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You Get What You Pay For

This toy is the most basic of the basic. It is affordable, versatile, and simple to use. Though it is without exciting functions or patterns, this powerful, no nonsense little vibrator will surely get the job done. This toy is darn near perfection for beginners looking for an introduction to the world of vibrators. A simple locking mechanism to keep the toy from turning on accidentally would have earned the Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet a full five stars.
Inexpensive, versatile, basic, easy, smooth, simple, powerful, multispeed, beginner-friendly.
No locking mechanism, no functions/patterns, not waterproof, only available in purple.
Rating by reviewer:
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The old adage that "you get what you pay for" absolutely stands true when applied to the Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet from EdenFantasys. This toy is a smooth, simple bullet vibrator, without the bells and whistles of many higher quality vibrators on the market today. Consequently, it is also without the jacked-up prices that make most of the classier, luxury toys unattainable for many of us. The Multispeed Basic is an excellent purchase for beginners or for more experienced folks who are looking to enhance their collection with this classic staple.

This toy is best used for external stimulation. The most common use for bullet vibrators of this style is clitoral stimulation, but it can be used safely on nearly any part of your body (save for swollen or inflamed skin or "unexplained calf pain"). Use it to soothe a sore neck. Use it to spice up a sensual handjob with your partner. Use it to tease your nipples, then trace down along your tummy, before slipping it between your legs.

Material / Texture

The vibrator and the control pack are both made of smooth, hard plastic, lacking any odor or taste. Plastic is a non-porous and phthalate-free material. The control pack is made of a matte purple plastic, which is slightly transparent. The bullet itself has a sleek, shiny, metallic appearance. Its lack of texture makes for a very slippery experience when in use. I think the smooth texture is an excellent option for beginners. If you're more experienced and prefer a toy with a little more grip and traction, this may not be the one for you.

Design / Shape / Size

The Multispeed Basic has a lightweight, transparent cord which connects the bullet to its control pack. The length of this cord is ideal. It is approximately 33" (or 2 3/4') long and 1/8" wide. I like to lie on my back when I masturbate, so I typically rest the control pack on my chest where I can easily find it in the dark if I need to adjust the speed. The cord is not too long, which would leave you with excess length that may get in the way during play. With the control pack laid on my chest, the cord is still long enough to stretch comfortably between my legs. In addition, there have actually been times when I have used the cord itself to enhance my play session. It vibrates lightly when the toy is turned on, so dragging it along your skin can add a little extra teasing sensation before you get down to business.

The toy's source of vibrations, the bullet, is 2 1/4" long and 1" thick. It is shiny and metallic, with a seam circumscribing its middle and the cord protruding from one end. It's a standard, mid-size bullet, with a smooth exterior. Nothing fancy. It has enough bulk to grasp comfortably in your fingertips, enabling direct pinpoint stimulation with the blunt, rounded end.

The control pack for this toy is a narrow, vaguely triangular shape. About 3/4" thick, 4 1/2" from end to end, 1/2" wide at the tip, and 1 3/4" wide at the base. It is made of hard, purple plastic with the EdenFantasys label printed onto the front of it. The thin, ridged control knob protrudes from both sides of the tapered tip of the triangle, where the cord is attached. The wider end of the control pack is comfortable to hold and placing it in your palm results in your index finger and thumb naturally resting on either side of the control knob. Having your index finger and your thumb on the control, rather than just nudging it with your thumb, gives you much more precise control over the intensity of the vibrations. Unfortunately, it also means that you're twice as likely to accidentally bump the knob and kick the toy into gear. While I was getting settled into bed to try this toy out, I accidentally turned it on no less than three times. It would be nice if it had a simple locking mechanism. Even just a little plastic bit that could click into place and keep the ridged knob from turning. Also...It's not really a big deal, since purple is my favorite color, but it would be great if it was available in a whole host of colors! ;)

The toy requires two AA batteries, which are inserted into the back of the control pack. Opening the battery compartment is very simple and is reminiscent of many modern television remote controls. You simply push in the textured piece of plastic and slide the door downwards, unlocking it. The door flips open on a hinge, revealing clearly labeled locations for the batteries. Swing the door down and slide it back up to click it into place.

