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The Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet is a cute EdenFantasys bullet that is very strong and easy to control. The remote feels very comfortable in your hand, and this is a good choice if you don't need to be discreet.
Easy to control, Strong vibrations, Long cord, Good bullet size
Uncomfortably strong, Loud
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The EdenFantasys Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet is a regular bullet with the EF logo on it. It's battery controlled and includes a 2-foot long cord. The bullet is made from plastic and the remote is too. The cord is covered to keep it from being harmed by liquids, but this toy is not waterproof. This bullet vibrator takes two AA batteries. The remote is about four inches long and the bullet is about two inches long with a diameter of about 3/4 inch. The real-size widget is spot on, and the color, while a bit darker in real-life, is about the same color as in the picture.

I'm one of those people that really loves EF. I know I spend way too much of my life on this website, so when it comes to EF-branded merchandise, I'm going to end up buying it. (If only those totes were for sale.) I did purchase this bullet as well. EF is currently holding a Facebook promotion to receive one for free, but I get nervous when dealing with Facebook and adult sites, so I just bought it. The logo is printed really nicely on the side (and looks very pretty), and I've tried scratching the logo off, but it doesn't come off. This logo should stay on there for quite a bit of time until your own body oils end up making it come off just from natural use of the toy.

This bullet doesn't really have any sort of specific packaging. Instead, this bullet comes packaged (without any batteries) in a plain, clear plastic bag. This bag can be torn open to reach the sex toy, but it won't do much good for long-term storage since the bag is not resealable. Inside the toy is a small (and hilarious) instruction manual on how-to insert the batteries. It's hilarious since step 1 tells you to open the battery compartment - but this piece of paper is hidden INSIDE the battery compartment.

The batteries that this bullet takes are two AA batteries. The batteries insert a bit oddly, so make sure to follow the diagram that is printed on the inside of the toy to make sure that you get it right. Make sure to also turn off the vibrator before starting since, once the batteries are inserted, it'll start right up; even without the battery compartment being closed. The battery compartment can be a bit difficult to close, but it's not horribly frustrating.

This bullet does pack a punch though! It's definitely a strong little bullet - especially for AA batteries. Most women will probably be comfortably using the medium levels for most of their use. I'm sad to say that the strength is actually a downside though. Because of how strong the bullet is, it's near impossible to actually hold onto the bullet without your fingers getting very numb very quickly. This makes the bullet more of a pain to use than it should be. Unless you plan on inserting the bullet for use, the higher settings are pretty much impossible to use because your fingers will get extremely uncomfortable holding the bullet.

As for noise, the medium to lower levels of the vibrations are pretty quiet. They can't be heard through a closed door, but they could be heard in the same room. However, the loud setting is a bit ridiculous; once you crank it all the way up, it's not *quite* as loud as a rabbit vibrator, but it's getting pretty close. It actually woke up my boyfriend on the couch with a "why are you using the blender at 8 in the morning" while I was writing this review. So, yes, it is loud. The toy can also get louder if no pressure is applied anywhere on it. That should be an issue during use though.

The remote feels comfortable in your hand. It's very easy to use the controls to change the vibration settings. Even when having lubricated hands, the remote settings change really easily. Even for the smallest of hands, the remote should fit really snugly into your palm. The cord should also be long enough for pretty much anything you need to use it for. The cord is about two feet long. To put it in perspective, that's long enough for me to hold the bullet at my crotch and the remote above my head. This makes it long enough to give the remote to your partner without too much awkward positioning.
This remote can easily be cleaned using warm water and antibacterial soap. I do recommend watching where the water goes since the bullet remote is not waterproof, and thus, could ruin it. As such, I'd only wipe down the remote with a slightly damp washcloth instead of running it under water. Any type of lubricant is compatible with this sex toy, and it can be stored wherever you'd like. Mine will be kept in a plastic baggie.

Overall, the Multispeed Bullet isn't a bad choice as long as you don't want to use the full power or want to be quiet. The medium settings are okay, and the lower ones are actually pretty strong, but attempting to hold onto the bullet for the high settings is just a pain. It still is a decent-quality bullet and remote, though, and I love the EF logo on them.
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  • Contributor: Jobthingy
    LOL! Instructions inside telling you how to open. That is awesome.

  • Contributor: Pleasure Piratess
    Great review!
    You'd think instruction writing (or placing) wouldn't be that hard, but they sure to manage some doosies, huh?
  • Contributor: Airekah
    Haha. This was a very powerful bullet. Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: PussyGalore
    Too powerful? No such thing! I think it's hilarious about the instructions because my Cal Exotic Futurotic bullet was the same way!
  • Contributor: namelesschaos
    I have one of these too and I lol at the battery instruction to good review.
  • Contributor: P'Gell
    Thanks, Kayla.

    I'm kinda weird about Facebook and adult sites, too. Thinking of getting an "Alternative" identity on FB, but I'm just too lazy to do it and have other things to do.

    It's loud? Hmmm. I like strong toys, but not loud ones.
  • Contributor: CS2012
    Great review.
  • Contributor: KnK
    Great review. I however happen to be a fan
  • Contributor: Solar Ray
    Nice review. Strong is good. Noisy not so much. Looks a like a great bang for your buck product though.
  • Contributor: loveshocks
    Love the review. It makes me wonder what was going through their heads when they decided to make the instructions start with opening it when the instructions were in the toy to begin with... It is super cute looking though, and I do like purple.. Might need to wishlist this one.
  • Contributor: Xavier7
    Great review! Very informative.
  • Contributor: Lady Neshamah
    i love mine
  • Contributor: Glac
    good review, thanks
  • Contributor: IndependentlyHappy
    Thank you for the great review and video!
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