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Mia 2 reviews

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31 reviews

It's not worth the money if you are trying to achieve orgasm with the toy. I would have bought it for myself when I was 16 if I could afford it. I need a little more stimulation than with a janky toy now.

If you're looking for a good beginner vibrator or a nice vibrator to use with a partner this is definitely a nice choice. Even with the design flaws, I think the quality is good, as are all the Lelo products, and it's definitely worth the money.

This toy was a great "beginner" vibrator for me, and it could be a great "discreet" vibe for others. Although, if you're not looking for something discreet or beginner-friendly, it's not worth the money.

You should get this vibe. It's a quiet and strong toy, and it gets me off every time. You can pack this in your purse for a good time anywhere.

Overall, this was definitely worth buying and definitely feels like a luxury sex toy. I expected high-quality from Lelo, and the Mia 2 certainly meets those expectations. Based on some other reviews, I expected to be let down when it came to the power, but I think it's definitely a fairly high-powered product. This product is much better than my old bullet and I am happy with my purchase!

This vibrator is not only USB rechargeable but it is waterproof too! However, the vibrations are only intense on one side of the toy which is a let down.

A fantastic, quiet, powerful, compact, clitoral vibrator that holds up the Lelo company's claims to be one of the best vibrator manufacturers in the world.

I can't think of anything negative to say about Mia! It feels great all over, has plenty of power settings and patterns that are easy to use, is quiet, is easy to charge, and the discreet design is a plus (especially for traveling).

Although I have only had this for less than a week, I would highly recommend it to any beginner or toy pro out there. This toy packs a powerful vibration, with a long lasting battery life, a discreet design, and non-intimidating design it's the perfect addition to any girls toy box.

I like not having to fiddle around with batteries or another clunky adapter or power cord with this toy, and it's so simple and intuitive that anyone can use it. I would definitely recommend the Lelo Mia 2 for anyone looking for a powerful, rechargeable, luxury bullet vibrator at a price that won't break the bank.

Mia 2 is elegantly designed and extremely functional. The ability for a "slow climb" in steady speeds (I counted ten), and the five patterned settings were extremely appealing to me. Combine that with the convenience of USB charging, complete waterproofing, and the cute and inconspicuous design? I was sold. And I did not end up disappointed!

For a luxury toy, I was expecting so much more. This is my first Lelo vibrator (I do own Bob, but that's a pure silicone toy) and don't see what all the hype is about. It's quiet and discreet, but it lacks in so many other areas. First of all, it didn't come with a charging cable; I had to supply my own if I didn't want to use my computer. It's terribly weak and takes forever to charge. And to top it off, the buttons are awkward and hard to use. Skip this and save your money.

It's not the most powerful "bullet" style vibe on the market, but it's going to be good enough for many people. If you have trouble finding a vibrator that you consider powerful enough, then you'll want to skip the Mia2.

If you are looking for something pretty and you don't need strong vibrations, the Mia 2 is for you. If you're a power queen, run away! I don't find the Mia 2 to be that pleasurable at all, especially using her by herself for just clit stimulation.

The Mia 2 was a good choice, but I am still not so sure it is worth the price. It has everything I was looking for, but I think that I will keep looking for a cheaper version.

It holds a charge for a long time and does its job, but it is not worth the money in any stretch of the imagination. I am not a power queen, but if you think you are getting top of the line power, think again!

Love this product because Mia 2 has so many benefits. Discreet, waterproof and rechargeable are my favorite. But it is also very quite.

Mia 2 is my perfect go ANYWHERE vibe now. It's just a clitoral vibe, so don't confuse it's greatness with that of a rabbit (like the perfect Lelo Insignia Soraya), but it's never let me down... and now goes in the water with you!!

If you're looking for a discreet, waterproof, rechargeable bullet style vibrator, the Mia 2 is one to consider. With it's easy to use multiple speeds and patterns, it's bound to please many!

If you're not a power queen, the Mia 2 is a great, rechargeable, waterproof toy for using independently of other toys without it getting in the way. It's easy to clean, extremely discreet, and I love the deep vibrations. I don't like that it is hard to switch between modes, but I still worship this toy.

I love my we vibe 2, but this is definitely way better. I am just in awe of this Lelo piece! I can't wait til they come out with their next product, because Mia 2 has been making me want more from this company!

Mia 2 is a fantastic little vibe. She is pretty strong, easy to use, and hits the spot every time, plus she's so luxurious. I love her.

The Mia 2 does not disappoint, it is stronger than the original and it now has a waterproof O ring. It has the vibration levels and patterns. Since it is plastic is works as an awesome massage tool that is compatible with all lubricants. I would say to go with the 2.

This new Mia 2 produces stronger vibrations and has more patterns than the original Mia, but it's still not as powerful as other LELO vibes like Siri or Mona 2, and its small size makes my hand go numb after a while. However, Mia 2 is waterproof, which is most definitely an improvement.

Lelo's Mia 2 is a clitoral vibrator that still could use some improvement when it comes to power. They boast that it is 100% more powerful than the original so I'd hate to see how weak the original Mia is because this isn't near the power of Je Joue or Jopen toys. Overall, it is discreet, comes in nice color options, and can give a nice clitoral orgasm, but it isn't the best toy on the market.

I have one compact vibrator that has been my holy grail for a long time now, and that's the We-Vibe Salsa. Nothing has even come close to kicking it from its top spot in my toy box. With the Mia 2, the Salsa is getting a run for its money. Lightweight, long battery life, gorgeous color and finish, and good variety of vibrations? The Mia 2 is now number 2 among my favorite toys.

Compact and perfect for play on the go, Mia 2 is a girl’s best friend. When the power starts to fade, simply pop it into your computer’s USB port and she’s quickly vrooming again. With a design and look similar to a fancy flash drive or make up, no one will ever know your secret.

It was, as I said before, somewhat of a disappointment. However, if I had nothing else around and was in the mood, I would gladly pick this item up again if I had the time to relax and just wait for it to happen.

Mia 2 is a 2.0 version of the already great Mia. LELO has heard customer feedback and has provided a stronger, waterproof toy that has all the qualities that made people love Mia originally. It still might not be enough for those who need BIG vibrations, but it's bound to please the majority of users.

I would suggest this to anyone who needs power but who isn't a power queen. The Mia 2 provided me with a wonderful clitoral orgasm but it wasn't fast, it was one that was built up. I will personally be using the Mia 2 for my go to stimulator during sex with my partner, because in that department; it fits all my needs. Some may find that she's just right but I consider myself a semi-power queen and I'll need a bit more power for her to become my favorite solo toy.

While the Mia2 is a good improvement over the original Mia, I just don't think it's any stronger. If you like a variety of patterns and want to try it out in water then Mia2 might be a good choice for you. I still think that if you want a reasonably priced rechargeable bullet/lipstick sized vibrator Mia2 is a great choice.

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