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Multispeed basic vibrating bullet reviews

163 reviews
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163 reviews

This is good for the price and even better if you can find it as a free gift. It was a great staple (mine has broken after frequent cord-tugging, but after a good, long run, however!) Everyone needs a good bullet in their sex life, right? It's great for external stimulation and the progression, rather than stepping mode is amazing.

A great beginner bullet with lots of power and noise. It is easy on the batteries and comes in minimal packaging.

It's a great beginners toy. It's good for external and internal stimulation, quiet, a great value and it's easy to hide from roomates. It has strong vibrations for clits of steel and has adjustable vibrations for the sensitive types.

Excellent, cheap bullet that's strong and easy to use. Great for anyone, but it's not waterproof. It's worth trying it out!

This is a great bullet at a great price. I got mine for free in fact! My only complaint is that my fingers go numb from using it because the vibrations are so strong but it's worth it!

Overall, I would recommend this item because it works well and is fairly inexpensive. It's definitely a good toy for a beginner who is experimenting.

The only things I find wrong with this toy are the seam in the middle of the bullet, and the too-easy-to-change controls and lack of 'off' setting. It's powerful, but also buzzy and LOUD. If you can get past this, I'm sure you'll love it.

The speeds are absolutely fantastic and the toy is just very fun alone or with a partner! Worth every penny.

It's disappointing how careful you have to be with it. It's really a great toy, but with all the downfalls to it this toy can really be misleading. If you have a collection of toys then you might wanna add it. It works great while it lasts.

Great toy if you're a beginner or strapped for cash and need something to get you by. It's no lie when they say multi-speed, however it can get bothersome to hold the vibrating bullet during use.

Overall, it is a great toy and is great for a quickie. Just remember to get extra batteries so it doesn't die while you are in the middle of doing what you like to do.

This bullet was highly satisfying. It has great vibrations and a great price tag. It couldn't get that much better!

This product is a cheap and very effective little bullet. I love the intensity and the control knob. I say give it a try!

If you're looking for an inexpensive bullet that does the job of a very expensive bullet, this is the one for you. It's well made, portable & easy to use. The power dial being separate is a plus & even moreso that the speed is controlled by a dial, rather than a button so you choose exactly the speed you want. It is discreet enough for travel & is not loud.

This is my favorite bullet! It's strong vibrations are perfect for clitoral stimulation. It's affordable, and for the price it's surprisingly satisfying!

Great investment. Worth the price! Has lasted us over 6 months with the same batteries and no issues. Great for couples or solo. Flexible cord and controls allow for you to use it to your preferences!

This is definitely worth your money. Great starter or all-around bullet for couple or single-play. I have FANTASTIC orgasms from this thing and sometimes more than one per session! It is so quiet you could use it at work if you wanted to! I love it and will buy another one if/when this one gets worn out from overuse!

This is a great source of high intensity vibrations for a great price. A very versatile vibrator for use alone or with a partner. Just be sure to stock up on AA batteries so the vibrations won't end.

I got this vibrator when I signed up for the Eden newsletter. I had no experience with vibrators and expected something suitable for a beginner. The first time I used this I was extremely put off by how strong it was. It took me a long time to try again. I do not recommend this toy to first-time vibrator users. If you are looking for something that is easy going, do not try this one first. If you enjoy very strong vibrations then I would definitely suggest this vibe since it is also very cheap.

This toy is definitely worth it -- whether it be a free gift, or if you're purchasing it. It's easy to use, which makes it perfect for beginners or experienced users.

As my very first sex toy, this bullet moved mountains. Great price, great vibes, great results - what more could I ask for? I absolutely loved it and am completely satisfied with it.

This is an exciting toy with great results. It can be used externally and internally. It is small enough to conceal for travel and a real added plus during foreplay for the wife. It is money well spent.

Ultimately, this toy is a decent, well-priced bullet for anyone who is looking to have one on hand. Keep in mind that this one, while it performs very well, will not last forever.

For those who need extra stimulation on a budget, this bullet is an excellent choice. At its highest setting, it's quite intense; perhaps more intense than might be comfortable for the more sensitive. Happily, power meets a degree of customizability in this product, given its multi-speed function.

All in all I really like the vibe and firmly believe that the pros outweigh the cons. I would highly recommend this vibe to anyone looking for a cheap vibe with decent power.

