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I Actually Like This Stuff?

Overall, if you don't have a problem with parabens and glycerine doesn't give you burning during urination and horrible UTI's, then this stuff should definitely be on your wish list. The sensations are friendly, and wont make you feel like you just made a major mistake, and it's super easy to wash off. Go for it! Well done, Wet!
Sensations are not overpowering, Long lasting, Easy to dispense
Glycerine, Parabens
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Yes guys. I actually like something that ISN'T paraben free and ISN'T glycerine free. Don't hate me for it... It was just a sample. Used it a time or two. But it was a whole lot of fun which I simply cannot deny. Therefore, I really owe Wet this review.

Wet Ecstacy is an extra-cooling lubricant, that unlike many, is friendly to your clitoris and penis. It gives that "OooOOoohhohohooooo" feeling without making you feel like you dipped your penis into a bucket of peppermint oil, or slathered pure peppermint oil on your vagina. This, for me, is a giant plus. I think you would agree so yourself.

It is water-based toys, so all toys rejoice because you all have the chance of being taken out of the toy box tonight! It's like Toy-Story, except X-Rated! Hahaha.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The viscosity, like all Wet lubricants is extremely thin and watery... yet VERY oily. I don't mind this much since it has really good benefits and properties, but I could do without the greasiness. It will leave some spots on the bedsheets that don't dry for a long time, but it will not permanently stain any fabrics which is good to know.

If I could compare this product to any other product it would be Pink Water. It's almost like some sort of hybrid watered-down canola oil. Surprisingly this didn't get on my nerves or bother me. With most lubricants it would definitely piss me off. You have to use it to understand.

It is very easy to pour. I got the small bottle which is similar to the large bottle. You don't even need to squeeze it or anything, it just pours right out. I like this because I absolutely hate fidgeting with lubricant bottles. It gets on my nerve and almost makes sex annoying.
    • Oily feeling
    • Slippery
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

There is a taste to this product. There was meant to be a flavor to this product from what I understand. I can tell you that it isn't bad compared to most. It's minty, and nothing that will really get on anyone's nerves. It isn't exactly "flavored" though since the flavor is so light. It's almost like toothpaste, without the paste?

The scent is also very light, and a little minty. I honestly couldn't smell this stuff unless I had it right up to my nose. This sort of bummed me out because peppermint is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite scents in the world. I think peppermint will NEVER get old for me. So in a sense, this was a bummer. But I don't think Wet intended this product to be scented, so I can't deduct stars for that.

If anything, it's a good thing because I have absolutely HATED Wet lubricants in the past and it's actually shocking to me that I like this stuff at all. We got it as a sample from EF, and ended up buying the small (3.oz I think) bottle because my husband and I are so fond of it.
    • Light smell
    • Light taste


I have to give this stuff 5 stars for performance. Here are mine, and my husband's reasons. My husband's reasons will have an (H) next to them.

1. This stuff doesn't burn my clitoris. A lot of cooling lubricants, or even warming lubricants will burn my clitoris, and even my labia and vulva to the point that I immediately know it was a mistake. I have avoided these products for years for that very reason.

2. (H... in his own words) "This stuff basically just doesn't burn my dick. I hate when products burn my BEEPing dick!"

3. The scent and flavor are light. Sometimes lubricants are over-flavored, or over-scented and it can get annoying. Sure, for this lube I wish the peppermint could be scented stronger, but as long as it's not annoying me that's fine. And as for the flavor, it's not strong enough to bother me as well.

4. (H... in his own words) "It doesn't bother me when I go down on my woman... I hate tasting lubricant on your pussy babe. That's so gross!" He's just so sweet. LOL

5. It lasts long and doesn't need to be reapplied. We have sex for a very long time and I believe even after an hour we didn't need to reapply this lubricant. It's very slippery and if you're careful, you'll even have it on you in the morning! (This can be a plus or minus for some.)

6. Easy to wash off. Some feminine wash and water will easily wash this product off. It also wont burn when water is applied. A lot of cooling lubricants burn if you get water on you while the effects are still in motion. This didn't happen at all.


The bottle came as is, except wrapped in some plastic. Nothing special. We also tried the samples that EF gave us which led me to wanting this product so badly. There were no instructions that I am aware of except to stop use if irritation occurs. The packaging is discreet and looks like any other bathroom soap product.

The cap was a little leaky, so I couldn't say that this product should be stored in a dresser drawer or that it is good for travel. Sorry folks!

Personal comments

So silly me decided that I would use this product, knowing that it contained both Glycerine and Parabens in it. Glycerine gives me AWFUL UTI's, and it never fails. However, this product did NOT give me a UTI and has yet to do so as long as I wash it off. However, since I am starting to get that little burn during urination I have decided to simply give this to my husband as a jack-off lubricant.

Here is a full list of ingredients:

Glycerin, Water, Carboxymethycellulose, Mentha Piperita Extracract(Peppermint) extract,
Proply Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Tumera Diffusa(Mexican Damiana) Leaf extract,
Muira Puama (Ptychopetalumolacoides), Bark/Root Extract, Zingiber Officinale
(Ginger) Root


I loved using this stuff, and I'm sad that I had to let it go because of my Glycerine sensitivity. So a message to all you women or men out there with frequent UTI's, either stay away from this stuff or wash it off immediately after usage. And, most of all, if irritation occurs, stop use immediately and wash it off!
Follow-up commentary
I actually still love this stuff. It feels great and I'm still totally impressed by Wet that they have made such an awesome product. 5 stars still stands!
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