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ID moments water-based reviews

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This is a great lubricant if you need something water-based, or if you only use water-based lubricants like I do. The pump makes it super easy to use, and it locks up for travel as well. The bottle isn't exactly discreet, but it can be hidden among your bathroom supplies provided you're not worried if anyone looks too closely if you don't keep a bedside table, as we do.

I would recommend everyone that has ever had a bad experience with lube to by this it worked great with no reaction what so ever. In my opinion it wasn't very high either.

For any woman who has ever had a bad reaction to a lube, this one promises to cause you no harm. While the taste is horrid and it could be too thin for anal endeavours, ID Moments is still a fantastic lube to have in your nightstand. Great for vaginal sex and use with toys, this hypoallergenic water-based formula can satiate so many of your needs.

The ID Moments is a great option if you need an affordable every day lubricant. It is a good alternative to more expensive Sliquid products. It is hypoallergenic, which allows it to be used by many sensitive folks.

The water-based ID Moments lubricant has worked out great for both vaginal and anal use. It is odorless, long-lasting, never gets sticky, and generally feels like natural vaginal lubricant. This lube is glycerin free and hypoallergenic with many ingredients used in food, drug, & cosmetic products which makes me feel comfortable using it.

After trying our first glycerin-free water-based lubricant, we're happy with the performance and lasting ability of ID Moments. It does not get gummy or need refreshing, and the ingredient list is recognizable and generally safe and acceptable for us. It allows us to focus on the sex without having to think about the lube or noticing anything unwanted.

I-D Moments is perhaps the best water-based lubricant out of the handful that I've experienced. From texture and application to the fantastic lock-for-storage pump bottle, I'm thoroughly enamored with this product. When *I* can't find anything to criticize besides the price point and the pink packaging, that's a thoroughly quality product.

The ID Moments comes in three different sizes and is one of the better water based lubes that I have worked with. But the bottle is leaky, so just make sure that you keep it in a place that it won't tip at all.

If you're someone who experiences irritation from other lubricants, ID Moments Water-based might be the thing for you. The hypoallergenic formula is great for those wishing to avoid glycerin and parabens, or who have sensitivities to other lubricant formulas. This all-purpose lube is very light and has a wonderful natural feel to it without leaving behind an overly sticky residue.

ID Moments is a great water-based lubrication that has no flavor or smell. It is long lasting but not greasy and gooey. This product comes in a locking pump for easy of use and storage. What more could you ask for?

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