This item is great for someone who wants something small, discreet but still has some power behind it. If you're looking for something small to travel with I'd say go for this. However if you want something for a more daring evening, look for one similar without a cord.

At this price I recommend this speedy bullet to add to your collection. While this isn't super sexy to look at or fancy, this toy does the trick for the right price.

The Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet made by Edenfantasys is a keeper. I didn't end up being disappointed at all. At first, after I put the batteries in I thought it was broken, but when I tapped it lightly it started with great power. I am enjoying this bullet maybe a little too much. It has easily become one of my favorite smaller toys.

I really like this product but I had to deduct a star for not being waterproof. Other than that I would definitely recommend this to others.

This is an awesome free gift with purchase or signing up with the newsletter. I was pleasantly surprised by it since I wasn't expecting great things from just the looks or feel of it. I do like the strength, but I think I prefer a bit smaller in the bullet size. But for the price, you can't go wrong!

Overall, my experiences with this toy have been positive. Every time I try out something new from the store, I make sure to pick up one of these bullets up because 1) just in case my first purchase is a dud and 2) because it's amazing! Sometimes I still wonder why I bother with other toys when this one meets all my needs.

For a bullet vibe this egg measures up and then some. It is powerful, but not silent about it. I have found that it works quicker than some of my more expensive clitoral vibes but it's not gonna last forever. All in all I do recommend it as a novelty item.

This toy is not for me but is suited for those who like powerful, buzzy vibrations. The bullet provides stimulation for a wide area. It is also very shiny, which is my favorite thing about it.

If you're looking for a good starter bullet with powerful vibrations, this is for you. The Edenfantasys bullet really gives you a lot of bang for your buck, and I would gladly buy another in a heartbeat.

I think this toy is wonderful, especially for women who require clitoris stimulation to have an orgasm! I didn't like the fact the toy was so loud and that it seemed to over heat. After about a half an hour it seemed to overheat too much and I had to shut it off! I will say wonderful for couples!

Overall, I really like this little toy, it's fun for both my husband and I to play with. Even though I got it for free I think it's worth the asking price.

I was very thrilled with this toy. When I first opened it up I was thinking that the vibrations were not going to be that strong, but boy was I wrong! When I first used it my fingers went numb. I would recommend this toy to anyone.

Overall this is an ok product! It did have a smooth texture with no uncomfortable seams and was fairly quite. It did let me down when it came to a light vibration because the low setting feels more like a medium vibration setting on other bullets.

This bullet is a genuine wonder for anyone who doesn’t really know what they want in a bullet vibrator. It is amazing for clitoral stimulation, as well as g-spot pleasure. Some might find the highest a bit too strong, but that’s alright, because this comes with four different levels of power, each of them stimulating and powerful in their own way. All in all, this is a wonderful toy and I would recommend to many, many friends.

I love this little bullet. It is one of my favorite because it is so simple. I actually like it so much that I plan on taking it with me when I go on vacation this summer (Hey, a girl likes to be pleasured while she's out traveling and having fun). Don't judge. ;)

While I can't necessarily detail anything WRONG with this toy, it's just a bare-bones clitoral vibrator. There are other, improved bullets for just a couple bucks more - I say look into those. As a freebie goes, it's all right, but I can't imagine pulling this out over my Jimmyjane.

The Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet is definitely a great *bang* for your buck. Because of the super-simple design, I have to admit I like this bullet better than one that I paid $50+ for. This bullet vibe is fantastic for beginners but may lack intensity and pattern options for more advanced users.

Although this bullet is just as good as other bullets, I just can't seem to enjoy them. Though, if you're in the market for a bullet, I completely recommend this one!

Great toy for foreplay, very enjoyable surprise and definitely a great addition to my toy box. Couples if you want a temptation style toy this is your bullet. it has strong enough vibrations for a message.

This toy is good for anyone that wants a no fuss clitoral orgasm. The intensity level goes up quite high and as long as you're not too concerned with noise level you're good to go.

I have never owned a bullet before, and oh boy was I missing out! I love this bullet, not only is it very afordable, it seems well made and is very powerful.

This Product came free so we weren't expecting much at all except something cheap, but what we received was an amazing product. Honestly, what would you expect? Keeping in mind that this was a free product, I can't be that critical about it. My girlfriend enjoys it so maybe you will too, just give it a try you won't regret it.

