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Wet body glide reviews

61 reviews
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Average review rating
61 reviews

Wet body glide is worth the price because it gives a great lubrication without a lot of product. While it may need to be reapplied for some circumstances, others will allow the body plenty of time to produce its own lubrication. The flavor is good and comes in many varieties.

Overall, we were very pleased with Wet Flavored Lube. Adding an exciting flavor can definitely improve the quality and length of time of certain acts, but the sticky dry feeling of intercourse after a length of time keeps the experience limited to oral encounters.

The consistency is right, and so is the price. If you're looking for a flavorful, light lube..this is for you!

Skip the watermelon, just bring this to your next backyard BBQ. The taste is amazing, as a lube this works well and absorbs nicely with no cleanup needed. The scent is mildly like a fruit salad, but hardly a downside. No matter where you need a little more slide, or flavor, this is one of the best options I have felt or tasted in my life.

A great lube for an affordable price, even if it is a little sticky. Beginners and those into solo play should have great fun with this...

This product is really best surved as a helping hand with oral. The flavor and smell is wonderful and right on. Best i have come across, but not that good for actual sex.

Overall, I really enjoyed this product since it smelled and tasted great. The taste is way better than other products I have tried! I will be purchasing this again.

Flavored lubes are great for oral. This strawberry lube smells and tastes great. It's a bit runny and sticky though. I don't like it for any other use, but it does make giving a blow job more fun. A wide variety of flavors are available. It's nice that there is something for everyone's palette.

Wet body glide was a waste of my money, I will probably end up throwing it away. I won't suggest this product to anyone.

I would recommend this to anyone, especially the ones just learning foreplay. Great taste, easy to use, and travel friendly.

Don't get this for sex. If you are looking for something just for oral play, then this might work for you. But I would go with something a little higher quality then this. This just falls short on everything. Such a disappointment.

All in all, Wet will always have a spot in my toy box. It's nice to be able to buy something that is flavored, and know it actually tastes good, and this is one of those products for me. There are no limitations for toy use, as it won't break down any materials, and it works well with toy use. I would preach it to all I know, if it wasn't so sticky.

This is an awesome all around lube (though I haven't tried it as an anal lube). It is fun, flavorful, and I definitely will buy it again.

This is a readily available and cheap lube that works well for its intended use. However it does have its flaws. If you're willing to give it a try I'd say go for it! But like any product it's not perfect, though it is a good lube.

I absolutely love this stuff. Wet has become my favorite brand of lube, and I'll continue to purchase their products, especially if they continue to taste as great as Wet Body Glide! Anything that coaxes my guy into oral gets a gold star. Or five.

All in all, I would definitely buy this product again. Just make sure that you are purchasing it for fun and not for performance. It is by far one of the best tasting lubes I have ever tried, and perfect for oral or even just sensual massages.

I just hope that not all the Wet body glide flavors are as horrible as the blueberry. The poor smell and taste completely ruin this as an oral sex resource, and the stickiness and irritating ingredients ruin it as a basic lubricant. The only reason this product even gets one star is because the bottle is attractive, and it's not possible to give it 0 stars.

It will really sweeten up your oral sex life, and your sweet tooth will be satisfied. You will feel as if you could eat it all!!!

The taste is amazing, keeps everything well lubricated, and it's easy to clean up. What more could you want? Winner!

Add some fun into your oral sex life! Wet body glide has many different flavors to choose from! If you enjoy candy and desserts, grab a bottle and turn your partner into a human lollipop!

If you're looking for something to help sweeten up your oral experiences and don't mind the taste of artificial flavoring, than this is a great option to try out! There are seven different flavors to choose from, which means there should be a little something for everyone to enjoy. This lubricant doesn't get sticky like some of the others that are flavored, but it does contain glycerin, so be aware of that. Overall, I think this is a nice product to help switch things up!

Wet body glide is a great choice for making oral sex fun. The flavor, unlike similar products, is not gross and plastic tasting. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys oral sex and is looking for incentive for their partner to want to try it more often.

This item is worth it. My partner and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. You can have lots of fun with all kinds of flavors, like blueberry or strawberry. It makes the act of oral sex worthwhile.

Wet body glide is a yummy tasting, sweet smelling, water based lubricant that is best used as an oral sex aide. The strawberry kiwi flavor smells great and tastes like sweet strawberry candy. It is a great way to add flavor into the bedroom.

Overall I would say that it's worth a try for anyone who needs an inexpensive lubricant in their arsenal. It does the job without too many problems and the price is extremely reasonable. Just don't expect it to work miracles.

Over all this is a great product for beginners and advanced users alike. If you're looking for something tame and not overpowering to get into flavored lubes look no further. But ladies beware if you are prone to yeast infections. Super sensitive women, you may want to look else where.

If you’re looking for a lubricant that will seriously slick things up during penetrative sex, Wet Flavored Body Glide is probably not the best choice—it’s just too thin to really make much of a difference. If, on the other hand, you just want to spice (sweeten?) up oral sex, it’s hard to do much better—the taste is phenomenal!

Good for oral...nothing else. I gave 2 stars because frankly...I'm sure there are better products out there that are truly multipurpose. I wanted so badly to give it a 3, because it's DELICIOUS, but I honestly just can't.

