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My Sweet Mia 2

I would suggest this to anyone who needs power but who isn't a power queen. The Mia 2 provided me with a wonderful clitoral orgasm but it wasn't fast, it was one that was built up. I will personally be using the Mia 2 for my go to stimulator during sex with my partner, because in that department; it fits all my needs. Some may find that she's just right but I consider myself a semi-power queen and I'll need a bit more power for her to become my favorite solo toy.
* Whisper Quiet
* Waterproof
* Powerful
* Discreet
* May not be strong enough for some
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The Mia 2 is a compact size vibrator that is designed for clitoris stimulation, the size makes it idea for travel. The Mia 2 is also waterproof. Even with its intended use for clitoral stimulation, it worked great on my nipples, vulva and during intercourse. This little toy can be used anywhere and I do mean anywhere. I charged it in my car this evening and since it gets pretty dark here early, my partner and I wanted to experiment with it and experiment we did. This sweet little Mia was a nice surprise.

Anyone can use this product with ease. Males or females could find satisfaction from the Mia 2. Both sexes could enjoy her. I wouldn't insert it anally but instead, I would tease around the anus or under the testicles of my guy. I also like to twirl the toy around the head and shaft of the penis while we're playing. There are an unlimited amount of uses for the Mia 2.

Measurements: length: 4 1/4", insertable length: 1 1/2", diameter: 7/8".

FDA-Approved Materials: Phthalate-Free Silicone and Plastic

Finish: Silicone / Glossy ABS Plastic

Battery: Li-lon 70mAh 3.7V

Charging: 1 hour at 5.0V 100mA User Time: Up to 1.5 hours

Standby: 90 days

Frequency: 120Hz, Max Noise Level: <50dB

The Mia 2 is well made, there is no cheap feeling when holding her in my mind. She is a top quality toy.

The Mia 2 didn't give me the light buzzy feeling. It was caught in the middle of a buzzy but rumbly vibration, if that makes sense. The buzzy sensations are what made my hand feel a little numb but it also provided some deeper vibrations as well.
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    • Couples
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The Mia 2 is made from ABS plastic for the main part and the control buttons are phthalate-free silicone. The Mia 2 is 100% body safe. The Plastic is rated an 8 on Eden's safety scale and the Silicone is rated a 10 on the safety scale.
Plastic is non-porous and phthalate-free and usually has a firm, smooth texture. The Mia 2 is smooth in texture and the plastic outer covering is glossy in appearance. The end which is used for clitoral stimulation has no seams or rough edges. The opposite end which looks like a mascara or large lipstick lid lid is also smooth. There is a silver band that goes around the Mia 2 that gives the appearance that it could be a tube of lipstick or mascara. This band is where the Mia 2 comes apart in order to charge her in the USB port of your choice. The silver band is located in the middle of the toy, along with the push button pad that has seams that run along side of each other. These both will need to be cleaned thoroughly, just because they can catch bodily fluids.

The Mia 2 arrived with no smell whatsoever. After cleaning the toy and before charging it, my partner and I joked that it looked like the size of a cigar that my dad used to buy. I put the Mia 2 in my mouth to see if it felt like a cigar size and it did. It also didn't have a taste to it. Since this is a smooth toy, it can work for anyone. It was so smooth that I held it in my hands and it started twirling around in my hand by itself. There was no lube or anything on my hand at that point.
A beginner will be able to operate this toy with no problem. I never had the original Mia but this one would be great for solo or couple use. Since I received this today, I've used it twice with my partner, in my car and then once in the bath. Since this toy is ABS plastic, it's not flexible.

It fits comfortably into the palm of my hand. My hands are small sized so it would be smaller in a normal adult sized hand. The tip that is slanted is perfect to hold by my index finger while I'm using the Mia in the missionary position. I put my thumb on top with my index finger on the slant and then my middle finger is on top of the controls. It's easy to maneuver. It does get slippery from bodily fluids or if used with lubricants. My hand fits around the Mia 2 perfectly. It's almost as if were made perfectly for my hands. I really like how it's a real size and not too big to hold onto. I've noticed that some other brands of clitoral vibrators are too bulky and they aren't easy to hold onto. This would probably be the best small sized clitoral vibrator besides the Salsa and the Mimi.