There is nothing special about this toy, it is just your every day average vibrator. It offers no bells or whistles, but it undeniably gets the job done.

Great vibe for a great price. I have to say that this is by far my favorite (corded) bullet. It packs a huge vroom while still being quiet. Clean up is a breeze. Although it looks cheaply made, it delivers better than more costly ones out there.

This toy was an excellent free gift, and is worth it for beginners. More advanced users may want to look into a wireless toy.

There are way more good things to say about this toy than there are bad. It's a really quiet, really intense little bullet. I was expecting this to be a giant flop, but it's currently my favorite bullet with no competition in sight! I'd recommend this little toy to anyone!

This is a must have in my book, and I hope it'll be a must have in yours too. I couldn't be happier with this toy.

Sign up for the Eden Newsletter, and grab this free bullet! I'm not going to lie...originally I didn't want to pay shipping and thought it wasn't worth putting in my cart and waiting for my next order. A toy that's $9.99 can't possibly be that great, right? Wrong. I'm glad I changed my mind, and I would gladly buy this toy if I had to.

The strong vibrations and good price make this bullet a great toy. It is easy to use and low maintenance This is perfect for beginners but more advanced users looking for something stronger or better quality may not be happy with the bullet.

Considering the price on this vibe and the power it has, I would recommend it for your collection. Just be careful cleaning it because of the seam and the way the wire connects to the bullet.

The multispeed basic vibrating bullet can be used in so many ways that it is a great addition for just about everyone. It is so simple to use that one belongs in everyone's collection.

Overall, this toy definitely gets two thumbs up from me. It's powerful, great for beginners or advanced users, and it packs a massive punch. If this one ever dies, I'll be getting another as fast as I can get it in my cart.

While not much to write home about when it comes to design or functionality, it has LOTS of power for the price.

Looking to try out vibrating bullets? Look elsewhere. The Multispeed Vibrating Bullet from EdenFantasys is powerful, but the seams and poorly attached wires don't make this a good choice.

I would highly recommend purchasing this small but powerful bullet at LEAST once. I know for a fact that if this ever kicks the figurative bucket, I'm coming back for another as soon as I can walk from the bedroom to the office.

After years of avoiding bullets because of disappointing results in the past, I decided to give them another shot with this toy. Yet again I was disappointed with a lackluster performance. Instead of calling this toy a "bullet", it should be called a "feather" for the amount of "punch" it provides.

A simplistic bullet should be in everyones toy collection, and the Eden Fantasy bullet is a perfect one to add to that collection. It has varying speeds for a wide range of options even for the hardest to please.

The Eden Bullet is a great value, whether free or around 10 bucks. It is a great toy for those interested in bullets. It's not intimidating and is a great gift to give a friend to spread the Eden love! With its only qualms being noise and a seam, it's quite a delight. It deserves a solid 4 stars.

This may not be the highest quality bullet available, but it’s really great for the price. It offers LOTS of power, and this is coming from a clit of steel girl! The controls are really easy to use during play, and it sure delivers. It may not be waterproof or the prettiest bullet out there, but the power leaves me coming back to it again and again. I’d definitely recommend it if you want to try a bullet for the first time, or you just want to try a new one!

If you are a begginer or you're into clitoris stimulation, I would buy this toy. It's easy to use and it gets the job done. All in all it's a great toy that can be both light or intense.

This might not be the fanciest toy I ever own, but it was simple, easy to operate, and a great introduction to bullet vibes.

This is a great product and I would definitely recommend this to a friend. It has good vibrations, a cheap price, and is awesome with a partner. A little less noise would be nice, but not if it would lower the vibration level. All in all a good product that I would buy again.

I think this item is worth it for less than ten dollars. It's a fantastic little toy that I think everyone should something like in their toybox.

The noise level of this toy may take away from its over-all effect, but don't let that stop you. It's a compact and easy to use toy that's great for beginners. Especially if you are worried about someone finding your naughty stash, this toy doesn't add much clutter and can be slipped just about anywhere.

This is a great little bullet. It shows your EF support, it's purple and cute. However, it's not waterproof. Some may not like it because it is loud. It's great to insert into large sex toys such as masturbators and dildos that can have bullets in the back of them. That's what I plan on using it for.

