Multispeed basic vibrating bullet - sex toy by EdenFantasys - review by tigerkate

Back to the Basics, but not disappointed!

Well, its name leaves no creativity, but the Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet is a toy that opened up my imagination. This corded bullet is very versatile, very powerful, and unfortunately, very noisy. It is easy to clean and care for, but if you are looking for a quiet vibrator, you should pass on this one. I found it excelled during couple's play, while leaving my solo time a bit frustrating because of its larger size and lack of tapered, pinpoint vibrations.
price, power, bigger/thicker vibrations, great couples toy, doesn't eat batteries, easy to clean
NOISE LEVEL, a bit too powerful, solo use left me itching and numb, cheap packaging
Rating by reviewer:
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The "Multispeed basic vibrating bullet" is branded with the Eden Fantasys logo, and it does a fantastic job at stimulating the clitoris.

It would be a great choice for a multitude of users; though I would not suggest it for anyone who has a sensitive clitoris that needs light, fluttering vibrations. This bullet satisfied the power queen in me, and I even found myself saying it was too powerful. Those are words I never thought I would utter!

While the price is cheap, the power does not lack with this toy, and I think that for the money it is worth it. I found this best suited for use on my clitoris and labia. It was a bit too much for my nipples (but maybe yours or your partner's aren't as sensitive as mine!). Inserting the "MBVB" into the vagina, while fun, is not the safest thing to do with a corded bullet (you risk the cord breaking, damaging the bullet, and losing it for a while inside of you!). This is also the reason why I definitely recommend AGAINST using this toy anally.
Do not use this toy anally. It is not safe for that.

I found this corded bullet to actually be more fun to use with a partner than by myself masturbating, but it is suitable for both couple and solo use. I do not think this is at all suitable for those who need to be discreet with thin walls, dorm living, etc. It is way too loud to be used without being noticed.

Material / Texture

The MBVB is made of cheap silver-coated plastic, with a cord that runs to the clear purple plastic battery-controlled pack.
The plastic is very easy to clean, with a smooth surface, and it is not at all complicated to use.

There is relatively no scent to the bullet; or at least no memorable scent after taking the toy out of its packaging. I found this to be a relief, because being met with a waft of any type of synthetic smell is a major turnoff for me. I did taste-test for the sake of the review, and while I don't understand why you would want to put this in your mouth, you could do so without a noticeable taste.

The bullet itself is hard and smooth. If you like textures, or a nice velvety drag, this toy will disappoint you in that manner. Because of its actual size, I found the MBVB to be a little irritating. It seemed too flat and hard for me personally, and did occasionally mash into my pelvis during partner sex.
    • No odor
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The MBVB is very simple and cheaply made, but it delivers when it comes to performance. The control pack is triangular in shape, which makes it's easier to hold. It fits very easily into the hand, and it has one dial that is turned from either side of the pack. The wire cord on MBVB is plenty long.

As for the bullet itself, I felt it was more of an oval/egg type of shape to me. It is not a tiny slim one, but it isn't huge either. It comes in at 2 1/4" in length, and about 1" full in diameter. It is a bit larger than the cordless bullets I have been used to, and I noticed this the most when this guy was turned on. The larger shape means you get less pin-point stimulation, which can be frustrating if you are someone who likes to be able to control which part of your clitoris or labia gets direct vibrations. It felt clumsier to me than a pointed or tapered bullet. This is why I felt it was sufficient for solo masturbation, but really excelled during partnered intercourse. Its "medium" oval shape allows for a broader contact with the vulva/testicles/penis/clitoris/whatever-you-have when using it as a couple. For me, this meant that while clumsy and large by my standards, it had a better chance of constantly stimulating me and my partner. This discovery led to much more use of the toy than it had gotten the first few weeks I had it and tried to use it for just solo-time.

Because it is "medium" sized, it is easier to hold than some tiny bullets, and therefore easier to maneuver during use. However, if you are using this by yourself or on your partner, and holding it in a specific spot, expect your hand to quickly get buzzy, tingly, and possibly numb. The tip of my poor thumb got this side effect.

