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Oral sex candy spray reviews

16 reviews
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16 reviews

This doesn't make a very good candy spray, unless you're going on scent alone, and it doesn't encourage anyone to want to do oral more. I like that the ingredients list isn't a mile long, but what good does that do you if the ingredients that ARE there taste terrible? The fact that it contains glycerin will mean that most people won't want to spread it on their genitals anyways.

This product fails as an oral sex enhancer. It didn't last long at all, and because it tastes like plastic, I didn't want it to last in the first place. I would suggest trying something different if you're looking to flavor your lover's bits.

This item will be thrown in the trash. It's disgusting. It honestly makes me hesitant to try other oral sex sprays.

The other flavors in this line may be worth giving a go - this Oral Sex Candy Spray smells good, is easy to clean, doesn't get sticky or tacky, and comes in a good-quality bottle. Watermelon, however, was a rather large disappointment. The taste didn't last, however in this case, that was actually a good thing! A mouthful of chemicals is the last thing that I need.

This is a very yummy candy-like spray that can make performing oral sex more pleasurable for the giver. It is not sticky and does not leave residue on skin or sheets. However, it is very watery and you must constantly reapply if you wish to maintain the flavor throughout oral sex. It is up to you to decide if it is worth the hassle. For me, it is not worth it, but I do not mind the taste of my partner au natural.

This product is not worth your time or money. You're better off using products around the house that actually have a flavor. I would rather use hair spray than have to use this product again for oral sex.

I really wanted to like this product. I love smell and taste of pear and thought it would be a great addition to oral play. Unfortunately it's just too watery and wears off way too quickly. I'm going to give it another try in hopes that I just had a bad first impression but I don't have a lot of hope. I think this is just a dud product.

Oral Sex Candy Spray was disappointing to me and my husband. While it smelled decent, the taste was not what it claimed to be. Because it was watery, it absorbed into the skin quickly and we had to continuously spray to get the job done. We spent more time spraying the product than we did pleasuring each other! It was not worth the time or effort.

This little bottle may hold liquid and act like liquid, but it is thick enough to act like it's not. The price is very reasonable and the squirt option lets you point and squirt where you want the lube to go. It is edible, and therefore you can eat it without worry. For me, the taste and after taste of the watermelon lube was not what I expected. There is a strong scent of of watermelon when you remove the cap.

I think it is worth it. The pros overweigh the cons. It is great for foreplay and is wonderful for oral.

I definitely like spray lube better than goopy gel lube, but those type of lubes have their place too, I guess. Since this is thin, it does not actually do a lot of lubing. It does taste and smell good, although not much like watermelon to my husband and I.

This is a great little addition to your lovemaking bag of tricks. It's easy to use, tastes great, is non-messy and makes a fun act even more enjoyable.

This is a great product if you have some doubts or hesitations when it comes to oral activities. The taste is pleasant, and it is silky smooth.

The Oral Sex Candy Spray is a tasty spray that does taste relatively realistic. Just don't expect the taste to last for a long time, and it does require reapplication frequently. If you want a candy-taste for non-vaginal use, though, it does a pretty good job with it!

Oral Sex Candy Spray by Zero Tolerance is a nifty little product aimed at adding some flavor to your oral fun. Make all your parts, from head to toe, taste like candy.

This great-tasting spray will benefit you and your partner. The cherry taste and smell will enhance your sexual encounter. Great to use with that special someone or group.

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