I love this vibrating bullet. I just use it for clitoral stimulation and it works really well. It is good for couple or solo stimulation to reach the best climax ever.

This toy will not disappoint. Whether paying full price or receiving it as a free gift, this toy has blown away more expensive products for me. I would purchase another Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet if mine no longer worked properly. The only step up I could see from this is if the toy were wireless!

I don't really see any faults with this. You get exactly what's described and I feel like it's worth the price, and especially worth it since you can often get one of these for free from Eden! This is an essential to any well-rounded toy box, and is great for beginners.

Everyone needs a bullet! If you don't have one, this would be a great place to start. With the price at just under $10, a vibrating bullet can definitely bring some fun to the table at an inexpensive price.

In summary this is a great little toy to experiment with but I'd probably spend a little extra on a higher quality one in the future.

Overall, I think this is an awesome bullet. It's easy to use and gets the job done. It's a great toy to bring along when you travel because it's convenient in size. This is a great bullet to add to your sex toy collection. It's a must have.

This toy is a fun addition to any toy box. It's a simple to use toy that is very powerful. It is dial-adjustable to your perfect setting; so it's great for any toy user from beginners to advanced.

I love my EF bullet and you will too! Offering a speed for everyone is great. At a low price of $9.99, you just can not go wrong.

You'd expect no less from Edenfantasys. This is a strong-armed vibrator that means business. It's great with batteries, amazingly powerful, and sized for travel. All for 9.99.

This bullet is high powered and my new best friend. I literally went from 0 to squirting just a few SECONDS after this bullet touched me on high. -Not for the faint of heart!-

Snatch this up while it's free but it is worth the $10 even when it isn't one of the free gifts.

I got this item for free when I purchased other products. I didn't pay anything for it and I don't know if I would have. Though it is only $10, I would have been disappointed with the product had I paid for it — it is a great free item though!

What can I say? This is the classic bullet. Use it to massage your (or your lover's) body, genitals, or openings. This is a cheap bullet with strong vibrations. The only drawbacks are that you can't insert it, and it heats up after a bit. I'll take off a star for that, but this is still one of my favorite toys for getting the job done.

This is the best type of toy for anyone who wants a basic, solid vibrator. This includes newbies and anybody who wants something more discreet and portable.

This is a powerful little thing with a lot of noise to accompany it. It is not good for anal, but I'm sure women would love it. I believe it would be good and worth it for clitoral stimulation, but not for boys.

A great little surprise. It is a simple toy that you are able to control with a twitch of the thumb. I find it worth the money (it is very inexpensive). It is not always my go-to toy, but is still a fun time and always produces a big O.

This was a awesome free toy that was added to our collection. If it were not free it's a steal at $9.99 in our opinion. Very powerful vibrations, yet very simple to use and operate. The flaws we found, were the seam on the vibrating egg and that it's not waterproof. We give this vibrating egg a 4 star rating. This is a excellent piece to add to any collection

This is a great low price and small toy that should be a staple in everyone's collection due to the wide variety of uses. Beginners to sex toys will find this toy unintimidating and a lot of fun!

Cheap and basic, if not very exciting--I'm glad this was my first vibrator but I won't be repurchasing. For people who want something simple or people who don't know what they want.

This item is worth it because it is cheap, simple, and small enough to take with you. It does only use 2 batteries, which last a long time.

I got this item for free for signing up for a subscription with Eden. Best free item I have ever received or should I say my husband and I received if you know what I mean. It was a great free toy and has proved to my husband that Eden’s site will be a good place for us to try out more toys. The bullet its self was everything we thought it would be. We couldn't find anything we didn't like about it.

This product is absolutely perfect for solo clitoral stimulation. If you are looking for that quick get off and go, this toy is great for you. If you like a wide variety in speed of the vibrations, this toy is what you have been looking for!

The EdenFantasys Mulispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet is anything but basic. It is a powerful, easy to use and affordable addition to any toy box. You don't have to go hunting for strange sized batteries, since they take just two AA. Use it on yourself, a partner or let your partner take the controls. Lots of pleasure in such a small package!

Eden Fantasys's Basic Bullet is a great and simple product. It is easy to use and feels wonderful. It would make a great addition to any collection. It could also be something for someone to try as a starter toy.

This little guy is always within reach. Easy to grab, easy to use. It takes up little space in the nightstand, and hopefully nothing rubs up against it and starts him up. It can get a little loud at certain angles but that's hardly something that will keep me away.

