Tart--Yes, Sex--Not So Much

Sex Tarts left my mouth watering but didn't do much for me otherwise. It does well for a flavored lube, but some flavors are less pronounced and are simply "tart". It does contain glycerin, so it might be wiser for more sensitive women to only use this for oral sex. It also becomes a little sticky.
Mouth-watering-- literally!
Not very strong flavor, contains glycerin
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The first time my boyfriend and I took our pants off, in bed, with/for each other, we figured it was a good opportunity to get orally acquainted with the other's fun bits. When it was my turn to go down on him, he passed me a tube of Sex Tarts Cherry Flavor.

"Where'd you get this?" I asked, because I couldn't wrap my head around my fuzzy, hot-as-sex new man-friend purchasing the cutesy pink flavored lube from any store existent on the face of the planet.

"It was my ex's," he said. Like most things that belonged to his last girlfriend and had somehow leaked into our relationship (like the crappy jelly strap-on dong, jealousy, and other fun hand-me-downs), I immediately gave the innocuous cherry lube wide berth. If I'm a germophobe with regular things, like doorknobs and kitty litter, I am utterly irrational when it comes to more sensitive objects, like, for example, lube used by the woman who last gave my boyfriend head.

It was another few months and many flavored lube-less (but, according to him and my ego, mind-explodingly awesome) blow-jobs before I approached the little tube of flavored lube again. By this time we had already dealt with the jealousy issues and also the jelly strap-on dong] (which was, once again, utter crap), and were ready to conquer this last hump.

I popped open the flip-top cap and squeezed a little bead of the cherry-flavored lube onto the tip of my finger. I rubbed it between my finger and thumb and then sniffed experimentally. Experience has taught me that cherry-flavored things can be either very good, sweet, and tangy, or very bad, like cough syrup. It smelled a little, well, tart, but not at all medicinal, so I decided to lick my finger. Well... It wasn't a taste I would really call "cherry", but then again, it wasn't much else, either. It was a little sweet, mostly tart, and a hint fruity.

Well, it wasn't nauseating, and my boyfriend had been mentioning it every single time I gave him head, for some reason beyond my ken. So, I squeezed out a bigger dollop of the lube and applied it generously to his turgid cock. I started licking the head, wrapping my lips around him and sliding down the shaft slowly. One benefit of this lube, ladies and gents, is that the tangyness makes your mouth water like the Niagara. I kid you not. All that extra saliva made deep throating him that much easier, which I'm sure he appreciated.

What I did not appreciate was that the lube got sticky on my hand, probably due to the glycerin. It got sticky on him, too, so I wiped him off with a warm towel before I let him get on with finishing off with a good round of vaginal intercourse. I am very sensitive to glycerin in lubes, so I do not use Sex Tarts lube for vaginal or anal intercourse. Besides, it's flavored. I feel weird using flavored ANYTHING down there if it's not for oral.

Despite its apparent usefulness, I am afraid I will not be using Sex Tarts lube very often. I prefer the natural taste of skin and sweat and cum when I'm giving head. While Sex Tarts definitely makes my mouth water, the taste is not much of a turn-on for me.
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  • Contributor: Ninebillionman
    I had a very similar experience with this product. Thanks for the post.
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    And thank you for the comment! :] So by "similar experience", did you like it? Not like it so much?
  • Contributor: Backseat Boohoo
    Is it bad that I'm interested in this product just because of the cute tube? Anyway, great review! Love your intro.
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    BB--Hahaha... not at all. I've bought plenty of cute things in my time. Just make sure to get a flavor that isn't cherry or watermelon (not hard since EF doesn't carry either--hooray?) and tell us how it works for you. Thanks.
  • Contributor: Zel
    I got this from a party and it was grape flavored, and I liked it! It's too bad they don't have that flavor here. And even though it's water-based, I too feel weird using anything flavored for intercourse.
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    So far, I have no idea what any of the flavors carried on EF taste like! I wonder (hopefully) if they had someone taste-test all the lubes and then bring the best ones here... Maybe? Glad to hear that the grape flavor is yummy. Is it a stronger flavor, a little sweeter? From the experiences I've heard about so far, this lube tastes "watery". Agreed on not using flavored lube for intercourse--what's the point? You don't have taste buds down there! lol.
  • Contributor: Mamastoys
    I have the peach flavored and it is tasty too. Got it from EF so they carry the good flavors ?!?! Just got finished with a review on it..
    Nice review...
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Mamastoys-- I'm just guessing here, but it wouldn't surprise me if EF did some product research before they decided on what flavors to carry. That might be why they don't carry any of the flavors that I and another reviewer on here didn't like.
  • Contributor: Josmoseph
    Everyone just does not like Raseberries... What a rush
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Josmoseph-- Um...Actually, I was reviewing the cherry flavor. It's not offered on EF so I grabbed the Raspberry flavor instead. For all I know, the raspberry flavor could be amazing. Why don't you grab a bottle and let us know? Smile
  • Contributor: JF
    Negative on the raspberry flavor!! WOOHOO for natural tastes and sweat. LOL! Smile
  • Contributor: IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the honest review - too bad anything flavored will always be highly subjective.
  • Contributor: Blooddragon
    Nice review!
  • Contributor: freda
    Great review
  • Contributor: samanthalynn
    Great review
  • Contributor: purple579
  • Contributor: JordanN
    Thanks for reviewing.
  • Contributor: Michelle Conner
    nice review
  • Contributor: xxxbluexxx
    great review!
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