lot! It is water-based, and is non-runny.

I love this gel because it completely does its job. While I have never experienced any of the numbing side effects, it has always tasted good and been easy to use and clean up. It works perfectly as a blow job aide, hand job aide, or massage aide.

If you're looking to add a little spice to oral sex for your partner, this is best product I've tried to date. While it didn't help any with my gag reflex, it did provide a long lasting lubrication with a great taste. My husband said the tingle felt good, so the product succeeded on all accounts. Try the taste on your own before with a partner, as the taste might not be as pleasing to all as it was for me.

This is a fantastic choice when looking for an oral lube. There are many options available in the flavor arena, and most of them actually taste good. Cinnamon, cherry, and strawberry are good, and mint is great. Avoid the passion fruit at all costs. I don't find that this numbs my gag reflex, but each person is different.

This is a great product if you are looking for a lube that will be long lasting. If you are looking for something that will taste great with minimal clean up... keep looking.

Good Head gel has been around for a long time, and it's really no surprise why. It has a great scent and leaves your skin feeling super soft. Unfortunately the flavor doesn't last very long and it has a diet aftertaste. While it's not a great product, it's not a really poor one either.

I must say that the Good Head lube is one of my favorites to use. I like the way that it is easy to dispense and doesn't run all over your head and arm, while you are trying to close the tube and put it out of the way. It has good flavor and smell, and does not taste like you are trying to lick off a lotion. I love hearing the sounds that he makes when applying to his cock and licking it clean. :)

Overall this product was worth it! The taste was sweet but not overly powerful. It really did suppress my gag reflex. I am very pleased with the quality of this product. I never get tired of it.

Whether you're giving your first or not, Good Head by Doc Johnson will take your blow jobs to the next level, creating a one of a kind experience he'll want you to repeat. Heat up your next romp and surprise your partner with this product and you won't regret it!

I feel that this product is worth the purchase. Despite its residue and taste, it works well for oral, vaginal, anal, and other sexual uses alike. If you really want a strong (yet good) taste and well lubricated experience, this product is the perfect choice.

Doc Johnson's Good Head does just that, helps you give good head. If you are a beginner or someone who has had some experience, this product is great. The only drawbacks would be is that it is quite messy and needs to be reapplied often. I would recommend it to everyone and anyone.

Worth a try if you are a huge cinnamon fan, but the flavor is lacklustre. I would not recommend this product if you like to use oral stimulation as forplay because it becomes tacky quickly.

this was a great product for the money. i was happy with the tube and everything about it other then the flavor.

Good Head is a great flavored lubricant that works by numbing your throat. The advertised tingly feeling is only achieved really when you blow on his member, but Good Head does a great job of keeping things wet for a great blow job.

This stuff is made well and can be bought at any sex shop or online. Also like how the box has and exp. code on it so that is always a plus.

Perfect for anyone who has even the slightest gag reflex. Good Head numbs the throat and makes giving head a more pleasurable experience for both parties. It also taste great!

Even though it was not exactly what I expected, it was still worth the purchase to have something different sometimes.

If you don't like giving oral very much, this may be for you because it makes it not so bad. Basically makes it taste like a yummy lollipop.

I would recommend this product. It is definitely the best blow-job stuff that I've found, and works really well to numb the gag reflex. I didn't experience the "ice-cube" feeling, but the reason I bought it was for the numbing qualities, so I got what I wanted out of it.

Its was a wonderful help with getting even more of his penis into my mouth!! If your worried about the taste of texture of sperm in your mouth its perfect for you!! Now every woman can give her man mind blowing jobs!

Good for anyone that gives head, deadens the gag reflex in the throat and tastes good too! Helps you last as long as he needs!

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