This toy is a keeper. If you like strong vibrations and external toys you really can’t go wrong with this bullet. It’s simple, but it works. Plus, it’s kind of cool to have a toy with Eden’s colors and name on it.

Overall this toy would be considered safe. It's not anything great, just a regular basic bullet, but it does what it's supposed to.

A must-have for every collection. This can be used in so many different ways and the speeds are great for anyone trying to determine what they enjoy in a vibrator. I highly recommend you get yours today!

This is a great bullet and a wonderful option for someone just starting out with toys. If you like power or lack of power you should like this bullet. What a better way to represent the company than with a great bullet?

If you're looking for something that will give you your big OOH, I recommend the bullet. Something your partner can help with. Great for foreplay to get the mood right and the blood pumping!

Great for both experienced and inexperienced users. Affordable, so any budget can afford one and enjoy it to the fullest extent!

This bullet is a must have for someone looking for a STRONG, but discreet toy for a good price. You will not be sorry you purchased this!

Over all this toy was not the best! There are some many more out there that could do the job better. I would not buy it again!

I absolutely loved this powerful little machine. Although it was a little noisy, it made up for this with how much power it had. I have never used a bullet that was this powerful. The small price doesn't do it justice.

Eden's Multispeed Bullet is a great product for little cost. The vibrations are strong and the battery is long lasting. I would recommend this product to anybody looking for a new bullet. It's worth every penny.

The multispeed basic vibrating bullet is well worth its price if you like a simple toy that gets right to the point. If you like more options and fancy controls and functions, this is not for you.

For those just starting out with bullet vibes, this toy will give you value for your money. If you are sensitive to vibrations, need a toy that is quick to respond or have moved beyond the basics, it may just be a buzz-kill.

I think this would be great for anyone that love a high vibration. The vibrations are REALLY strong and get the job done fairly fast. If you are looking for a "quicky" then this is for you!

The price is right for what you get out of the vibrating bullet. It is easy to use and travels well. I don't like the shiny finish at all, but for what you get for the price I can deal with that.

Bullet vibrators are easy to use when using them for couples, beginners, or even advanced users. This Bullet is very much worth it. This Bullet is very satisfying for my partner and I.

A powerful little bullet for an awesome price. FREE! This toy is definitely worth checking out, and I'd probably recommend it to everyone who doesn't already have a bullet toy.

Give this bullet vibe a try if you're looking to try one out for the first time or enjoy strong vibes. It's cute, small, and fairly discreet, making it a great addition to any toy collection (or to kick a collection off!).

I wouldn't say this is the most discreet bullet but it is very easy to use and a great size for traveling. It can be used solo or with a partner. The noise level is not terribly bad. I wouldn't say you could hear it through a closed door, but it could definitely be heard through the covers. None-the-less, it is a great bullet for the price.

Get a Basic bullet and see how many uses you can come up with! I have included some of ours to get you started, but your imagination is the limit!! Buy a couple and have this great bullet as a back up plan for your other toys. Give a gift of massage to a partner or see how erotic this bad boy can get, the options are endless. Sometimes Basic is all that you need, especially when it is this powerful!

For the price, this one is definitely worth it. It's strong, simple and small. It's not very quiet or discreet though, so be careful of who is around when you're using it!

Totally worth the price! Easy to use, even for a beginner. Easy to clean, small, compact and great for at home or on the go.

I'm sure for the more sexually experienced people out there, the powerful vibrations would be a plus for them, but it only made me feel uncomfortable. Even though I did not like this toy, I am still thankful for for sending it to me; I learned a lot about my preferences thanks to this toy.

This is a gorgeous bullet that offers powerful, intense, deep vibrations - perfect for external clitoral stimulation solo or together during penetration.

I've owned my little basic bullet for about 2 years and it's still going strong. It's a required item to pack along on every trip no matter where I might be headed.

EdenFantasys has done an excellent job in creating this cheap, easy to use and powerfully designed egg bullet. Controlled by a single, simple dial, find your range (or that of your lover, which I assure you was the best hunt I ever had involving eggs) and dive into the pleasure.

You can't beat the power of this toy for running on just 2 AA batteries. The price is so low that it's totally worth having in your toy collection (and one or two extra just in case). This is a fantastic toy for beginners and experienced toy users alike!

