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For anyone looking for a long-lasting lube this is NOT it, but if you just want something fun that tastes really good then this should be up your alley. Just don't plan on using it for more than oral.

I love sour candy but this lube failed to deliver. I was willing to overlook the ingredients with the hopes that this would provide a delicious tang. With a foul aftertaste, an unpleasant, runny texture all hidden inside packaging that looks to promise candy coated oral pleasures... I must say I was very disappointed.

At $11 for a large 6 oz container this tasty product cannot be beat! If you are a fan of tart flavors and are looking to expand your oral repertoire this is the product for you!

Fun and long lasting Electric Lemonade does what it's supposed to, but leaves some things to be desired. A strange aftertaste and an even stranger aroma might turn you off from this, but we've enjoyed it through its ups and downs.

I am very satisfied with this product. It will take my partner and myself a good half a year, or more, to get through this size so it is a great investment. It did it's job very well and was long lasting. It kept us more than lubricated for anything we needed it to. And it is extremely tasty. A definite pleaser to both of us. I will absolutely be back to purchase more and try the other flavors as soon as I can!

Sex Tarts? Yes! Please!

Sex tart is something that everyone should have, at least one bottle. It comes in hand if you want to add something sweet to your bedtime adventures.

Now, I love the taste of vagina... I really love the taste of vagina, so it takes a lot for me to say I prefer something to vagina... but this tastes like Jolly ranchers candy. This lube is so tasty I find myself putting it on my hand just to enjoy licking it off... so if you want to enjoy the act of oral sex more... this is your lube.

If you want to eat War Head candies while having sex, this is the product for you. Otherwise, it just might be a little too tart for the average user.

The taste is fantastic and is my go to flavored lube with candy like flavors that are far from overwhelming. The perfect flavored lube for me and my husband.

I enjoyed the smell and ascetic this flavored lubricant had. It tasted good, however I disliked the strange soap like after taste it had. I would recommend this product to someone tring to spice up the oral sex life or for tring oral if they don't particularly like it.

Overall, definitely worth trying. It smells and tastes great. The only problem I found was the stickiness afterwards but its not overly sticky. The texture could be a little thicker but definitely not a reason to not try it.

Sex tarts is a great, water based lube perfect for a little bit of fun in the bedroom. Tastes great and has just the right amount of tart to make your lips pucker.

I'm giving Sex Tarts one star because my overall experience with this product was bad! I prefer the natural taste of body parts, so I'm just going to stick with that!

I did not have a great experience with this lube. No real taste, soapy smell, contains sucralose and citric acid and burns if recently shaven. I think there are better out there.

An excellent lube for oral play, creating a bit of slickness and promoting salivation. Sex Tarts is a fun lube and is best enjoyed while playing, teasing and nibbling rather than for penetrative use.

Great if you want to have a little extra fun during foreplay, not if you are looking for an actual lubricant.

Hands down, this is my favorite fruity lube. No gross taste or super sticky mess, just smooth and luscious lubrication.

This is a great tasting and nice smelling flavored lube. The tartness increases saliva which is a plus when giving oral sex. The large 6 ounce bottle is a good value for the price.

Do not buy this product if you are looking for a good tasting flavored lubricant. It has an extremely soapy taste, becomes very sticky, and does not live up to its name.

Sex Tarts left my mouth watering but didn't do much for me otherwise. It does well for a flavored lube, but some flavors are less pronounced and are simply "tart". It does contain glycerin, so it might be wiser for more sensitive women to only use this for oral sex. It also becomes a little sticky.

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