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Fairy rechargeable wand massager Fairy rechargeable wand massager

Wand massager by Media Craft Inc

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Fairy rechargeable wand massager reviews

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30 reviews

The Rechargeable Fairy Wand is a smaller body wand that comfortably fits in your hand. It’s cordless and lightweight design are ideal for those of us who don’t like dealing with cords. It’s simple to use and can be used for massage or to stimulate external erogenous zone. It delivers decent power and can be a nice alternative to a corded body massager, as long as you don’t mind the noise.

This is a great toy for the price you pay. While the noise level might drive you away, the power and ability to be recharged are a plus.

The Fairy wand is just about perfect. There are small improvements, but overall, I am in love. I don't have to worry about the settings being too strong because the controls are a wheel that you can adjust to just the right amount of vibrations. It's a great toy that is fun for solo or partner play due to the design of the handle. Plus, no worries about an annoying cord or blowing through batteries!

This wand is one of the best that I have ever experienced, and it achieves a higher vibrator level than all of my other toys. The design is very discreet, and the scroll bar lets you pick the exact intensity level that you need. I would buy this for anyone who is looking for more power, and for something that will last them.

A powerful rechargeable massager, in a petite package. Perfect for those that need power in their toys or for just as simple as a wand use for a deep massage.

This toy is about the size of a standard vibrator, but is significantly more powerful. However, compared to it's massager counterparts, this tiny toy lacks the powerhouse you might be hoping for. The shallow, buzzy vibes can be numbing after a too long (though the toy very well may die before you get to that point) and are quite loud. While this toy is great in theory, this toy costs too much and it just fails in one too many categories for me to recommend this one.

If you're looking for one of the most powerful toys you've ever met (and loudness is not an issue) place this wand in your cart now! The rechargeable option makes this toy cord-free and is featured at a good price. If you're looking for a wand or anything stronger than your average toy, you've met your match!

The rechargeable Fairy Wand is a must-have. It gives you the strength of a wand massager without having to be attached to the wall by a cord. The only downside is its awful loud noise and the fact that it only holds a charge for approximately 30 minutes... but once you feel the power and strength of vibration this toy has to offer, you'll understand why.

If you don't mind a loud toy and you are a power queen I would suggest you check out the Fairy Rechargeable, I am sure you won't be disappointed. I love that this is very powerful and has the vrooms I need in a toy.

This product is worth the money that you put into it, because it is just the right size. It's also easy to store, and it has never failed to make me feel more relaxed.

This beautiful little fairy packs a whole lot of power for such a pretty thing. Don't let the girlish theme of this product deceive you, it could have just as easily been named the "Almighty Rugged Massager of DOOM!" As scary as that sounds--for power-junkies and power-queens alike, this thing is a godsend.

This toy is the best toy in my toy box for sure. Regardless if you want weak or strong vibrations it will give you both and you can change between them or anywhere in the middle with no problems. This toy is the one that will get you off and give you that big O.

This is a great alternative to the magic wand. You don't have to move your bed closer to that power outlet on the other side of your bedroom. You can take this one anywhere. My only problem is that the charge does not last as long as I would like it to, and it does not come with a USB charger for the road. But that is a cheap price to pay for a powerful cordless wand.

While I do list a few negative things about this vibe, it should be said that wands like this are exceptionally successful for a reason. The intensity of pleasure this wand will give you is phenomenal. I like having the rechargeable one because I hate buying and storing batteries for my toys, but if you don't like rechargeable goods I would still recommend getting a battery operated wand because of how amazing they feel.

This item is totally worth it for solo play or if you're going on holidays. I love it and if I could go back in time I would buy it over and over again!

The fairy rechargeable could be a great buy for someone who does not need very long to get off. However if you require more than 30 minutes than you will find this fairy just does not last long enough for you. It is pack with intense vibrations, but it can leave you wanting more, since it just died on you.

With the power to blend any concoction of meats and veggies in sight... ahem, I mean the power to deep massage any tissue you need it to, the Fairy Wand is a powerful playmate. She's loud as hell, and you may think the chopper is coming to get you. Her rechargeable iPod-like setup is pretty neat though, and I'll keep her on hand for anytime I don't mind my neighbors knowing I'm getting off.

This toy may not be a 100% just as it is now but it's certainly worth grabbing if you are a wand enthusiast or looking to go a bit greener and stop fighting with cords and batteries.

I wanted to like it. I love the charger! But it's just not "up there" in materials (hard plastic + ridges? no thanks), the intensity on high is more buzzy/numbing but the lower range is more rumbly. It's not a total dud but there are similar vibrators that I'd recommend first.

It's cute and it's definitely worth purchasing - I can tell this is something I hope to continue to use and enjoy. I'm so glad I decided to try something different when I bought this.

This toy is really powerful, and can rock your world if you like strong vibrations. Take it with you for a fun afternoon in the woods, or on vacation. I would really like to see this toy come out with a little bigger ball, then it would be totally awesome.

The Fairy Rechargeable Wand Massager is an amazingly powerful wand massager that easily rivals the power of the Hitachi. It's small, easier to carry, and a lot cuter, but at the same time, the vibrations are a lot buzzier and not nearly as rumbly.

With its compact size, fast USB charging, and a motor that packs a punch, the Fairy takes the crown for the best wand massager on the market. Be sure to check the large array of attachments that are available - especially the Dr. Vibe.

I love the Fairy Wand's size and that the fact it can be used while charging if necessary (if you are close to an outlet). The handle length is perfect, it can go anywhere, the head size is small enough to fit between bodies, but the vibrations are more of a buzzzzzzz, than vvrrrroooommmmm and I still end up with the Hitachi instead. The Fairy Wand just doesn't have enough thuddy vibration to get me over the edge.

This is really a great toy; small, cordless, rechargeable and incredibly powerful, the Fairy Wand will satisfy power queens and eco-friendly consumers alike. Although the toy will be a bit too powerful for some users, there are ways to make this toy work for everyone--men, women, and couples. A must-have item!

A super-powerful, ergonomic, and well-designed toy that would be our all-time favorite if it weren't for the noise. Need a powerful vibe and don't have kids, parent, or roommates in the house? This is the toy for you!

The Fairy Rechargeable is a great idea, but it needs some improvement before I'm willing to recommend it to people. The fact that it doesn't last long on a very long charge overshadows the design and concept. If they come out with a Fairy Rechargeable 2.0 that lasts as long as it says it will or longer I'll give it another chance. Until then, this one just doesn't make the cut.

The Fairy Rechargeable has been a great way to experience the pleasure of a Fairy Wand without needing to be close to an outlet. It offers intense vibrations, but not as intense as the fairy miniature does when on the AC adapter. The vibrations are nice and deep though, I find them to be incredibly satisfying and if you don't have a rechargeable fairy it's quite possible you're missing out on some of the most intense orgasms ever.

This powerful rechargeable wand massager has more than one use and provides enough power and duration for any situation. It is a clear winner.

This thing is a fabulous toy, and the price should be reasonable if it's similarly priced to the corded version. While it's not discreet, it is more powerful than our old Hitachi and more adjustable. The noise didn't bother either of us. It's compact, and would travel well. In our first session it held the charge for 40 minutes and did not lose any intensity. He gives this five stars while she gives it four stars (she feels it's too strong and could be less intense).

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