The vibrating bullet is easy to use, easy to clean and store. It is a bit noisy if you are trying not to get caught in the act.

This is a great cheap toy. These types of bullets are a classic. If you're in need of a good universal toy, or you're a beginner, this may just be the bullet you're looking for! For the small price, it packs a good power level that anyone can enjoy.

If you're looking for a toy that will make you addicted to bullets, will get you off every time, can be used to build up to an orgasm or for a quickie, and won't leave a dent in your pocketbook, this is definitely what I prescribe! It surely will never disappoint!

This is a toy that surprised me. I did not think that it was going to do anything but it rocked my clit with force. It has changed my opinion of cheap toys and had me wanting more more more. It does not cause me to climax alone but it sure greases the hole. I love it!

This item is definitely worth it, I recommend this product to anyone. If your looking for something cheap, simple, and fun, than this is the product for you!

This is totally worth the money because it packs a buzz and makes for some great orgasms. I can put this in and leave it for minutes or an hour depending on the speeds. BUY THIS!!!!!

Overall, for the price this is a great little addition to your collection and gets the job done right! It's lightweight, not as loud as I had expected, and much stronger than anticipated as well!

I don't really have anything bad to say about this toy other than I wish it were water proof.. I have gone through 4 in 3 years like I said I use it a lot it is my favorite toy.

I highly recommend this toy. Its especially great for beginners. One of the best basic toys I have ever owned and when I wear this one down in the distant future I will by another to replace it. Its a workhorse and its got nice strong vibrations that are just the right thing to take care of business when I want to get off or can be turned down to tease and stimulate a partner for forplay.

I really love the power of this bullet, even its lowest setting is really strong for me. It's really easy to use, and hits you in just the right way. Would make an excellent bullet for beginners, and a welcome addition to the experienced users as well.

This is an overall great toy. Being new to remote bullet vibes, and being unsure of how much I would like it, after this it became one of my new favorites - and I am now a believer in the bullets!

The basic vibrating bullet is a great bullet for beginners, but to be honest I would suggest spending money on some of the more high-quality vibrators that can be found on this site.

This toy is the most basic of the basic. It is affordable, versatile, and simple to use. Though it is without exciting functions or patterns, this powerful, no nonsense little vibrator will surely get the job done. This toy is darn near perfection for beginners looking for an introduction to the world of vibrators. A simple locking mechanism to keep the toy from turning on accidentally would have earned the Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet a full five stars.

I received the Multi-speed Vibrating Bullet as a gift. I am very thrilled with it. I have and will continue to recommend this toy to everyone, from the inexperienced to the most experienced user. I will continue to use it as a staple in the bedroom.

This toy was definitely worth it for me. The feel of it while using it during sex was amazing. I also really enjoy seeing my girl enjoy it. I feel that it has just the right amount of power for someone who is more toward the novice side of vibrators. It also has a very low price which helps when trying to make a decision on which one to get.

Its my opinion that this toy has its ups and downs definitely. It's ups include: strong vibrations, easy packaging, and many variations of vibrations to choose from, whether you feel like taking things slow or turning it all the way up, this toy will not leave you on the fence. You will either become a big fan or not be impressed, but either way it leaves an impression!

This toy is well worth the price. It has versatile speeds of vibrations to please just about anyone. The small bullet size and lengthy cord allow for super easy use.

This little bullet is a must-have for anyone who wants to have their world rocked. The high intensity of the vibrations are definitely worth the small amount of money that you pay for this awesome toy! This is definitely a steal!

This bullet has a very limited amount to offer. There's a short delay when you change speeds and there are are no preset patterns. Its very loud and not waterproof. The only positive thing this bullet offers is a strong vibration.

All I can say is that it does its job. The name on this product does not lie and it does it well. It's basic, strong, and allows for multi-speeds. It does what it says.

It does what is is advertised to do: strong vibrations with variable speed. This is a great addition to the toy box, and at $10 a stellar deal.

I buried my silver bullet with sadness when she died, after four months of loving. Silver bullets are a great way to explore toys, and I would recommend them to everyone—newbies or couples.

Well, its name leaves no creativity, but the Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet is a toy that opened up my imagination. This corded bullet is very versatile, very powerful, and unfortunately, very noisy. It is easy to clean and care for, but if you are looking for a quiet vibrator, you should pass on this one. I found it excelled during couple's play, while leaving my solo time a bit frustrating because of its larger size and lack of tapered, pinpoint vibrations.

