It's Insectosaurus! Oh, it's a butterfly?

Basically this butterfly, while cute and pretty and glittery, did not deliver the orgasms it promised. I was left with a numb labia and a bruised clit. I wasn't impressed at all. The saving grace for this fluttering fiend was that the bullet was removable and I can use it on it's own.
Large, easy to hold control, strong bullet (removable), pretty color.
Sticky TPR, straps are confusing, beak hurts.
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Ok, so strap on vibes for girls? Yeah, they make 'em. See? Well, basically how this should have worked was, I hook it around my waist and legs (if I didn't have cow legs of course) and the vibrating...creature (for lack of better words) would be held in place to do it's job. The bullet lodged in the middle of the belly vibrates at a pretty good level and on a general basis would be good enough to get me off.

The nose (more like a parrot beak) should provide gentle stimulation to the clitoris...umm I think it bit me a few times. The wings and bullet will stimulate the labia while you are being bit by the parrot beak, causing major orgasms, or at least some nice sensations.

I really don't think this is the best toy for partner play. 1. It looks ridiculous (I want him to want to touch me) 2. It pretty well covers your vagina, so insertion will be a pain in the ass (maybe literally if you can't get it in your vag.) 3. It is sticky, so pubic hairs on your partner...a big ol' no go. So, as you can see this may be suited better for some serious, or relaxing solo play. Being that this is a strap on, other areas of the body will be left out, so I recommend using this toy with other toys (maybe nipple clamps or vibrators. Just a suggestion though.
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Material / Texture

The Venus Butterfly is made of TPR and is very pliable. Unfortunately is it really sticky as well, so if you have hair in your nether regions, play cautiously because you may end up getting the wax job of your life. The "butterfly" has soft ridges on its underbelly for better stimulation, but I really think they fail to do their job. The nose (beak) is soft and bendable, but the tip is very very pointy and really painful (for me anyway). And the tail of the toy is so soft that I never even felt it touch my skin.

I was pleasantly surprised at the comfort of the straps. They are elastic and stretch really well. And they hook together like bikini tops do...I can't describe it any better than that.

Design / Shape / Size

Ok, here we go. This is where it gets FUN for me!

Wow, it is supposed to be a, it looks more like a hummingbird mated with a cicada if you ask me. If you have never seen a cicada before...they are freaking UGLY. Anyway. So I have dubbed mine to be Insectosaurus II. Looks just like him/her/it. The overall design would have been nice if the beak, sorry, nose/whatever wouldn't have felt like it was biting me and the stickiness of the TPR wasn't so gross.

The straps are detachable, which is nice for cleaning purposes (I guess). All three are held on by snap closures.

The total size wing to wing is about 3.5 inches, while top to bottom it is about 4 inches give or take. The bullet inside is about 2 inches (and removable as long as you are willing to fight for it). And the cord (which is really sturdy actually) is about 3 feet long...sooooo you can be in bed with a partner and they can have the control and play.

I am guessing this is more of a beginners toy, because for a more experienced user this butterfly creature may not really hold up so well. Although, looking from a new toy user's eyes I might be a little apprehensive to buying a strap on vibrator since they are in no way discreet, and they look complicated to attach to the body. Overall, I think these toys are aimed specifically at women who will play alone, and may be new to toys, but already own a few.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Great! How this little winged thing works

The controller is so basic a two year old can use it...which is nice because if you are sitting back relaxing and watching TV or porn, or even playing online, you don't want to be fumbling with control buttons. The control is large enough that it fits right into my hand (I would prefer it to be upside down though for easier is triangular and the tip goes up). The vibration control is a dial controller like the volume on your laptop. Just move it back and forth to change the vibe levels.

Now, I would like to say the vibrations just roll into each other, but when going to high mine turns off, then back on to high...this may just be mine though.

Well, I was certainly not satisfied. The beak thing hurt, and I got no real stimulation from the vibrations at all. The vibrations are really strong, and I love them, but the toy itself just doesn't get it done for me. I was able to feel more of the localized vibrations by pressing down on the toy...but not otherwise. If you enjoy labia stimulation, you may really enjoy this feature!

The bullet is GREAT! I had to fight to get the bullet out, but I was determined and I won! Ha! So, the bullet offered me great body can be used anywhere your heart desires.

However...the box claims the toy can be worn under not my clothes.
1. People WILL hear it. It is not loud per say, but, you can definitely hear a buzz. I would feel safe to say that if your door is shut and you have the bullet in the butterfly people will not hear you unless you are on high (mine was loud on the high setting).
2. You will look funny and you will walk like John Wayne...seriously people. You will walk funny.

If you still insist on wearing this out, fine...but I advise against it.

This was cool. 2 AA big deal. They lasted over two hours. While my labia was numb, my batteries were still going...WOW.

Care and Maintenance

First...this vibrator in NOT waterproof. I have no idea why, but I thought it isn't. Just so you know.

TPR is porous and it cannot be sterilized. Keep that in mind. You can clean it with soap and warm water...I recommend a good toy cleaner since it will maintain the toy well. The bullet can be cleaned the same way or wiped down with alcohol (isopropyl of course). If for some reason you decide to ram this up your butt (someone may try it...especially with the bullet) you should cover the toy with a condom...well honestly I would still do it even if I was just sharing it (but that is just me)...I don't recommend doing that without a flared base though...the cord could break.

Since the TPR is sticky, you need to wash before and after uses. I would keep it in a ziplock or something to keep fuzzies off it.

Let's talk lube. I recommend a good body safe lubricant if you feel the need to use some. TPR is compatible with Silicone and Water based lubricants NO oil based lube.


Well, the packaging is the basic tacky sex toy packaging. The beautiful blond bombshell in the background with a giant bright pink bug on the front. The packaging was really distracting, but kind of fit with the overall feel I got from using the toy. The toy was in a plastic bag inside the box. Simple and plain like you might expect.

I would have liked some instructions for the stupid straps. I was highly annoyed trying to put them on.

Would I recommend reusing the packaging...NO. I threw it away. It is that obvious sex toy packaging. It is in no way discreet, and ANYONE who saw it would know just what it was.

Personal comments

I am not sure I would ever be the type to enjoy a toy like this to the extent it deserves. I like my toys to be able to be shared. Plus, TPR toys don't do well in a house with two dogs who run free wherever they'd like.

While I may not have enjoyed the strap on vibrator, I can fully appreciate the intensity of the bullet alone. I enjoy the bullet, and will continue use it in the future.
Follow-up commentary
Yeah, so what I ended up doing with this vibe was totally tearing it apart to get at the bullet inside to use just that. While the straps were...meh...alright (and that is being so very nice), I simply couldn't deal with the humming bird/cicada thing. It was ugly, creepy, and totally ineffective.

I still use the bullet from time to time, but to be totally honest, there are just better bullets out there that are smaller and not corded that suit my needs more.
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    Thanks for the honest review, information, and 5 month follow up. Glad to know the only thing worth keeping after a while is the bullet, and yet there are much better bullets out there
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    Wasn't a fav of mine either. Thanks for the entertaining review.
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