    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Mia 2 is one of the best compact vibrating stimulators that I've used. I hate being in an intimate encounter and then I have to stop and go find a toy to use for my clitoris. This involves digging in a drawer or my Devine playchest. Who wants to go through all of that? It really is a pain. With the Mia 2, it's so small in size that I can stick it on my dresser in my cosmetic cup that I keep my blush brushes, mascara, lip glosses and lipstick in. This blends in nicely and no one knows that it's a discreet vibrator. With it on my dresser, I can quickly grab it without having to search around.

Seriously, what kind of sex toy can you just hide in plain sight? No one touches my makeup, they know better. It's been in the cosmetic holder all day since I've used it and a friend has walked by numerous times and she never noticed a thing. She was totally oblivious to it, sitting right there. I'm very pleased with the size. To me, the shape is a cross between a mascara tube and a tube of lipstick.


The Mia 2 is just shy of 4 1/2" long

The diameter is 1"

The circumference is just shy of 3"

This has to be my favorite compact vibrator besides my high intensity bullet. I'm always on the lookout for something that is small in size and lightweight for bedroom play. I use the smaller ones during sex and I just can't handle trying to hold something rather large or bulky while trying to concentrate on love making with my partner. It takes away from the whole experience. There's just no feeling like holding something lightweight and powerful that fits perfectly into the palm of my hand while I'm being penetrated from behind.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The control pad on the Mia 2 is made from 100% silicone. The pad sits below the silver band and the pad is all one piece. There are two raised symbols on the pad, a plus and a minus sign. One is a '+' and the other is a '-'.

The controls are very basic and easy to use. If you are familiar with other LELO products, they use these symbols on many of their products. If you aren't familiar, I will be describing the controls and functions below.

To turn on the Mia 2, just simply depress the + sign once, each time you press the button, the light in the middle of the + and - lights up. When you let up off the button, the light turns off. Once you press the button for the first time, this will put you on the lowest setting, which is a steady vibration. You can continue to hold down the Mia 2 and this will take you quickly to the highest steady vibration. Watch out now, she'll try to fly out of your hands at this point. Once you reach the highest setting, by either holding the button down or by pressing it several times, you are now ready to switch to the other patterns.

When you are on the highest steady setting, release the '+' and then depress again for two seconds. This takes you to the patterns. There are 6 patterns besides the steady vibrations. Since we all know about the steady vibrations, I will talk about the patterns.

The first pattern included is the basic steady vibrations which go from low to high from holding the button down until you reach the desired vibration setting.

The second pattern is a Longer Buzz long pause, longer Buzz long pause, etc.

The third pattern is quick buzz on and off, this is like a quick throbbing feeling.

The fourth pattern is an escalating pattern from low to high. This is continuous.

The fifth pattern is a low roller coaster pattern. It almost feels as if the batteries is trying to die out but then the vibration comes back.

The sixth pattern is a long series of low patterns mixed with high. I'm still trying to figure out the exact pattern of this one. It seems pretty long and random.

To quickly turn off the Mia 2, simply hold down the positive and the negative buttons at the same time and it immediately shuts down.

To lock the Mia 2 for travel to prevent loss of charge or so that no one hears it, simply hold down the positive and negative symbols for 5 seconds, the steady light will go out and this notifies you that it's in the locked position. This locks the Mia 2 and keeps her from turning on in any circumstance until you want to unlock her.

To unlock the Mia 2, simply hold down the same two buttons + and the - simultaneously for about 5 seconds until the light comes on and this will let you know that she is unlocked and ready for use. I absolutely love the locking feature. I couldn't have asked for a better feature with this toy. We like to go away on trips and now I can stick the Mia 2 in my small makeup bag and go. The controls pad sits right at my fingertips. I like the placement of it in the middle of the Mia 2. Another way that I like to hold her, is to hold her in my right hand and curl all my fingers around it except for my thumb. My thumb acts as the main finger that controls her. I also haven't accidentally changed patterns by pressing the wrong thing. This toy works really well for travel because if something brushes across the toy or hits against it, it's not going to turn on. You actually have to depress the button by a finger. I tested it out by moving things next to it and pushing them together as if they were in a bag. Nothing turned it on. I've had other vibrators in the past that turned on unexpectedly and I'm glad the Mia 2 didn't. This just earns another plus in my book.

The Mia 2 is very quiet and discreet. At the highest vibration level, she would be 2 Bees. I like this feature, she boasts a lot of power and stays quiet at the time. High quality toys can provide this function where some lower end toys are extremely loud at vibration levels this high. While in a car with the windows up and engine off, there was total silence and I barely heard her on the lowest settings. On the highest setting, she ranks in at about a 2 on the Bee scale.