As a first time purchase in the sex toy area, I was thrilled with the item. I recommend it to anyone who asks about which product they should start with or even one they should have in their toy chest. This is definitely a product I am a fan of and will continue to own as a staple in the bedroom. The fact that I can use it for massages on myself and it does not look like a sex toy is an added bonus.

This Product is very affordable so it doesn't leave a dent in your wallet. It's also great as a first timer toy. And if you want to use it with your significant other, it isn't over bearing. You definitely won't regret buying this toy!

In case my above musings didn't say it clearly enough: You must buy one of these! Trust me, you will never go back to sex (solo or couples) without one! It's just that good!

Looking for a simple to use, powerful egg bullet? Edenfantasys is now represented by a great one! As long as you don't need the sound to be discreet, this bullet is great for pretty much anyone. If you have a super sensitive clit, you may not be able to use all the levels of vibration though.

My overall feelings for the bullet is this: It’s a great price for a multiple speed toy. It’s not too loud, it’s not too big, and it’s not intimidating. It is a great beginner toy, and it's must have for everyone. Bullets are so versatile! They even make sleeves and toys you can add to make your experience more fun!

In the end, I would, without a doubt, recommend this toy especially if it is your first. I would say that this toy is mainly for clitoral stimulation

For the price, this toy just can’t be beat. I like it so much that I actually bought an extra to have as a back up! If you’re looking for a high-powered cost effective bullet, look no further. I would consider this a great toy for beginners and more experienced toy users alike. Everyone should have one in their arsenal!

The Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet is a cute EdenFantasys bullet that is very strong and easy to control. The remote feels very comfortable in your hand, and this is a good choice if you don't need to be discreet.

The Multi-speed Basic Vibrating Bullet by EdenFantasys is just as it says, basic. However, through further usage and play, we soon discover that basic is sometimes a good thing. This bullet is high-powered and relatively quiet for the intensity of its vibrations. This is not a bullet that will leave you disappointed.

I love how it is so powerful for such a small bullet. I would definitely recommend it to friends who are looking for a vibrator to try out. If I needed to buy another, I would get the same kind.

Bullet vibes are the ultimate basic sex toy. They are absurdly versatile, unisex, inexpensive, easy to use and even have a decent amount of power. Great for couples, beginners and of course the vibe connoisseur. The EdenFantasys logo means you'll never forget where you got it. Hopefully it doesn't make you think about that review you have to write while you're masturbating... Ahem... Two thumbs up! Great basic bullet.

Overall, the EdenFantasys bullet was a very nice little surprise that packs quite a punch for its relatively unassuming appearance. It is simple and easy to use and would be as effective for couples as it would be for solo play. Based on its power and versatility, this toy is definitely a great value for its very low price, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it performed for me.

Eden's multispeed vibrating bullet is a great and simple product. It is easy to use, although the knob can be a bit hard to turn sometimes. It would make a great addition to any collection, or something for someone to try as a starter toy.

The Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet is now my husband's favorite new sex toy. It's strong and powerful for its size. But what he loves the most about it is that he can control the power of it at a distance with the wired controller.

The Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet is an amazing toy for its size and price. It is suitable for someone just beginning their journey into the world of sex toys, as well as those that are more experienced. It's also cute, fun and relatively quiet. I definitely give this one my approval!

After trying multiple bullet-type toys, I have found that this is the most comfortable one that I have come across. Not only does the design help with ease of use, but having the bullet portion attached to a lengthy cord gives it a lot more ease of use, which you may want in controlling the vibrations.

This is very worth it for anyone, beginner or advanced. It's easy to use, and can be as powerful as you'd like it to be. The packaging is not discreet and very minimal, so make sure you're opening it in front of people you don't mind seeing your toys.

One of the best things a girl can treat herself to. Every girl should have at least one! It can be used discreetly anytime, anywhere, any place, which is always a plus.

Overall, it is a wonderful, compact toy. In the entirety of my small collection, it is my favorite. Its powerful vibrations will "knock your socks off". I love the fact that it has the EdenFantasys logo on it. It reminds me who I should thank! The only problem I can really see with it is that I am reluctant to clean it because I don't want to get it wet and die on me.

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