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Wet Ecstasy reviews

10 reviews
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10 reviews

Wet Ecstasy is bad and cheap like all other Wet lubricants I've used. When my cooling lubricant of choice was recalled, this was the only other thing at Walmart. I regret my decision to try it! It's oily, way too thin, and leaves difficult to remove white spots wherever it drips (which is everywhere due to its thinness). The only pro is that the subtlety of its cooling effect will be more easily used by people who don't like intense effects.

As much as I like the cooling effects it has, they don't last long and neither does this lube. This would do better as poorly tasting massage oil than a lubricant as this also contains glycerin which might trigger allergies and cause yeast infections. That combined with the short duration that this lasts, makes it a poor lube but decent massage oil.

This lightly minty water based lube is great for oral and playtime. The scent and taste are light but enjoyable.

This lube works great for giving or receiving oral, as well as tingling during foreplay, or full blown sex! I wouldn't use it for anal, since it might burn and its far too thin to provide any comfort. It comes in an attractive bottles, that aren't too feminine nor too masculine. It is dependable, and great if you're looking to change up you're lubes!

Wet Ecstasy Water-Based Lube has a wonderful peppermint scent and taste to it that holds on the skin and stays in the air.

Overall, if you don't have a problem with parabens and glycerine doesn't give you burning during urination and horrible UTI's, then this stuff should definitely be on your wish list. The sensations are friendly, and wont make you feel like you just made a major mistake, and it's super easy to wash off. Go for it! Well done, Wet!

For a cooling formula that is water based, Ecstasy shines though. It makes PIV sex exciting, I just wish it was longer lasting for hand jobs.

Overall, this is probably the best lube we've got as long as we don't use it on a toy. It's thin but not messy, very slick and smooth, long lasting, and can feel very cold or just tingly when used in the right spots. He gives it three stars, and I give it five, so we evened it out to four for the review. If you're new to sensation lube, this is a good one to start with!

It’s not going to be my favorite lube. For me, it has a specific usage. I don’t consider it bad, just not very useful. It can provide some interesting feelings but that’s all. Somehow it lasts quite a while, which is very nice from a water-based product!

All in all this is a good lube to add to your arsenal. It is great for oral use and provides a nice friendly cooling sensation to the area you apply it to. The peppermint extract is a different flavor for lube (at least that I have tried) and it doesn't burn like most cooling lubes. Its only con is that it doesn't last very long, and for this I give 4 stars.

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