JO premium lubricant

Silicone-based lubricant
by System JO

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JO premium lubricant reviews

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Jo will make you squirt. Care to Squirt? Jo Premium Lubricant. (Jo Premium Lubricant, it looks like you just found your new slogan, next up the jingle! I’m available! Call me!)

In conclusion, I am very glad I added this to my arsenal. It makes using my glass toys even more enjoyable than they already are. I don't have to reapply it, and I can focus on having fun instead of reapplying lube every few minutes. Not to mention, it makes clean up a breeze. So, why not get this? Trust me you will not be disappointed!

This is hands-down my favorite lubricant. I don't have anything else to say than that you should give it a try (unless something prevents you from using silicone).

This product just doesn't satisfy any of the requirements that I have for a daily masturbation lube. It's too viscous, not as slick, and hard to clean up. I will keep it for toy play and sex though. That 2.5 oz bottle will last a long time!

All in all, this lube is wonderful! It has lasted us a long time and I WILL buy it again when we need more! No staining of furniture, clothes or bedding. Does not cause irritation and lasts for upwards of 45 minutes before being reapplied!

JO Premium is a great silicone lube for all your sexy needs. Just don't use it on other silicone products.

I love all the JO lubricants that I have tried and this one is no exception. I love how long it lasts and the fact that you do not have to reapply it. It does not get sticky like some water-based lubricants can. However, it can be a little bit of trouble to try to get washed off and cannot be used with silicone toys.

I found this to be a step up from water-based lubricants, and I absolutely love how long it lasts. Since it doesn't get sticky or tacky, is ideal for use in water and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, this is fast on its way to becoming my favorite. I don't find it a hassle to clean, and as long as I keep JO Premium away from my silicone toys, it's fantastic!

I would definitely suggest this lube to anyone who is looking for a reliable silicone (or any) lube for almost any reasons. Although you can't use it with your silicone toys, you will find plenty of other uses for this! It's silky, cheap, and you won't find yourself ruining the moment to try to find the bottle and reapply during those intimate moments.

I like this lube. I go through it very slowly so I don't need to reorder it very often - which is great. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way... selling it in a 1 oz. bottle makes sense.

I will forever use silicone based lubes from now on. I particularly liked this System Jo brand, the price was right, the experience was very right, and we didn't have to keep reapplying.

This lube does exactly what it's supposed to do and does it well. It lasts a very long time and doesn't irritate my skin at all. The price might seem a little high but it's not, given the amount I need to get the job done. To sum up, once I got used to applying the correct amount, I was very pleased with this lube and will buy it again if I ever run out!

This is sort-of an in-between for me. I love the long-lasting, silky feel (I feel rather pampered when using it), but the hassle of a difficult cleanup and an iffy bottle, combined with its non-compatibility with silicone, makes it sort of down-the-middle. I would rather have a nice water-based lube than try and force myself to use this up.

This was my first try at using a silicone lube. I never felt the need before, but with more frequent anal play recently, I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did. I really have no complaints about it. It is slick, lasts long, a little goes a long way and it is waterproof. It even leaves your skin feeling silky smooth like a massage oil. Makes for a great anal lube.

I've also tried System Jo's H2O lube (flavored variety) and will be a System Jo fan for life. I have actually specifically recommended this to friends.

This is such a consistent dependable product, with convenient sized packaging and bottle that can be used one handed. Just like my purse sized vibe, great lip gloss, luxurious mascara; this little tube of lube is a staple of my makeup bag, and now also my nightstand. It was a hit both vaginally for me, and on my male partner's genitalia. After trying JO Premium, I simply won't be leaving home without it.

This is great lube! It stays slick for a very long time. Just make sure you clean off the bottle after use, because you will, naturally, get your lube-covered hands all over it, resulting in the smooth plastic tube to become impossibly slippery. Remember to never use it with silicone toys!

The Premium Lubricant is another great product from System JO. Although it's a little expensive for such little content it was well worth it. I’ve enjoyed this silicone-based lube and was glad to not have to keep reapplying. Please note that some have had a UTI infection after using this product.

