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Venus butterfly reviews

49 reviews
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49 reviews

I suppose in closing, this toy is great for "newbies" and first time anal, but not so much for the experienced toy user.

After playing around with the flutter, I have come to the conclusion that it is not a very good toy for the more experienced lovers. I would suggest this toy for a woman who is just starting to learn to self-please. Aesthetically, it is very cute and would make a nice gift.

This is a must have and the price is right. Get this butterfly to have an extra weapon in the bedroom arsenal.

This item is completely worth it because it is easy to use, exciting, fun, easy to use with a partner and amazingly stimulating!

What a disappointment! I wouldn't recommend this toy even if it were free! It's cheaply made and offers little to no pleasure.

In my opinion this toy is a piece of crap. The straps are a waste of time to put on. When my wife would wear this during sex, the vibrator would slide all the way up to her belly button, no matter what position she was in. The wire on the product gets wrapped up on your legs, arms, and even my wife's hair once. Overall, this toy would be great without the straps. After trying to use this product with the straps many times, I finally cut them off and now use it without them.

The Venus butterfly is a great hands free vibrator that can be worn while wearing sex (depending on your anatomy) or while giving oral to your partner. For what it costs, it’s a worthwhile toy.

The Venus Butterfly is a fulfilling toy if you're wanting to get off. Not exactly worth the price, but it gets the job done.

If someone really wanted a toy like this, I would go with a wireless one. I would also not purchase one with the thought of not having to do anything with it, but put it on and use it. It's still a little bit of work to really get to the climax.

Although the butterfly wasn't for me, it would make a great vibe for clitoral stimulation when it sits in just the right position. It is a bit bulky and the leg straps are awkward. It would probably make a good starter vibe.

The butterfly is worth buying if you want something to vibrate on you clit while masturbating - but I would not buy this if you're planning on wearing it while having sex with someone.

This toy has potential, but it just falls a little short. As it stands, I would not replace this toy.

This toy is very good, but it also breaks easy. So, if you like to play rough I would not recommend this toy to you. Otherwise, you are probably making a good choice. Just make sure you are careful with your movements.

I feel that the Venus butterfly is worth the money. It does the job that you need it to do. Although it doesn't have all of the bells and whistles that another clitoral stimulator might, but you will feel that "flutter, flutter!"

I would say for the price of this toy, you are getting exactly what you pay for. It could be stronger but it was cheap enough not to care that much.

This is a fun toy for foreplay, but as a solo toy it just didn't do it for me. The price is good, and when used by two this toy can be tons of fun!

The Venus Butterfly is a good concept, but it just does not seem to work as well as you would expect. The power level just isn't there.

I think that the idea behind this product is a good one, but I think it's cheaply made and doesn't really deliver.

This item is totally worth trying! Solo or with a partner, there are few toys (in our opinion) in this price range that give you as much flexibility in terms of the ways you can play!

The Venus butterfly cannot be used for neck, back, shoulders, etc. due to the fact that the area that is vibrating would not be big enough to act as a massager. Another thing I love about this product is I have had it for almost 4 years and it has not died, or had any problem other than needing batteries. Not only that, but it still looks brand new.

This item is worth the money because it is so simple to use and a good strong reliable vibrator. If you are looking for an easy to use toy that allows for hands free fun, the Venus Butterfly will not disappoint. I think that if you are not interested in basic clitoral stimulation this is not for you. Trying to use in conjunction with other toys results in the butterfly being pushed too high to work me over.

I feel this bullet is worth the money for a beginner. It may get boring after awhile and you will discover you might want some different settings. I think this is just a great basic toy to lead you to other things. This would be a great gift for a bridal shower.

Worth every penny, even with the straps that I seemed to have trouble with. I still can't believe how many vrooms this thing is!

I am not sure how women from Venus are built, but those of us here on earth really need to work it if we want to keep this butterfly where it belongs. My butterfly like to go where no butterfly should be, right on my pubic bone! It has a great bullet in it, but positioning is quite a trick when using this little flutterbye.

This is the best hands free, strap on toy I've ever tried. It can give you a maximum orgasmic experience when you are relaxed, and find your release point.

This is a good beginner's toy but has flaws. The straps are prone to breaking and some may not find the vibrations intense enough for this to be used alone, but used as an added flair to vaginal or anal sex is great!

