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Awesome Product - Many Misconceptions

Overall, I loved this product. I'm going to give it to you straight up and let you know that it does not numb gag reflexes or make your partner's dick tingle, but it is very slick making your partner get the most out of any hand job or blow job. It performs well, tastes great, and I would recommend this to anyone! If you're looking for something to numb, try the Good Head Deep Throat!
Tastes great, Very slick, Lasts a long time
Contains glycerine, Not discreet, Ugly bottle, Not spicy enough for me
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I want to write this review not only because I've fallen in love with this product, but also because there are a lot of misconceptions about this product that I would like to clear up. Many of those misconceptions are tingling, increased sensitivity of the penis (and/or vagina, depending on how you plan to use this), numbing of the gag reflexes, and this product being a lubricant.

Use: This is a great product if you are one of the guys or girls who finds oral sex disgusting. You can't stand the taste of the penis or the vagina in it's natural form. OR, maybe you love flavored lubricants, gels, dusts, etc. You might just love the flavors that Doc Johnson offers with GoodHead!

Spread the desired amount of this product over your partner's penis, or over your partner's vagina. Be sure to check the ingredients, as you may have an allergy to one of them. It does contain glycerine which is bad for anyone who has constant yeast infections, eczema, or folliculitis. After you've added the gel, you know what to do! Give him/her head! It's quite simple.


DI water, glycerin, cellulose gum, natural and artificial flavors, vaccinium augustifolium
(bluberry) fruit extract, fragaria chiloensis (strawberry) fruit extract, rubus
idaeus (raspberry) fruit extract, butylene glycol, ethanol, diazolidinyl urea,
sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, sodium saccharine, citric acid, FD & C
red # 40

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

When adding a bit of this to your finger tips, it is thick enough to be considered a gel, but thin enough so that if you applied a nickel sized amount and turned your hand over, it would slowly drip off. A lot of people say that this should not be used with condoms, or that it isn't a lubricant. Yes, Good Head can be used with condoms. There are no listed ingredients that make it unsafe to use with any type of condom. Also, it can be used as a lubricant. A lot of people think this lubricant contains sugar, which promotes the growth of yeast. It actually contains sodium saccharine, which is a more metallic tasting sweetener that is artificial. However, the real issue is the glycerine. Glycerine, like I said, contributes to the growth of yeast, urinary tract infections, folliculitis, and eczema break-outs. So be sure to wash up!

Greasy? Not at all. Slippery? Completely. This doesn't feel like straight up Canola Oil, but it feels slippery as hell. I'm sure if you coated any floor with this product you could easily take out anyone who tried to walk across that floor. It dries after about ten to twenty minutes - depending on how much you use - leaving your hands feeling a little moisturized but no longer slippery and not at all sticky. I admire this because I absolutely HATE sticky products.

The only exception to this statement is if the product gets into your hair. If it gets into your hair then it gets VERY sticky. Most likely because your skin is more porous and absorbs more of the product. Also, because you will most likely be licking most of this product off before it gets the chance to fully absorb into the skin. You're not going to lick your hair, so plan to take a shower if you don't put your hair back for the blow job!

Taste / Aroma

The taste is literally the same as the sugar-free Big Red chewing gum, which I hope most of you have tried. This may be good for some and bad for others... But it's GREAT for me because that is by far one of my favorite chewing gums in the world! It even resembles the smell of a freshly opened pack of Big Red chewing gum! The cinnamon is only a hint of cinnamon... So don't expect anything spicy, tingly, warming, etc. This was a bit of a let down because I really hoped for a spicier lubricant. So basically in a way the flavor and scent was a good thing, but in other ways it was a let down. This may be hard to grasp but you would just have to be me to understand.

The aroma isn't so strong that you could smell it from across the room. You have to be about 3 feet from your partner to smell the product, and even then it is only subtle. It's just like sitting next to someone chewing the Big Red gum. You know they are chewing it, you can slightly smell it, but it isn't enough that you could smell it from across the hall.

I did like the taste. I do wish it was a little spicier, because I love cinnamon so much! However, if you read the ingredients, there are several other flavors mixed with this product that are not cinnamon. Actually, cinnamon isn't even listed on the ingredients, which I find funny. At least not listed on the box. So I'm sure the flavor is completely artificial. If I could be Doc Johnson for a day, I would add just a bit of real cinnamon oil to the mix to make for some fun!