If you have ever struggled with erotic play in the bath or shower due to lube not lasting in that environment, you need to bring Jo into your life. This silicone-based lube will have you moving from bathroom to bedroom without the constant need to reapply. Its silky smooth, thick and rich texture will have you begging for more. While this product is a luxury lube brand, you do get what you pay for and Jo Premium lubricant is worth every penny.

Overall this is a great product to add to anyone's secret drawer, it keeps you sliding when you need it most.

This lube is absolutely fantastic! My boyfriend and I keep it in the shower, and both of us can access and open it easily. I love putting it on him and then feeling how smooth it is!

I feel like you get what you see with this lubricant. There are no hidden surprises. It does deliver a nice glide without being sticky. I felt like I used the bottle up faster than I should have, given the price. I would pick JO over the majority of the competitor lubricants any day, but I'm keeping my eye out for a silicone lube with lasting power that isn't sticky.

You'll save money in the end with this premium lube as you won't need nearly as much as you think. One bottle of this stuff will last you all summer.

A thick, scentless, tasteless lube is great when you need something perfect for that favorite toy or need a little more slip-and-slide in your sex life! System JO Premium Lubricant offers a nice, silicone lube with no real mess and plenty of life in each application!

This is a great value, as a little goes a long way. It has made anal sex extremely enjoyable, as there is no uncomfortable friction, just a smooth glide.

Discover new places to play! Sex in the shower, outdoors, in bed, for prolonged periods of time? Jo is perfect! It's waterproof, fragrance-free, tasteless and not sticky at all! It just feels so natural and once you try it, you'll never want to go back. You can use it with condoms or any toy that isn't silicone. I love JO!!!

An exciting lubricant that works magic between the sheets and in the shower. I love using it every time I do anything remotely sexual. Everyone should have this lubricant because it is so versatile and feels great on and with everything.

System JO Premium Lubricant is one of the best silicone based lubes that I have ever had the joy of playing with. It also is wonderful for pegging and all kinds of anal play.

This is a pretty good product for it's pricing, if you don't have any silicone toys to worry about this would be a great product to get.

This is a great lube, and an excellent Silicone lube! It does its job well, and lasts for a long time too! It isn't too runny, and is silky smooth. Its rather safe, and holds up amazingly in the shower. Perfect for anal play, because its so slick and silky feeling. Also great for large toys, or rough times! Be sure to not use with Silicone based toys, as it will melt them!

JO silicone lube is soooo worth it. The price is right and you need so little product. It lasts much longer than you could imagine. I would use this for greasing the wheels of any sexual adventure. It works for massage, hand jobs, blow jobs, anal, vaginal, non-silicone toys, masturbation. I mean really, it is an all-around workhorse that will keep me coming back again and again.

System JO's Premium Silicone Lubricant comes at a premium price (compared to other Supreme priced alternatives), but does a good job of delivering on the promise. A little dab will do you well, and a bottle will last a long time if you don't spill any. I recommend this product for anyone who periodically needs a water-resistant lubricant that feels natural and doesn't like degreasing after play.

A high quality silicone-based lube, JO premium will stay slippery and silky as long as you need. This long lasting formula is amazingly smooth and silky, never greasy or sticky, and has no odor or taste. This lube can be used in the shower to add some spice to love-making, and is latex compatible. However, make sure not to use with silicone toys as it will harm them.

Of all the lubes I have ever tried, this is by far my favorite silicone lube for regular use. I have introduced it to many partners and never once did JO Premium disappoint.

Silicone lube is built to last and absolutely perfect for those of you who like to get wet and wild. This System JO Premium Lubricant is one I recommend because it's a quality lube that's affordable and body-safe.

This is a great silky feeling silicone based lube. It holds up well it the shower/tub and is perfect for using on glass or stainless toys. After the fun is done, it leaves the skin soft and smooth so it also doubles as a long lasting massage aid.

JO Premium Lubricant is marketed as "your new best friend." This is one friend I'll never be without and will eagerly introduce to my lovers. Anal in the shower? Jerking off in the hot tub? Why not! With your new best friend, you'll never feel unwanted friction or need to keep your loving land-locked. I love JO so much, I have her in two sizes: mini for the living room and the business size for the bedroom.

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