Fairy rechargeable wand massager - sex toy by Media Craft Inc - review by Redboxbaby

Fairy rechargeable wand massager

Wand massager by Media Craft Inc

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The Fairy Godmother of Wands almost nailed this one!

I love the Fairy Wand's size and that the fact it can be used while charging if necessary (if you are close to an outlet). The handle length is perfect, it can go anywhere, the head size is small enough to fit between bodies, but the vibrations are more of a buzzzzzzz, than vvrrrroooommmmm and I still end up with the Hitachi instead. The Fairy Wand just doesn't have enough thuddy vibration to get me over the edge.
Rechargeable, 6" handle, Flexible head fits easily into tight spaces
29 minutes of use between charging, shallow vibrations
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Fairy Wand is portable, powerful and rechargeable! It makes for a nice clitoral stimulator and can even be used as a muscle massager. It is not waterproof and not made for insertion, but because it is much smaller than my Hitachi and cordless, so it can go almost anywhere.

Girls, don't forget that men need love too! The head on the Fairy Wand is the perfect size to rest on my husband's perineum. Sometimes, I will place the head in the palm of my hand, while my fingers play with his prostate. I love turning parts of my body into a vibrator for him.

Material / Texture

The Fairy Wand does smell like plastic. It is made of plastic, it is non-porous and phthalate-free. The plastic head is smooth on top with 4 ridges, which circle the sides. The plastic is not hard and slick, which is what I expected; but, instead it is velvety smooth and much softer, than say, the plastic that my laptop is made of. So much so, that when I press the tip of my fingernail into the head, it will leave an indent mark for a few seconds. When I first felt the Fairy Wand's head, I thought I misread what it was made of, I could have sworn it was silicone. Even the pink parts of the handle have the same velvety feel.

For comparison sake, I took out my LELO Mona. Mona is made of silicone and plastic. Mona's plastic handle has nearly the same slick hard feel as the white area of the handle on the Wand. The Wand's head doesn't have nearly as much drag on the skin as Mona's silicone does. The Wand's plastic head is just slightly harder than Mona's silicone body. Mona does squish a bit with pressure from a fingernail, but it bounces right back. The plastic on the head of the Wand does not squish at all, but the nail leaves a slight indention none the less.
    • Flexible neck
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

I really appreciate the 6" handle and the 5 1/2" circumference head. It makes for a nice fit between bodies, on the perineum or in tight spaces. The neck is flexible to about a 20-25 degree angle.

Being only 8" in total length, the Fairy Wand easily fits in my toy drawer, inside my nightstand, and it would be suitable for travel in your checked baggage.

Because it is smaller than some of the other wands on the market, the Fairy Wand is perfect for someone who might be intimidated by a large power tool, like the Hitachi. The vibrations the fairy wand possesses would be suitable for anyone whom does not require intense stimulation to get off.

The wand has a small rubber or silicone cover, over the charging port, which does not remain attached to the handle in any way when you are charging it. I have a feeling if I keep this toy for very long, I will end up losing the cover.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Fairy Wand's wheel-type controller is very easy to use, just thumb your way to your desired sensation. The vibrations are steady; the speed changes depending on how much you turn the dial up or down. On low, I felt the vibrations in the handle more than the head of the toy, but turn it up just a bit, and they move to their proper locale.

The low and mid vibrations are too soft and too shallow for me to get much out of. I need more stimulation, so I tend to use the Fairy Wand on high the entire time; however, the stimulation is more of a buzzing and seems to be on the surface, rather than the deeply penetrating thud I need.

This toy can get loud. On high, it can easily be heard from the other side of a closed door and well into the next room. I wouldn't recommend this for someone that has to share a room with another person or someone that is hoping to be very discreet.

The handle heats up within the first 5 minutes and within 10 minutes I would say it gets hot. When I say hot, I mean that I lose my grip sometimes because my hand is sweating.

I was disappointed with the amount of time this wand can hold a charge. I have a couple rechargeable toys and I can get several hours of use from them before I have to recharge them. This is not the case with my Fairy Wand at all. After charging overnight (at least 10 hours), I constantly only get 29 minutes of use (whether it be 10 minutes in one session and 19 minutes in another, or all at once -- 29 minutes is all I get) on the high setting. On low-mid settings, the charge lasts 44 minutes.

