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Pleasure petals reviews

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50 reviews

The Pleasure Petals vibe is a pretty vibe, but is just way to textured to actually be used as a vibe. I can see why Eden doesn't carry it anymore.

This toy is totally worth it if you want a strong vibrator that is safe to use in the shower and isn't hard to clean. It is rumbly and sure to please every time.

This is a pretty pink toy with strong vibrations that aren't obnoxiously loud. The only drawbacks for me were the pointed end and the difficulty I sometimes had keeping it clean. Overall still a nice vibrator that I continue to use and enjoy.

I love having this inexpensive vibrator in my toy box. It's pretty strong, textured, and has rumbly vibrations. While it is a little loud, it can't be heard through a closed door with a little background noise on. Those who like slightly more girthy traditional vibrators will be sure to enjoy it. If you don't like the girth, it's still great to use clitorally, on nipples, or the head of the penis.

While this toy is covered in texture, and has varying levels of vibrations, it is also loud, big, and hard. This is great if you like your neighbors to know that you are playing with your sex toys.

This toy has to be the worst toy I have ever had. Not because it didn't get me off, or because of a manufacturing error, but because of its fundamental design. If you think you are going to use this toy anally, I would strongly rethink your plans, and look at other products.

If you're looking for a strong, traditional vibrator, this is for you! The low price makes it a must-buy and the smooth, non-porous plastic surface makes clean up & storage a breeze!

You get what you pay for with this one. While it has a lot of power, it has a lot of noise. It's bulky, heavy, and stiff. It's not the worst toy in the world, but it's definitely not the best. It's good for those on a tight budget, but if you can afford better, get the more expensive toy.

For those of us who took part in the free vibe promotion and avoided shipping cost, let us consider ourselves lucky. I would not be a happy girl had I spent my own money on this loud and rattling vibrator that heats up in a disconcerting way. This is not a good penetrative toy for beginners, but those who like girth and intense vibrations might get a reasonable amount of pleasure out of it (if they can get over the aforementioned pitfalls).

I was pretty disappointed in this product, and I do not feel like it is worth buying. It could just be me, but I felt it took entirely too long to clean.

In summary, Pleasure Petals is not the best vibrator out there on the market-not by a long shot. There are vibrators that are comparable in price that have a better design, and don't require large batteries not commonly used in everyday things. There are ones that aren't so loud that even the neighbors will wonder what you're doing with your blender, and why it's taking you so long to use it. Hopefully they'll assume it's a loud kitchen appliance, and not the world's loudest vibrator.

This vibrator is loud and despite being strong enough to make my hand feel numb, it felt like nothing much inside me. I appreciate that it was free with my order, but I never would purchase it for its own sake.

If you're a fan of texture and power, this vibrator is a great choice. For me, the texture was overwhelming, but I was able to appreciate the strong vibrations while using this vibrator externally. However you choose to use this vibrator, you should just be aware that the toy is insanely loud, and that the texture can be a bit much.

This toy is far too loud and hard to give me much pleasure. The noise itself turned me off of the thing and probably woke the neighbors while I was at it. The texture is far too rough, maybe some really good lube would help with that but I doubt it. I wouldn't buy it again given the chance, but who knows maybe someone else will enjoy it, I certainly didn't.

It's basically like poking your vagina with a branch...a loud branch. Have you ever wanted to give yourself a good vaginal scraping? Have you ever wanted every neighbor within 500 feet of your home to know when you are masturbating? I didn't think so. Pleasure petals came free with my order, and quite frankly, I'm not even sure it was worth one star for that.

The Pleasure Petals is an admirable effort but a huge disappointment in function. There couldn't be a worse toy for shared living or mood killing. It is very loud and the textures will undoubtedly scare away beginners. It might have its place in the toy box though, with it's wildly thumpy vibrations. These are some powerful, deep and rumbly vibrations. If only the design were sleeker, slimmer or just more comfortable.

Looking for a cute, yet powerful toy? Maybe looking to experiment with texture? This toy is great for beginners and is super easy to use thanks to the dial base. All you need is two C batteries and you're good to go!

The Pleasure Petals isn't horrible, but it's not going to work for a lot of people. It's strong, but the Bees are just too damn high! If it was waterproof, it might have bumped up the toys rating. For me, it stands at a solid 3 stars.

Not award winning, but it does the job if you are willing to do a little work for it. Great for beginners who want to learn what they do/don't like. I wouldn't recommend for advanced players, there are many other toys out there that I believe can work more for your specific needs. Overall this is a cute, basic toy.

This toy is the first C battery toy I've tried and I am surprised by its power. It packs a nice punch and works very well for clitoral stimulation. I have not yet tried it for penetration but if you want deep vibrations you might want to try it. At this price, why not?

Pleasure Petals vibrator is strong, textured, and has an exceptional "floral swirl" design. It's not very expensive and a good toy for both beginners and advanced toy users. On the down side it is a little noisy and you're not able to use it in the tub or shower.

I really like the pleasure petal vibrator and enjoy using it. I think it's a great item, it is just very noisy, especially if it's just out in the open. When you're using it and holding it at a good angle, the noise is not as bad.

The Pleasure Petals vibrator was nothing but a disappointment for me. I hate the painful texture, it is just way too rough! There is nothing at all special about this toy that I can't find in another toy, so it is definitely not worth keeping. How dare you hurt my butt?! I would only recommend this to people who literally like it rough.

I'm really not impressed with this vibrator. It's loud. The texture is nice, but I like more girth. If we can stand the noise we might use it as a teaser.

