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Original gel lubricant reviews

54 reviews
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Average review rating
54 reviews

This lube got the job done. If it was on sale, I would buy it again. If there was higher quality for a marginally higher price, I would buy that instead.

There is nothing that truly stands out for this product. It is ridiculously sticky and not "Wet" at all. It was a disappointment to buy a product called "Wet" to find that it should have been named "Glue".

My go-to lube, and I've never had a partner who was disappointed nor have an adverse allergic reaction as a result of the lubrication. I would recommend buying this in the largest size you can, because you will not be disappointed. No awkward smells, or tingling and or burning, that can become unbearable to many. And it's not too thick that you will be sticky afterwards either, but just thick enough that you will be able to enjoy a long time of pleasure without needing to reapply.

If you need a lubricant that does the job, but doesn't do anything special, then grab this item. If you're concerned about ingredients or want a mind-blowing experience, look elsewhere.

Wet Gel is a your pretty basic lube. It's OK and is pretty much like any other lube. I do think it would be better though if it were a little thicker overall, but besides that, I enjoy it.

This lube is not something that I would purchase again, but am still glad that I tried. It gave me a great story to tell and an idea of where to move onto from here. It is also relatively easy to clean up, so at least I ended my day with as little mess as possible.

I didn't have any reactions with this lube, but I also didn't like it. It's runny when it's suppose to be a gel. I'm left with greasy, sticky and tacky residues. The lube doesn't last long, so you end up with lube everywhere, but at least it doesn't stain.

This isn't a terrible go-to in a pinch, but those looking for more natural ingredients should skip this one, as should those with sensitivities.

For those tired of the drugstore varieties of lubricants, Wet Gel lube is a good, basic lube that has a few added bonuses. The gel like consistency does stay in place longer than most water based lubes, it lasts for a reasonable amount of time and can be renewed easily with a drop or two of water. Cheaper than the luxury brand lubes, this is a great all around lube that will keep those not allergic to Glycerin products reasonably happy.

I would definitely buy this product again, and have already suggested it to friends. Although the packaging was disappointing, the lube itself is excellent and exactly what I was looking for. The attributes that I feel make this product better than others is the texture, the length of time it lasts for, and its washability.

There are definitely better lubes out there than this particular brand, however it's inexpensive and it gets the job done. If you can look past the chemicals and sticky texture, this lube is great to have next to your bed for unexpected hookups or passionate nights with a lover or a toy.

Overall, I'd still recommend this product despite my three-star rating. It was a beginner lubricant for me, and for that purpose it worked very well. It does have a few small drawbacks, yes, but it is still a very nice standard product.

As a general purpose lube for intercourse or masturbation, it works well. If it going to be used for prolonged use, especially anally, I would simply recommend a different lubricant. While it worked for me, it may not be ideal for people with sensitive skin or who are prone to yeast infections. It is a descent relatively inexpensive lube I would recommend for someone looking for a good lube to get started with.

It glides on your skin without being sticky. It's good for sensitive skin because it wont give you a rash or make you itch. It lasts for a good period of time compared to most water based lubricants.

A great lube that is worth the rather expensive price. It has worked well on body parts and toys, both in and out of water.

A great starter lube, whether it be the original, warming, edible, or tingling lubricants by gel. Comes in a variety of sizes that come in handy if needed for travel and bedroom.

Wet Original Gel Lubricant is a great product for anyone without glycerin or paraben sensitivities or concerns who's looking for a long-lasting basic water-based lubricant and doesn't mind the rather watery consistency.

I recommend this lubricant to anyone that suffers from dryness or just wants a little extra slickness. I rarely need it, but we do use it quite a bit. Because its water based, we use it a lot with our toys.

This lube was definately worth the money spent. Even though it is a lower-priced lube and doesnt have any special features, it is a real winner.

This is a pretty good starter lube or something to pick up in a pinch at a drugstore, but its quality can't match more specialized or refined lubricants.

This would be a great product at a great price if it would stay wet longer. It is packaged in a great, easy-to-use bottle and goes on easily and smoothly but if you play too long, you'll find yourself reapplying, which is a hassle.

This lubricant does what it is made to do, its easily found in many department stores and adult stores. If you like it as much as I have, you will also like that it comes in 4 or 5 different sizes which has an option for travel size, which is great for us extended-use butt-plug wearers.

Excellent product for use with any toy with a little going a long way. Easily washable with any damp rag.

If you are looking for a decent lubricant that is not expensive, then this may be for you. However, if you are looking for something that is thick and doesn't have a lot of chemicals you need to look elsewhere.

Wet Gel lubricant wasn't my favorite. It became sticky too quickly and I found it irritating. It may work better for someone else, but I know I won't be buying it again; I didn't finish the bottle I had. I recommend spending a few extra dollars on something safer and more effective.