There is a little green light at the base of the wheel that lights up when it is plugged in. While it is charging, the toy emits a high pitched sound or frequency. I can hear it when I am within 20 feet from it and it drives me crazy. My husband only notices it when he is within 5 feet of it and it doesn't bother him as much as me. The squeal irritates me to the point that I have to charge it in a different room.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Since the wand is made of plastic, it can be used with water-based, oil, and/or silicone lube, if needed.

The wand is not waterproof or even splash-proof, making clean-up a bit tricky. I use mild soap and water on a washcloth to wipe the head. Cleaning under the lip of the head and in between the grooves is easier with the cloth wrapped around my fingernail. To rinse, I use the same method with the washcloth. The Wand is small enough that it could even be covered with a condom to eliminate tricky clean-up issues altogether.

It comes with a nice drawstring bag (same pink color as the wand) for storing. The bag is just big enough to store the recharging cord and the toy together, eliminating the search for the cord when you need to recharge the wand.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


It comes in a recyclable box with a plastic window in the front, which shows off the Fairy Wand nicely. There were no instructions in or on the box -- if there are instructions, they are not in English.

What is stated in English: "You can charge this from your PC, with the cable sold separately." That would be interesting...maybe if you were stranded in an airport or in the middle of nowhere with only your laptop.

There is also a warning label that states, "To avoid injury or aggravation of pre-exisiting conditions, do not use this device on swollen or inflamed areas or skin lacerations."
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

There is one thing about this toy has me contemplating tossing it. I charged it for 4 hours (from a completely dead state). My husband and I were fooling around and I was in need of just a bit more stimulation. My Fairy Wand was close, so I unplugged it and turned it on; it was working fabulously and I was just about there...and the wand went kuput, dead. Despite the claims on the box that this toy has 20-30 minutes of play on a 60 minute charge, I seriously only had it on for less than 2 minutes and it was completely dead. Very frustrating.

Overall, not terrible, just expensive for a so-so toy.
Follow-up commentary
I can honestly say I have never been angry at a sex toy...before this one. Not only did it lack the deep thuddy vibrations that I desperately need, it can not hold a charge to even begin to get me worked up.

I tested the charge several times since writing my review and I found 1 hour of charge time was equal to about 1 minute of use on the highest setting. This toy is supposed to fully charge in only 60 minutes, yielding between 20-30 minutes of play. That was certainly not my experience.

I tried really hard to like this toy. I love the idea of a Hitachi-like wand without a cord; at every turn, the Fairy Wand let me down every time.

Instead of being ticked off each time I see it in the toy drawer, I returned it.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • P'Gell
    Great review! Exactly the kind of things I like to see in a review!

    I know now this cute little baby vibe will just not cut it for me. I need deep vibrations and a vibe that can go a LONG time.

    Thank you for the honesty of your review.
  • Redboxbaby
    @P'Gell: Thanks! I wish I had tested it out in the local sex shop before I spent that much money on it. Wish it was a lot stronger and lasted a lot longer!
  • Minxy
    I think I'll pass on this one. Thanks for the VERY informative review.
  • Redboxbaby
    @Minxy: I wish I had passed on it too. You're welcome. Thanks for your comments
  • Airen Wolf
    Excellent review! I have to agree with P'Gell though I want a vibe that can go the distance and sometimes 30 minutes just ain't enough!
  • Redboxbaby
    @Airen Wolf: I agree 100% with the both of you! I wish I had known that before I bought it, otherwise I'd have chosen something else. That is what happens when I get all excited about something and don't research it enough.
  • Envy
    It seems you might have gotten a bad battery cell in it perhaps. Usually it means it's defective if it doesn't last that long. Sorry it happened to you.
  • liilii080
    I'd be angry too. You expect better from the Fairy line. Sorry it was a dud!
  • 007
    Thanks for the informative review. I will think twice about this one!
  • Redboxbaby
    No problem! Glad I could help.
  • LavenderSkies
  • zeebot
    Great review! I was considering this one, but it sounds like it isn't quite my thing after all. Thanks for the info.
  • Redboxbaby
    No problems at all zilliahBeep! I'd hate for you to waste your money. However, Eden's return policy is off the hook! Never would I have guessed they'd give me my money back and pay for the return shipping. Eden is fabulous!
  • nerveux
    Great review! I've been eying one of these for a while but this review is making me rethink.
  • js250
    Wow, good review, I am a bit disappointed - I was looking forward to trying this, but maybe will go with other items first. Might have to try later and come up with back up ideas!
  • darkkitty
    Thank you!
  • MamaDivine
    Thank you for the review!
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