The Pleasure Petals may seem like a relaxing stroll in a beautiful garden at first but beware of the thorns. I found the texture to be irritating and the noise level made me wonder if a nest bees had found the flowers and were looking to pollinate. It was a good experience but not the bouquet of my dreams.

If you love lots of texture, length and size to a vibrator this is for you! Its pointed bullet shaped design makes pinpointed stimulation easy. Although it takes C batteries and is harder to clean, its pros outweigh its cons. For its performance, it’s a great value for the money. If you want to try texture for the first time, Pleasure Petals is a great option.

This vibe feels satisfying when inserted and the vibrations are pleasant but not overwhelming. The vibe has a lot of texture which is pleasant when used slowly, but can be too much when used vigorously. This toy is best when used slowly due to its size and texture.

If you are interested in a low cost, traditional style vibrator then this one is for you. If you can keep enough batteries around while you use it, this vibe will give you a lot of bang for your buck. The texture is a little too rough for me and the complete lack of variation forced me to look elsewhere for a more enjoyable toy.

If you don't mind a vibrator that sounds like a blender, this one's not bad for you. While it's incredibly loud, it's also really strong. If you don't mind loud vibrators, you shoudl give this one a chance. I don't like it because of that, but also because it takes two C batteries, which I don't normally have.

This toy is strong, lightly textured, and made from non-porous plastic. It is pretty basic, but the texture makes it interesting. I really like this one, and I know it will be getting plenty of use.

It provides a whole new experience that you generally don't feel during normal sex. My husband used this on me during sex as part of foreplay. In a vaginal setting, it's go time. Clitoral wise, it will probably fit the bill for most, but to some if us that need just a little bit more it would be a let down if it were meant to bring me to a clitoral orgasm. It is enough of a stimulation to heat you up.

This toy has a lot of power and a great design. Simple but cute and fun this will do the job for sure. The only downside is it can be rattly. Great for the price and good for beginners. I enjoy this toy a lot.

The Pleasure Petals is a decent vibrator. It’s cute, strong, and it can double as a penetrative vibe in a pinch. If it were the only toy you had ever had, you would probably be satisfied with it. The fact is, though, I’ve reached the point where vibes that are just adequate bore me, so I don’t really envision myself using it often. Still, it’s a good backup vibrator because it’s cheap and to the point, and I think it would make a good introductory vibe for those who are unsure of what they like.

This toy really went above my expectations and has become my "go-to" toy. It is an all-around great toy (minus the inconvenient location of the controls)! Great buy!

If you're looking for something that is going to give you a unique texture, strong vibrations and all for a great price, you're going to enjoy this product! Oil, water and silicone based lubricant friendly and has the length and width that seems just right. Clean up is going to be a bit tedious to get in and around all those bumps and design, but overall I think this is a great vibe to keep on hand for beginners and advanced users.

This vibrator is good for beginners but could be enjoyed by more advanced toy users such as myself. It requires 2 C size batteries. It should fit anyone's needs when it comes to a toy.

Pleasure Petals is a traditional vibrator with a non-traditional attitude! The motor is jacked up and provides deep, penetrating, rumbly vibrations. The plastic is covered with velvet coat, the shaft has upraised texture and the size is a bit larger than most other traditional vibrators. This might be a bit intimidating for the new toy user, but will fit right in for the intermediate to advanced users who still want the benefits of a basic traditional vibrator.

The Pleasure Petals Vibrator is a good buy for the price, if you like texture. I found the vibrations to be wonderfully rumbly for a plastic vibe, but the texture was unsettling. The texture is in a really pretty design which I did admire and continued to use externally after I found out I didn't enjoy it while inserted.

I got this as a free gift from Eden with an order, so in that respect it was a good value for me. I do think it looks nice and is pleasurable to look at, but for me that was where the pleasure of the Pleasure Petals ended.

This is a nice traditional vibrator that would be an exciting addition to your sex toy collection. It provides some, but definitely not limitless fun.

If you like larger, harder toys (power tools) you may enjoy this, but it simply was not for me. If anything, while I don't mind my sex play being loud, the engine on this thing kills the mood for me completely.

For the cost of $14.99 and a couple of C batteries, this traditional vibrator deserves a place in your toy collection. Designed for the beginner, but has the power a more experienced user craves, this one will fit just about anyone's needs. It's great for sexual play. as well as a great body massager. It has the advantage of not requiring lube, until that last moment. A cheap price that really does deliver!

NMC did a pretty good job with this vibe aside from the loose battery compartment making that loud rattling noise once in a while. Luckily it's a decent price, and it was a free gift with my last order so it gave me something new to try. A lot of the time when I get the free gifts they are something I wouldn't normally use or buy, and it opens me up to new experiences. Pun intended.

Very much worth the money! It does what it is made to do and the orgasm was fabulous! Never a dull moment while using this toy!

A good toy for the price, beautiful color. Pleasure petals is a vibe that every girl should have at least one of them.

Amazing! Great speed, girth and the length is perfect. It's easy to use! Great for beginners and advanced users, as you control the speed. It's not too noisy! Great price!!

This is a pretty vibrator that has a very strong vibe. Great for use alone or in partner play. It is very loud though so if you are trying to be quiet, this may not be the one you want.

The Pleasure Petals have a wonderful strong and deep vibrations for an amazing orgasm. But be careful because the controls are touchy and you could end up on a speed you did not intend on.

This vibrator is a great beginner basic vibrator. It does not have any bells or whistles, but it is pretty powerful, has no offensive odor, and is easy to use, easy to clean, and look nice at.

Want something simple and to the point, while being effective and powerful for a great price? This vibe is perfect.

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