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Good Head Comes Through On Claim

If you're looking to add a little spice to oral sex for your partner, this is best product I've tried to date. While it didn't help any with my gag reflex, it did provide a long lasting lubrication with a great taste. My husband said the tingle felt good, so the product succeeded on all accounts. Try the taste on your own before with a partner, as the taste might not be as pleasing to all as it was for me.
Good texture, absorbs easily, tastes great, no bad aftertaste, washes of easily, long lasting
does not suppress gag reflex
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Good Head is a water based edible lube that is designed for performing better oral sex on your man. The basic idea is that the flavor will provide additional stimulation for him while making things taste a little better for you. While I cannot see anything on the product sheets that mention this, I know some people have said that it can possibly numb gag reflex to some extent. This product is designed for anyone who is looking to add a little something to oral or simply doesn't quite like the taste of bare skin. It also adds the lube quality which allows for easier up and down action.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Good Head has a gel-like consistency. It's water based, but it's neither runny nor overly thick. I can put it on my finger and turn it upside down without it dripping. It feels like a watered down version of some of the gel tooth pastes you can get. Because it's not a super thick, it comes out of the tube without a lot of effort. You have to put a little squeeze into it, but don't apply too much pressure or you'll get a huge glob of product. If I apply it to my finger and lick it off it leaves no residue. I'm guessing this is because it's water based. During use it doesn't get sticky. I really like the formula and think it's perfect for its intended use. It's good for providing lubrication without being gross, overly sticky, or any other thing you wouldn't want going in your mouth.

Taste / Aroma

I actually have this in the mint flavor, not the cinnamon, but that wasn't an option to pick. The mint tastes like a mint tooth paste without the chalky after taste that a lot of tooth pastes have. It smells exactly the same but really strong. I know some have said they don't like the taste, but I love it! I actually randomly put some in my mouth as a breath freshener because I like the way it tastes more than a Listerine strip or a mouth spray. Even though I love the taste of bare skin, I'm always happy to use this because of the tingly, fresh mint taste. The taste seems to last a fairly long time, so if you don't like it be prepared to have to drink a lot to get the taste out of your mouth.


While the taste lasts a long time if I just put it in my mouth just to do it, in use the taste seems to dissipate fairly quickly. I would say in under five minutes. The lubrication feature lasts longer than that though unless you go out of your way to get it off. I suck pretty hard sometimes and got the lube to last a good fifteen minutes. As a water based lube, cleanup is a breeze. My husband was especially impressed with how easy it came off and said it left behind no residue and came off in seconds with very little effort. I make him wash it off due to the Glycerin and Saccharine in the product before he goes anywhere near me, so easy cleanup is an important element for us. Those ingredients are the products biggest downfall as having to go wash up before sex is a mood killer. Still, the taste is great and the added lubrication makes things a lot smoother and easier for me and makes things feel better for him, so for us the added inconvenience is worth it.

On the numbing side of things, I did not notice any difference in gag reflex. Now, I don't personally have much of a gag reflex to begin with, but there is about two centimeters that I can't quite get down and I wasn't able to do any better on those two with this product. It might work better for someone with a really bad gag reflex, but for me it was a bust on that end.


Good Head comes in a box with the words "Good Head" written in large scripting on the front. The container itself features the same wording in the same script. Not exactly discreet, cause you know, it says "good head." Maybe someone might mistake it for shampoo or something if you put it in your shower, but it's a pretty well known brand so I wouldn't count on this if you really need something no one will be the wiser about.

What I love about the packaging is that it comes with this little pamphlet that gives the history of oral sex. It gives such gems as that the word fellatio comes from the Greek word meaning "to suck" and that using mint for oral was first introduced in top notch brothels. It was very entertaining and a nice addition to the packaging. It wasn't informative in the actual use of the product, but I loved it all the same.

Personal comments

The ingredients on this lube do include Glycerine and Saccharine, so those who are prone to yeast infections should take note. There is potential to cause irritation for those who are sensitive to these ingredients. As someone who is personally prone to such things, I've opted not to take the chance and make sure to have my husband wash this off after use each time before moving on to the main event.


One thing that we both noticed the first few times using this was that because of the extreme amount of lubrication it provided I was unable to distinguish between my lips and teeth. Everything felt the same to me. My husband said that I was using my teeth like crazy and I had to go out of my way to be hyper aware of what I was doing which I something I normally don't have to do. Without the product, I naturally curve my lips where my teeth are out the the way but with the product my lips would slip and I wouldn't even notice. After a few uses I got used to the feeling with the lubrication and things got a lot better.

I loved using this lubrication because I don't produce a lot of saliva and this helped lube things up significantly. It was easier for me to go faster and move around in ways that would be difficult without significant lubrication. Since I personally love the taste of bare skin, I was a little sad not to be able to taste my husband, but the ability to perform better for him overshadowed this.

On his end, he said the tingle felt somewhere between "kinda good" and "really good" which I guess means "good." He's a man of few words. He said he likes it but could do without it if need be.

I got this to add a little something to our oral sessions and it definitely came through on that end. It's not a product I can't live without, but it is something I'm happy to have in my arsenal. We probably won't use it every time, but I can see myself pulling this out fairly often.

For what it's worth, every other "tingle" product I have tried has tasted to bad it's made my gag reflex go from non-existant to awful, so for keeping it the same and tasting great, this product really came through for me. Bonus points for also coming through on making the experience better for my husband, which was my goal the whole time.
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