Performance? This stuff blew me out of the water! It was so slippery that just a nickel sized amount lasted our entire half hour session of sex. It was amazing! So much glide, no awkward dry feeling during entry, and the blowjob I gave him afterward was to die for! I was weary of this lubricant only because it contains glycerine, and I am prone to yeast infections as I have mentioned in several reviews. I am glad to say that either this lubricant contains far less lubricant than the ingredient list conveys, OR my immune system just boosted up. Nonetheless, I am feeling fine two days later. I did make sure to give myself a good wash down which is highly important with any glycerine product. I also have NO rash, which is another common side effect of glycerine products.

What did I like best? Well, I loved the blow job. I thought the sex was good, but the blow job was amazing. I spread this product up and down his dick, and the slipperiness of it all made him more sensitive. QUOTE: Nothing in this product is designed to make the male more sensitive except for the slickness of the lubricant. There is no tingling agent whatsoever, and NO numbing agent for the gag reflexes. If you're looking for that, please buy the Good Head Deep Throat formula. That formula contains a numbing agent that not only numbs your gag reflexes, but in turn causes tingling for the male (unintentional, but it happens). I have used this product several times before and it is wonderful. I prefer the regular Good Head simply because my partner found the tingling to be annoying.

Anyway, back to my story! As I gave him his unexpected blowjob, he squirmed - not in pain, but in ecstasy. He couldn't sit still for fear he would cum any moment, right there on the spot. I loved every second of it. I threw on our free EdenFantasys cock ring with our Tor cock ring and continued to give him head until he was gushing cum into my mouth and saying that was the best blow job he's ever had in his life. No lie, Girl Scout's honor!

What's not so great? I would love if the product didn't have glycerine. Then I wouldn't have that random worry in the back of my mind about using it for sex. I would also love a little spicy cinnamon in the mix. I also think (This is just a picky matter...) that a clear bottle would be cute. The bottle is a little ugly. But that's about it.


The packaging is just about as discreet as the bottle itself. It says "Good Head" and "Oral Delight," just like the bottle does. It also has the penis shape around the words "Good Head," just like the bottle. The words "Sexy Cinnamon" immediately gives away that this is a product relating to sex, and the text is so big that someone would immediately know what's up. I recommend opening this in private if you're hiding from someone, and trash the box ASAP.

Inside the box is a pamphlet called "The History of the Blow Job". It's quite interesting, but it's something you want to trash if you live at home or with a roommate who is nosy. Here are a few excerpts:

"The "blow job" or "fellatio" is the act of performing oral intercourse on a male. Fellatio is derived from the Latin verb fellare, meaning "to suck," seemingly the opposite of "blow"... but why argue?"

"The times have certainly changed. In 1983, 90% of couples studied in one research project engaged in fellaio at some time during their relationship. The Janus report established that 88% of men and 87% of women found oral sex "very normal" or "allright". We've come a long way, baby!"

Anyway, it's a pretty cool concept and it was run to read, but God forbid I have family over to our home and someone finds that in my bathroom. So I trashed it immediately.

The bottle itself, I would say, is not suitable for travel. Once I opened it, it was a little difficult to close it again. I wouldn't want to think it was closed fully, throw it in a suit case and forget about it completely. Then, open my suit case to find that it has soaked through my clothes. So I would say to buy one of the travel packs of EdenFantasys and take that with you. Plus, many airports no longer allow bottles that large on planes.

No instructions were included, but I assume it's common sense on how you use this product. Plus, everyone is different and may prefer it used in a special way.

Special Features

- Flavored

Personal comments

I do want to add that I do not recommend this for anal play. The glycerine and the flavorings may upset the inner-anal tissue which can be very dangerous and cause infection.

Also, be sure to wash yourself well after each use, whether you are male or female.


I thuroughly enjoyed the time spent with my husband both using this product for sex, and oral sex. I do have to say that I doubt we will use this for sex again, only because I'm afraid of getting a yeast infection. However, he will be getting some amazing blow jobs thanks to Good Head (not that I am not amazing already *wink*). It tastes great (but could be spicier) and that's more than I could ask for!
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