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Lubricant by Kama Sutra

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Love liquid reviews

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13 reviews

I was very excited to find a vaginal-safe lubricant that will not contribute to infections which works just as advertised, so this definitely gives you the bang for your buck, but does not last as long as I would want. Still, it's a very sound and excellent choice of lubricant. Top shelf!

If you're looking for a thick lube that can be used for anal, stop reading now, as Love Liquid is relatively thin. But if you're looking for a good quality lube to be used casually for toys and vaginal sex, this lube could very well be it. It absorbs into the skin without leaving a sticky residue behind, has virtually no smell or taste, and comes in a beautifully discreet container to top it all off.

Love Liquid by Kama Sutra is the perfect lubricant if you're looking for something natural feeling. It doesn't give you any crazy sensations. You only need a couple drops for application, and it lasts a long time.

We love this lube! Even though it's thin and can get messy, we love that one application is usually enough. I wouldn't use it for anal sex, but for everything else it for has been great!

This is just a great lube for all your needs. If you're looking for some fancy taste or scent or sensation, go for something with those qualities. But if you just need to reduce friction and get things sliding smooth without a stickiness or build-up so you can focus on how good your hand/toy/partner feels, this is the lube for you.

If you’re looking for good water-based lubricant that has body safe ingredients and will last a long time then give this Love Liquid a try. It may not be the best choice for heavy anal play due to its light consistency but it will work great for just about every other use.

With a name like Kama Sutra, you would think this lube was all about sex. However, there are many uses for this lube. I am one of those people who like to explore alternative uses for basic items, and sometimes it really works!! See what I cam up with for this product.....

Generally, this is an all around great lube. It's just as it's name implies: classic. It does everything it needs to do and nothing it doesn't. No, it won't make your junk taste like fruit or candy, nor will it make it tingle, cool or warm. It's more expensive than bargain brands but still affordable and lasts forever because a little goes a long way. Most importantly though, it excels at making you wet!

Kama Sutra's Love Liquid is an awesome lubricant that absorbs right into the skin with no problems, it is a water-based and therefore safe to use with your silicone toys, great for solo and couple play. The fine quality and longevity, both in how much use you get out of it and lasting power, make it well worth the price.

This my favorite water based lube because it feels very similar to silicone lubes. It's a little pricey but well worth it.

I really love this item and would recommend it to as many people as I could. It's an amazing product and worth every penny you spend on it.

This product is GREAT for women with low natural lubrication levels and those who just need a little extra 'slip' to add to their fun. It makes me climax like a machine gun every time!

The Love Liquid Sensual Lubricant is a water-based lubricant which is longer lasting than many water-based lubes I have tried in the past. It is unscented, dermatologist tested, and doesn’t contain sugars, making it ideal for women who are sensitive or prone to yeast infections. It also does not get thick or gelatinous, but simply absorbs into the skin with prolonged use. Overall a good lube, but is it worth the price?

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