I rub my duckie

Discreet massager
by Big Teaze Toys

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I rub my Duckie is cute and discreet but just did not do it for me. The vibrations are high which may be good for some and they are somewhat awkward being mainly in the belly of the duck. This would make a cute bridal shower and/or gag gift.

I was babysitting my friend's daughter and she stole my duck!! I just got this in the mail, cleaned the Duckie and had it sitting on the edge of the tub, the little girl was taking a bubble bath, saw my duck, somehow figured the turn on switch out and loved all the extra bubbles. Now what!!?? I told her mom it was a gag gift and let the little girl take it home. Sooo glad I didn't use that one, yet!!

For about $25 you can have a toy that not only pleases your girl parts but makes you happy while you are brushing your teeth as well! For that, I think I Rub My Duckie is well worth the investment. That little glimpse of yellow and his blue "come pet me" eyes in the morning always cheer me up and start my day off right!

I really wish I could give this 3.5 stars. For the simple fact that the company didn't change the form of the duck, I think they did a good job turning this into a personal massager. However, given the form, it's not the easiest toy to use and not the most powerful. It's excellent for warming up before you get out of the shower and might be better at soothing sore muscles. It's still an excellent gag gift whether or not it gives you an orgasm.

If you can get over the idea of this toy being on Sesame Street, this toy might actually be for you. It is very discreetly shaped and floats in the water while you bathe. The vibrators aren't a wow factor, but it still gives me pleasure.

The duck that quacks back...literally. It's design makes me happy and just a little naughty feeling, but it's noise level way disappointing.

As I said, the best part about this toy is that it is small and discreet. You can leave it out on a bathroom shelf as a decoration and no one would think it's an adult toy.

If it is hard to keep your toys handy, the "I love my duckie" is a great way to keep your vibrator in plain sight.

It's a cute novelty item, but not good enough for everyday orgasm induction. Nice for taking out every once in a while, but you wouldn't want to leave it around the house if you've got inquisitive visitors.

If you're someone looking for a first vibrator in a place where everything looks intimidating and scary, this is the vibrator for you. It's a perfect vibrator for beginners, but will most likely disappoint those more experienced. Either way, it does 'get the job done.'

While it may be cute looking, Duckie doesn't make a very good sex toy. It's a great gag-gift, perfect for a party, but can't perform in the sack.

Good for gag-gifts, but not to get the job done. Duckies are just not sexy. Shape and material hindered the pleasure.

The concept had such potential! A rubber duckie vibrator. It should have brought a whole new meaning to bath-time fun. Instead it was a major let down. It's good for a gag gift, but not much else.

In summary I would not personally buy this toy again. It is however a good place to start if you are new to adult sex toys.

The duckie is a grade A failure as a sex toy. I would not recommend it to anyone, just buy a real waterproof vibe for shower fun.

This duck is must have in your bathroom. You can use it everyday and everywhere! It floats and looks like a plain old rubber ducky, but the best thing is that know one has to know!

I rub my ducky is completely waterproof and an essential to any bath tub or shower. The vibrations are great and it is waterproof. It is a toys well worth the investment.

Fun novelty vibe that can feels good and looks good as a decoration. Can be a good first vibe for someone that may be embarrassed about having or buying a sex toy.

I Rub My Duckie is great for those who want a discreet sex toy or are purchasing a sex toy for the first time. It's fun but not spectacular.

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