Would I suggest this for travel or anything discreet? No. The control is way too easy to accidentally turn on, and this bullet's "LOW" is actually quite powerfully high and very loud. You could always take the batteries out, preserving your toy and your batteries' lives, but I personally was not worrying about draining the life of this toy. I tried to leave the batteries in the control pack, thinking that the affordable price meant I would be willing to dish out the cash to buy another when this one dies. However, I feel that a slight breeze can set this toy off. Especially when your parents are visiting you after you've moved in with your boyfriend. ...Yes, I learned my lesson, and will reiterate: For travel, or even for storage between daily usage, TAKE YOUR BATTERIES OUT!
    • Ergonomic

Functions / Performance / Controls

When I took this toy out to play, it seemed very obvious how it worked. The dial located in the center of the control pack comes out on both sides of the controller. It tells you which way is LOW and which way is HIGH. It is very simple, no frills, and no effort is really needed with it. The control pack is pretty cheaply made, and it definitely is not waterproof (so be careful!).

So how does this dial-speed bullet stand up in terms of power? HOLY. COW. I honestly did not expect this from a cheap, corded bullet. I turned it on and it danced across my hand with vibrations I describe as "thick." I was very surprised that it was so strong on its lowest setting. I scrolled the dial up, up, up.... and stared in wonder as the power of the vibrations sent my MBVB dancing and drawing itself across my palm. Definitely one of the most powerful toys I have come across. And the word that comes to mind when describing the type of vibration is "big." The vibrations are felt at an equal amount of strength all throughout the bullet. I find the high setting to be too high for me normally. After using this toy, I also have to note that it leaves my clitoris and surrounding labia extremely itchy/tickly/tingly. It can sometimes be uncomfortable. I do not get that feeling as much when using it during intercourse, because I use less constant pressure during sex than during masturbation.

Now to talk about a huge deterrent for this toy. The NOISE LEVEL. This baby is LOUD. Very loud. When it gets pressed up against your body, it makes an annoyingly loud buzzing noise. If you move the bullet, and the cord moves, it makes a rather loud noise too. The toy is loud in general already. Adding the bone-clashing noise and the cord moving noise makes it absolutely annoying. The last time I used MBVB, I had trouble concentrating from the noise it created. My boyfriend started giving me odd visuals, which didn't help. He likened it to the sound of a motorized scooter... being driven outside.. by an awkward boy named Ernie... who wears pilot goggles and a scarf that flaps in the wind... and has big hopes and dreams... and speaks with a lisp. He had time to come up with this because I kept getting sidetracked by the noise level and having to start from Square 2 again mentally. Good god, if I could find a way to muffle the noise, I would do so in a heartbeat.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is pretty easy to maintain. It does not pick up lint because it is made of smooth plastic. You can use any type of lubricant on this toy, which is a major plus. Break out that silicone lube without worry!

To clean, you can wipe the bullet portion down with a cloth of mild soap and another with water. You can also use rubbing alcohol swabs on it, since it is hard plastic. You cannot put it into the dishwasher, and you definitely can't boil it. That would ruin the toy completely! Of course, toy cleaner or toy wipes are other safe options. To be extra safe, take batteries out before cleaning.

Speaking of batteries, you will not be out at the store buying packs and packs of AA's. This fella packs a punch using just 2 AA batteries, and from my experience, it does not drain them or guzzle them down.

To store it, I suggest taking out batteries immediately. Even if you intend on using it again in a couple hours. It turns on at random moments, even when you swear you didn't touch it at all. The dial switch is easy to spin, and there is no "OFF" button, so just take the batteries out.

Where to store it? Its incredibly minimal cheap packaging does nothing for storage. The packaging is simply a thin plastic bag with "Eden Fantasys" stamped on it. It immediately went into the trashcan for me. I keep this in a jewelery box, but it could go in a toy box or a shoe box with other toys with compatible materials.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store

Personal comments

I just wanted to add a little bit about the different ways I found I could use this toy, and how well it performed.