Unless you can orgasm from just putting something near your clit, you probably won't be able to get off with this. Frustrating product.

The Venus Butterfly was my first introduction to hands-free solo play! I think that it packs a great punch for a low price. The toy is a bit hard to store safely so it will take a bit of a beating from me but it has held up fairly well! It is a lot of fun to just lay back and climax again and again without having touched yourself once!

The toy has a nice look to it and the idea of it is very exciting. I love strap-on clit vibes, but nothing about this toy was decent. The straps were a total fail, it ripped with the second use and it would not stay in place without using hands.

The butterfly is a fun toy to use on your own or with a partner. While it does take time to get the toy aligned properly and it's not totally "hands free", it is a good little toy.

Overall, this product is fun for a tease. It definitely is just one for the collection of toys, it's not too expensive, so it's not a waste of money.

This product was loads of fun. Very strong vibrations! Better when used with a partner though. Also, it did not have to be held in place, but it did not work as well when it was just resting on top of things. This is probably because we did not tighten the straps enough. Good buy!

For the price, it's a good way to start the strap-on vibrator journey. Though it takes a while to get in place, it stays there, and the straps aren't irritating. You might have to use your hand for more pressure as you near orgasm, but for the most part, you won't touch it once you set it on.

This strap on Vibe is great for around the house use making everyday activities a little more enjoyable. It's comfortable style allows for extended use and easy to use adjustable dial allows you to control your pleasure.

This was a lot more fun than expected! For the price it really is a fun adjunct to your sex toy collection. It has limited uses but for the uses it does have it is most excellent.

Basically this butterfly, while cute and pretty and glittery, did not deliver the orgasms it promised. I was left with a numb labia and a bruised clit. I wasn't impressed at all. The saving grace for this fluttering fiend was that the bullet was removable and I can use it on it's own.

If you are looking at this toy just buy it, you know you want it! I would suggest that every woman have this in her toy box! An amazing toy for an awesome price.

Strap it on, hand the remote to your partner, and build up anticipation for a fun night ahead, or wear her out in public and enjoy the turn on of knowing you're doing something naughty--even though everyone around you doesn't! Just don't expect enough oomph to get to orgasm without a little help...

I'm not sure what a 'bird in the bush' is really worth, but a butterfly in the bush is definitely worth the purchase price.

This is a great toy for foreplay. Do not expect to cum with only the use of this toy unless you only enjoy very soft vibrations with very little pressure.The tip is a bit harsh against the clit so please save you money.

You might just find yourself wearing this thing around the house to make housework more fun, and it's quiet so perhaps it could go on a fun public outing if you're daring enough. Please don't use while driving, that just doesn't seem responsible.

Overall, this product was an excellent addition to my toy collection. It's hands-free and therefore allows your hands to be on other places or people. The vibrations are quite strong (for me at least - I couldn't reach the maximum level) and allow accordingly strong orgasms. The only flaw is the shape doesn't really fit too well and may not hit the right spots without adjustment.

I really enjoyed this product. I do recommend it for women who want to have a little funny with their significant other. You can hand the control right over to them and they can tease with pleasure. Going from a low vibration to a high vibration quickly or slowly the choice is their and the surprise is yours.

Great if you don't mind using your hands, but not so worth it for hands free pleasure. Noise level was a little high since I share a thin wall with my roommate, but if noise isn't an issue it could be fun.

This strap on vibe isn't too good for wearing in vertical positions but is great for laying back and enjoying strong and adjustable vibrations.

The Venus Butterfly is a hands free stimulator that is AWESOME solo or with a partner, the freedom it provides is an invigorating and exciting experience.

One great feature to this little toy is you can give your partner full control of how strong your vibrations will be or when you will feel them. It will definitely build the anticipation all day long. The only thing I didn’t like about this product is that the vibrations weren’t strong enough to bring me to a full climax. But it sure did get me all hot and bothered and ready to get down and dirty with my partner.

All in all I would definetly recommend this preduct for women who want to try something new and exciting. I definetly enjoyed using the butterfly, and am sure most other women will too!

The Venus Butterfly is a great hands-free, strap-on clitoral stimulator providing users with relaxation and orgasms if given some patience.

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