If you are looking for a lubricant to use when you plan to have short masturbation sessions, this lubricant can be a decent choice for that. If you have other plans, look elsewhere. It doesn't stay put, isn't gel like, gets sticky, and has a bitter taste. I wasn't wowed in anyway.

I really thought this was a fantastic lubricant at first, but it grew sticky and tacky so fast that I had to reapply more times than I would have liked to.

Best beginning lube, great value for price, multi-purpose. Tends to get sticky, but reapplying solves this problem easily. This is definitely going to stay in our bedside drawer as a "go-to" lube.

Really, you can't lose with this product. If you want a light-weight lube that offers easy clean-up, that stretches your dollar and doesn't stain, this is the product for you! I recommend it 9 times out of 10 when asked. Try it once and you'll fall in love!

Great product, lasts long enough, goes a long way, no offensive smell or taste, a great lube for someone who just needs lube.

For the price, this is a very good lubricant that I would purchase again. The only drawback is, it is not scented or flavored and so isn't ideal for any type of oral. Otherwise, it is suited perfectly for all other types of sexual play or intercourse excluding only anal due to its relative thinness.

This lube is tasteless slick pleasure, but it dries too fast. It is a lube that's good for toys or a quickie - or both!

It's good lube, but I would recommend trying better lubes. However, this one isn't bad. Smells okay, but doesn't last long.

I'm not a huge fan of Wet lube - it's very similar to KY in many factors. It's held in even a basic drug store and water-based so it works with all toys, but the consistency is unpleasant and it requires constant reapplication.

This product is not in fact exciting, but if you are short on a dime and you need it, I wouldn't be adverse to purchasing it.

This is a great lubricant for anyone trying to reduce friction and increase pleasure. The lube only requires a few drops for intensified gratification and lasts for quite sometime. It's water-based, so you are able to ingest it and it's tasteless. It's great for masturbation/vaginal sex/anal sex. If not cleaned up in time though, it will leave a sticky feeling on you. It's an easy clean up afterwards. Just take a damp towel or tissue and wipe it off.

This lube is handy if you need a little lube. But, if you are going for a while or doing anal and need a little more, expect to reapply often.

This is a great, basic, reliable lubricant for personal and partner play. I recommend it as a "turn-to" lubricant for basic use.

Let's just say that Wet Gel Lubricant really does put the can't in lubricant. I know that's a very cheesy thing to say, but it's very true. It really can't hold up to much use and abuse, and it melded very fast into my body.

In the end, it's a good lube for masturbating/toying. It can leave your insides feeling a little greasy after play though.

The lasting quality of this product is essentially what has sold me on Wet Gel Lubricant. Everything else is just icing on the cake, so to speak. For the price, you can't find a better lubricant.

This long lasting product can be used pretty much any where being that it does not leave you sticky, messy, or feeling unclean. It adds glide to any sexual activity, and it is a very enjoyable product.

This Wet product as well as most of the other Wet products are easy to use and not messy however doesn't have a great taste.

What more can you ask for from a lube thats reasonably priced, easy to open and close lid, and a little goes a long way. Its cheap and lasts quite some time if used from time to time.

I would recommend spending the extra 10$ and get a lube that will do the trick without any down sides.

The Wet Gel Original Lubricant is not a good lubricant for vaginal/anal use because it tends to stay a bit sticky. However, that's what makes it absolutely perfect for male sex toy use - it will lubricate the toy while giving you some extra, comfortable friction.

Wet Gel is a great lube for those not wanting to make a large investment and who need just a little something extra. It is compatible with condoms, and just about any toy you can think of. However, it may not hold up for extended sessions of play without multiple reapplications, and I personally wouldn't recommend it for anal, because you don't want that area drying out during sex.

Wet Original Gel Lubricant is a standard, unflavored get lubricant. It contains spermicide and is L Arginine free. Wet is an affordable water based lube that will work with all sexy toys.

Wet gel is affordable and readily available in most stores. It's water based and works decently with any type of toy as well as anal and vaginal intercourse. It tends, like most water and glycerin based lubes, to get a bit sticky and need reapplication.

Tame enough for drugstores, but good enough for adult stores. It lasts just enough time and doesn't leave behind a sticky mess.

If you need a good water-based lubricant for a decent price, this product won't disappoint. It's easy to clean up and safe for many uses!

Wet Gel is GREAT! It doesn't burn, it tastes and smells okay too. I don't have to reapply too often, and best of all, its MESS FREE!

Wet Gel is a great lube for initial insertion, but it fails to live up to the longevity test--it breaks down quickly and frequent reapplications are required.

I was pretty impressed with the performance of the lube. It felt lovely and silky to the touch, and didn't leave any stickiness behind. It doesn't have any smell, and rather than tasting of nothing, it had a very faint minty taste.

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