As I stated earlier, it was too broad for my body, which prefers a bit more pinpoint vibration. It was not difficult for me to get to orgasm with it, but its power did make me feel exhausted by the effort of my body trying to keep up with the intensity.

With a partner~
My boyfriend played with this on me and found it to be easy to use and was impressed with the power. He did push the bullet into my vagina, and the cord did hold up, but I advise you not to use this for the possibility of the cord breaking. If you do insist, at least put it in a condom for easier retrieval. For me, this felt amazing and crazy-intense, but right as he slipped it in, it would rattle or hit the tip of my pubic bone which would send a zing of vibration through my entire body. I told him to be careful with that, because it was literally too intense for my body to handle.

Teasing the penis and testicles: My boyfriend is not an experienced toy user, and if we moved this beyond a low to very low-medium, it was a bit "too fun" as he put it and our playtime would come to an end very quickly. It was easy to tease and play with him though, fun to move it around and get a feel for it.

During oral sex: We did not wish to use it on me while he performed oral on me, because of the fear of cracking some teeth! For me to use while giving a blow job? Amazing. The cord was long enough to have him control the level of vibrations. For me, I could perform in almost any position, and the MBVB was big enough and comfortable enough to have clenched between my thighs. The vibrations were strong enough to get enough stimulation to orgasm from having it even loosely clenched up. Winner!

Missionary: This toy was absolutely great for this. It can nestle well between two bodies. The only downside to this was an unexpected thrust from my partner, and I then had an uncomfortable slam of hard plastic into my pelvis and vulva. It was manageable for close-together missionary, but if you want slamming, then expect a hard medium-sized bullet slamming into your bones while vibrating at high speeds.

Girl on Top: The best use I found for this toy, because I was able to control how hard I came into contact with the bullet. My boyfriend didn't get the "slamming into pelvis" downside, which I don't quite understand since he is a slim fellow, but perhaps the placement is just better on him than me.

Doggy: All bullets are good for doggy-style, in my opinion. This position wasn't my favorite with MBVB, however, because it felt hard to hold up and control while it tried to dance away from my hand. Maybe I'm just too lazy to try to hold myself up with the bigger bullet at the same time. I did not find any con with this though.

Spooning: Another position that worked really well, because the pressure I could get from squeezing my thighs was great for some no-hand fun.

There are tons of ways to utilize this product, and I believe that its size is both good and bad... but mostly good for my couple-fun. The GREAT thing is that the cord is so long that it does not pose a problem for any of these things. If you don't like long cords, it does come with a little plastic piece that keeps the cord wrapped up in the package. I'm pretty sure most people throw this away, but I've kept mine to help with ease of storage.
Follow-up commentary
To clarify for those reading, due to a mix-up, my review was delayed in publishing by about a month or so.
I have had the MBVB for nearly 3 months now. Today, I was cleaning out some old boxes and decided I needed to toss out some definitely broken sex toys. This one, I was torn about tossing. It still works great, but.. the last time I used it (just after my original review was published), I noticed that I kept feeling a "zinging" that was sort of painful- mainly on my thumb when I was holding it down on myself.

I soon realized that it was shocking my thumb somehow, and it very well could have been hurting my pubic area as well... and I just didn't notice due to some intense vibrations. I discovered that whenever I tried to hold the bullet (not even by the cord), the tip of my thumb would get a "zing" and it'd be uncomfortable and sting a little bit.

So, for my safety, I realized I needed to retire this little power house. I am unsure if I tugged at the cord too much, or bent it too much, but I don't think I really did. Except for one incident when my boyfriend inserted it without realizing that it might not be the safest to do so, I don't really believe I was too rough with this corded bullet.

Whether or not I was rough with it unintentionally, I would just like to warn people out there to be extra careful!
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