Overall, this toy is lightweight and feels inexpensive. It seems sturdy, but not particularly high quality. The entirety of the toy is fairly small. With the cord wound up, it is little more than a handful. It's small enough to stash under your pillow or in your bedside table. However, I definitely would not recommend this toy for travel as the design of its controls make it very easy to accidentally turn it on.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy does what it's intended to do. It vibrates, at multiple speeds. I require fairly powerful vibrations in order to orgasm and I was pleasantly surprised at the strong, rumbly vibrations and the amount of power contained in this unassuming little package. Turning the knob counterclockwise starts the vibrations. They begin at a low rumble and grow progressively stronger as you continue to turn the knob. Turning it back (clockwise) will turn the toy off. Since there is no power button and no click to show that the power is completely off, I worry a bit that it will eat away at the batteries while it sits in my toy box. I will report back on that in my follow-up review if I notice anything! Please see the Design/Shape/Size section for more information on the way the controls work.

The toy is actually moderately quiet. It is pronounced, but not as noisy as some of my others of the same style. They have a tendency to get louder the more they are used. Time will tell if this toy will develop the signature loud rattle that all of my other well-loved bullet vibrators have. For the time being, it is only loud enough to be heard through the covers, but not through a closed door.

Care and Maintenance

I would recommend using wipes that are specifically made for cleaning toys or a dampened cloth. This toy is not waterproof, so submerging it or getting it excessively wet with soap and water is out of the question. You can easily wipe it down with rubbing alcohol as well. Plastic is non-porous, making it a fairly safe material. However, you should still cover it with a condom if you plan to share, especially since the bullet cannot be submerged or fully sterilized. Plastic is compatible with water-, silicone-, and oil-based lubricants.

The toy comes with a small, very handy clip to hold the cord together when not in use. Of course, I've already lost that darn thing...It's great to have if you can manage to hang onto it! If not, a twist tie will work wonders for keeping the cord in a tidy bundle and saving it from damage. I just wind the cord up and toss it in my toy box.


This toy comes packaged in a plain plastic bag. It says: "EdenFantasys Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet", "Sold as a novelty, Made in China", with a barcode and a serial number. This kind of minimalist packaging is perfectly all right with me! However, it definitely cannot be used as a gift or storage container. Once you tear it open, that's about it. I wonder if the plastic is recyclable? If not, I would definitely suggest that EF make that improvement on their packaging.

Inside of the battery compartment on the toy, there is a small sheet of paper with what appears to be numbered, pictorial instructions on how to open the compartment and insert the batteries. This seems rather silly, since in order to get to these instructions, you need to have already opened the compartment!

Personal comments

I equate this toy to the junky, point-and-shoot camera that I keep on hand for things like parties, concerts, and trips to the beach. As an amateur photographer (and a sex toy connoisseur), I have plenty of high quality cameras (and sex toys) that I value immensely and take excellent care of. The Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet is not one of them. This is the kind of cheap, but efficient, toy that I would be willing to bring with me to play parties or on trips away from home (removing the batteries first, of course, so it doesn't turn on during travel). I don't really care if it gets lost or damaged because it is affordable and easily replaced.
Follow-up commentary
This thing is absolutely a classic. When I need a speedy, straightforward release, this is the friend I turn to. The Multispeed basic vibrating bullet has held up to some serious use and abuse in the past few months, despite its apparently low-quality construction. If you enjoy strong, steady vibrations and value toys that are easy to use, it truly is a diamond in the rough.
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  • Eva Schwaltz
    Thanks for the review, looks like an awesome little toy.
  • Jesse
    great review!
    this was a nice free toy!
  • lexical
    Thank you, schwaltze and Jesse
  • Miss Anonymous
    Good review! Thanks for posting it!
  • lexical
    My pleasure, Miss Nessa.
  • redstarr681
    Good review...
  • lexical
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  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
  • lexical
    You're welcome!
  • TheCleansing
    Didn't realize being available in only purple was a con! Kidding, kidding.
  • lexical
    LOL, TheCleansing! I know, right? Purple is my favorite color and almost all my toys are in purple if that's an available option. But now and then I love me some teal or lime green or even yellow!
  • The Curious Couple
    Great review, thank you!
  • lexical
    You're welcome!
  • mistressg
    Great review! I really liked this product, aside from the lack of locking mechanism. It went of in my bag once when I brought it to visit my boyfriend! I didn't even notice until he looked surprised and opened my bag, then I couldn't help but hear it. This became my favorite toy, until the motor recently started making a horrible LOUD screechy noise when I turn it on.
  • lexical
    LOL, mistre$$! At least it was your boyfriend who found it, not your mother or something like that! Whew! Thanks for sharing, haha!
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Great review, thanks for posting it!
  • lexical
    No problem!
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