Once we were inside my bedroom with white noise going, I couldn't hear her at all. With this being my only Mia and higher priced clitoral vibrator, I was very pleased with how quiet she was. I had no complaints about the control pad, noise or vibrations.

I did put my beloved Mia 2 in the water and I submerged her. She still works so that does mean that she is indeed fully waterproof, thanks to the O-ring on the inside. She has an 100% waterproof exterior to a depth of 3.2 feet.

Once you have the Mia 2 in your hand, take the opposite hand and twist off the cap to the right. (section with LELO on it)
The cap will pop off. Inside, you will see the silver USB connector, everything inside is basically silver except for the black O-ring on the inside. This is what keeps the water out of the Mia 2 when the cap is twisted onto the bottom part of her.

Once you have Mia 2 in two parts, find your most convenient charging choice and charge her. Another plus is that she only has to charge for about 1.5 hours. When you plug her in to charge in either a computer, laptop, video game or charging cube, she will blink steady until she is charged. Once she's charged, her pink light will stay lit. I only needed to charge mine for about 1 hour when I first received her. I had her plugged into a charging cube in a wall plug and I passed by her several times while she was charging. I really like the idea of the USB charging. I do understand that some others may not. A definite positive is that there are no cords to misplace or lose. The cap that comes off to be able to charge the Mia 2 can be placed on top of herself while charging or if you have a cord holder that works for cell phones, it can work for holding the cap. The best choice is to just place the removable cap into the black satin pouch that is provided with the Mia 2.

Once charged, the Mia 2 lasts a while, she is supposed to last about 2 hours on one charge. I used her three different times on one charge and she was used about 15-20 minutes each time for teasing and foreplay. She is still charged and ready to go and her highest setting hasn't lost any power.

    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Long lasting power

Care and Maintenance

I like the black satin pouches that LELO provides with their toys, the one included with the Mia 2 is an antibacterial pouch. They use high end stuff and this makes LELO my favorite brand to purchase. I will be keeping my Mia 2 in the satin pouch that she arrived with or keeping her where she is now which is in my makeup brush cup on my dresser. If you do keep her out, make sure to clean thoroughly as dust settles and can get onto the Mia 2 and onto the silicone control buttons which can attract dust, lint and hair.

Mia 2 is ABS plastic with a minimal amount of 100% silicone used on the button panel, so I would store her away from other silicone toys because I wouldn't be sure of the reactions with other toys touching the silicone pad. If you are worried about it touching other toys that could damage it, keep it in the box that it came in. I think the box would make a great place to keep it in, if you had a place in a drawer to put it.

When I first cleaned the Mia 2, I used the Classic Erotica Before & After adult toy cleaner that can be found

When you first clean your Mia 2, be extra careful to clean it while the pieces are in tact.

Absolutely do not get the USB charging port wet! I can't stress this enough.

If you do get it wet, it may be the end of your precious Mia 2. If you must clean in the grooves to remove excess liquid or bodily fluids, use a wipe such as the wipes offered [https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-toy-accessories/toy-cleaners-wipes/eden-toy-and-body-wipes/Here] or [https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-toy-accessories/toy-cleaners-wipes/afterglow-toy-body-wipes/Here] so that nothing drips inside the Mia 2. Whatever you do, dry her thoroughly. Once she is dried, store her together in one piece. If you store her in two pieces, you run a risk of dirt and dust getting into the USB, which may cause problems with charging if too much gets inside.

The website states that any lubes can be used with the Mia 2. I wondered about that because of the silicone used for the control pad. I don't personally use silicone lubricants so I didn't encounter any issues. Water based or oil based would certainly work with the Mia 2.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Mia 2 arrived in a cute matching pink outer box. The box is 6-1/2" long and a little over 3-1/2" wide. The box is plain light pink on the front but has an embossed silver "LELO" on the front.
The back of the box reads:

Mia 2 Pleasure Object

MIA™ 2 is the amazing new version of LELO's iconic USB-rechargeable lipstick vibe. Now fully waterproof with 100% more vibration strength than before, MIA™ 2 gives simple control over 6 thrilling vibration patterns. Easy charging via USB brings a full 1.5 hours of continuous use, while the sleek design ensures it is always ready to respond at just a moment's notice.