If you need a go-to lube, flavored Wet Body Glide is NOT for you. The sugar content is not vaginally or internally friendly. It really only has a single use as a blowjob adornment and licking fun. It scores low on functionality, but if you use it as an edible novelty or for foreplay, I'd say Wet can have its use.

This item is great for foreplay, sex, and with toys. It's great tasting and has easy clean up with just water.

I really found this to be a great tasting lube and enjoyed it a lot...until it started to get sticky.

Depending on what play session you are requiring this may be perfect, or not not the right one at all. More of a specialized product than an all purpose.

We liked this product, pure and simple. It's excellent for a family on a budget but not looking to compromise on quality. It's helpful in several areas of the bedroom, in addition to the ways we used it; use your imagination! It definitely helped renew that spark in our relationship when things were getting dry, so even if you're not sure of this flavor, one of them has to strike you more.

Wet, a great lube company, makes this flavored lube, and it does contain aspartame and parabens so be careful. It lasts for a few minutes before getting sticky as it dries out and needs another application. However, it won't eat up silicone-based toys and is only $3.71 per ounce or less compared to higher priced lubes which usually aren't drastically better in terms of performance. Last but not least, it has a great aromatic scent and flavor that makes using it a treat in the bedroom.

We were very excited to try this lube out, but our excitement quickly faded after the first few minutes of use. Between the horrible taste and the quick drying, we were not impressed. It was used once and has not been taken out of our lubricant drawer since.

The wet lubricant is perfect for anyone. You can use it on your toys or for oral sex. It comes in many different flavors. It is not too watery or sticky.

Wet was a fabulous product and it was definitely worth it. I love using this product intercourse or just having play time with myself. It keeps me going and tastes wonderful. There is nothing wrong with the product itself I just wish there was a couple more flavors to add to my collection.

This product for me is great for specific activities and in low moderation. Too much Wet Glide use can become overpowering depending on the flavor you choose. Wet Glide comes in many different aromas and you just need to find the smell and taste you and your partner agree upon.

Wet Flavored lube is a tasty, easy-to-apply lube that adds some more sweetness to your play time. This water-based lubricant might not be the best choice for sensitive users, but it should please many people with its fruity taste and no-fuss packaging.

Although our sexcapade was still satisfying (and a little humorous...NOW), the product was a disappointment for me because of the interruptions we endured while using it.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in flavored lubricants. Both my partner and I love using this and hardly go without it. The saddest, and worst part, about using this product is when the container finally runs out!

Its just not for me. I hate being sticky and prefer a silky feeling. If your okay with the sticky aspect youll like it because the taste is the best ive tried

Would be a great water based flavored lubricant, if it wasn't so damn sticky! Also, it happens to contain glycerin!

Fun fruity lubricant perfect for oral sex. Water based and easy to use in any situation. Fun packaging draws you in and makes play time oh so yummy.

I think this lube is worth having for almost anyone. It's affordable, very versatile, and a good product to have at an arms reach for almost any sexual activity.

Many times a couple will have intercourse and one of the partners won't have the opportunity to reach their climax and oral stimulation is required. With this lubrication it doesn't require having to view this as an issue. The product is SPOT ON as far as taste, if you were to eat this on toasted bread you would have no idea it was even and lubrication and mistake it for a jelly. It COMPLETELY fulfills its purpose.

This is a wonderful smelling, fruity tasting, all water based lube. Great for oral sex and intercourse. Latex and toy friendly.

I would definitely, recommend this to anyone to who is trying to find what lube is right for them!! This is sooo good!! You have to get it!

Blueberry Wet Body Glide is a must to have on hand... ;) Has a great flavor and is long lasting.

Wet turns an ordinary blow job into an almost culinary experience. It has a wonderful flavor and aroma and it performs well for the most part.

If you are looking to add some subtle spice to your sex life this lubricant is for you. A must try.

This lube tastes great and keeps the excitement going! For those that don't like going down on your significant other because of the taste, I would really suggest it. And, if you're not quite lubed up yourself down there, a little bit goes a long way.

This is a nice tasting and pleasant smelling sugar-free lube. Like other lubes containing glycerin, it does become a little tacky feeling after applying it, but cleans up easily with warm water and soap. It comes in an easy to dispense bottle, and while it is a little thin in consistency, it can be managed with the designer grip bottle.

If you're looking to sweeten a cock down your throat..buy this lube. It won't change your life but it will have you licking your fingers long after you're done.

This lube is great i loved it. My boyfriend and I loved it. This is the only lube that we buy and use!

In the annals of my sex memories, I recall a time not so long ago when this lube was king....

This product has an awesome taste. My boyfriend and i had mixed opinions on it though; i felt it became WAY too sticky, while he found it very nice.

If you want a lubricant that tastes just like what it claims on the bottle (for once?) and if you want a lubricant that's smell fills an entire room? Then this worth-more-than-the-price glide is perfect for you.

the taste is good and I enjoyed that it made oral better on my part, but its really sticky so be careful

Wet body glide is my boyfriend and my all time favorite lubricant! It is the only one we ever bother to use. We have found it trumps all other flavored lubricants.

This lube is very good tasting, and it is not sticky. I have always had good experience with the Wet brand.

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