Mia 2with USB-charging

Antibacterial storage pouch

User manual

1- Year Warranty booklet

Below that, it shows the symbol for USB.

It also has the website at the bottom.


On each side of the package, there are a few sentences which are offered in 6 different languages.

The English version reads:


Discreet Stimulation Available Anywhere, Anytime


1.5 Hour Battery Life & Underwater Enjoyment


Deceptively Strong with 6 Thrilling Vibration Patterns


Smooth FDA-approved ABS Shell, Full 1-Year Warranty

Once you open the pink box, there is a sleek, matte box that's inside. The box is solid black and has LELO embossed into it with a shiny black color. Just pull out this box and take the top off. Inside you will find the Mia 2 nestled into a snug compartment that is form fitting to her, the compartment has a velvet feel to it. There is a black satin pouch sitting on top of her. The pouch has the User manual & Warranty information booklet inside of the pouch with the LELO product authenticity card. There is also a sample of the LELO personal moisturizer included in the pouch. I love how discreetly that LELO packages their products. You could toss the pink package in the recycle bin and keep everything in the black box which resembles a box that you'd receive at a high end jewelry store. The pink packaging can be recycled since it's a heavy paper type. The Mia 2 would definitely make a nice gift. Almost anything from LELO would be considered a wonderful gift. There name stands for quality and the Mia 2 is no exception.

    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Recyclable
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

Now on to the fun stuff. For this to be my first Mia, I was pleasantly surprised. She has some vibrations that are pretty strong. They aren't the best that I've encountered but they are far from the worst.

When I first used the Mia 2, my partner and I were in my car. We were sitting far back in the driveway and it was dark outside. I charged her in my car while we were talking because I wanted to see if it would work out there and it did. I've never used a vibrator that was charged via a USB connection, I thought that was a great idea. Once the light was a solid color, I knew it was time to give her a try. I had a skirt on with some tights and I didn't want to take anything off, so I decided to use her through the tights. I intended for this to be only a teasing type of foreplay to get my partner warmed up but it went a lot farther than that.
Once I turned her on, I went straight to the medium settings. These settings were a lot more powerful than I was expecting. I held the Mia on my clitoris for about 1-2 minutes and I noticed that I was becoming lubricated in such a short amount of time, I couldn't help myself; I turned her up to the highest setting and pressed her deeper into my clitoris, this really got my juices flowing. It took me about 5-6 minutes to have an orgasm. Understand that the MIA 2 is no Hitachi and she doesn't pack a huge amount of power but she gets the job done, maybe just a little bit slower than my high intensity bullet. On the amount of vrooms, I give a high 3.

The second time that I used the Mia 2, we were in my bedroom and I had no panties on. This made a significant difference in the power. It still took me about the same time to have an orgasm as it did out in the car. I just felt like I couldn't achieve the pinpoint stimulation that I needed. During clitoral play for me, my clitoris swells and needs more stimulation. If the Mia 2 had another level or two of high vibrations, this would be the ultimate clitoral toy. The intensity will work great for beginners. People who are power queens may like the Mia 2, but they most likely won't love her. If you have a clit of steel, you may need to look for something with more power. Maybe the Mia 3, will have what we need, if they continue to make another in the Mia line.


All in all, I give the Mia 2 a rating of 5 stars. Everything about it is perfect and the vibrations are a medium powered level. They are not extremely strong but she does get the job done. It just takes a bit longer. I really like how quiet she is.

The Mia 2 could be used for vaginal insertion but with it being shorter and less girthy, it really didn't do much for me. It did stimulate the opening of my vagina and it felt nice while massaging around my lips.

For anal play, I wouldn't suggest it because there is no flared base and it can get very slippery when used with lubricants.

The Mia 2 works great for stimulating the nipples and breasts. My hand started to go numb a few times while holding the Mia 2 and lightly caressing my nipples.

I will definitely keep her handy to use for home and travel as I have the perfect use for her. I think that she will be used the most for intercourse play. I needed something small that would fit into my hand while having sex, so with this taking a longer time for me to orgasm, this will work perfectly because my partner lasts a while.

* Update * After using her a few times, I have rated her Vrooms at about a 3.7 on a scale of 1 being very low and 5 being super strong.
Follow-up commentary
The Mia 2 would be a great product for women who have sensitive clitorises. Power queens may or may not benefit from the vibrations of the Mia 2. It will vary depending on the power that you need.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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