Wonderland - The pleasurepillar - sex toy by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Wonderland - The pleasurepillar reviews

21 reviews
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21 reviews

This item provided for some great partner play and we look forward to using it more. It was definitely worth the deal we got on it and so far it would be worth the purchase price.

The Pleasurepillar is sold as a g-spot vibrator. This may or may not work for all women due to its short stature. The motor is in the middle of the vibrator but the vibrations carry well throughout. The 10 vibrations patterns provide lots of variety and should provide at least one or two patterns to satisfy most women. The vibrations range from buzzy to rumbly. It is much louder in the more buzzy patterns. When turned off it restarts at the NEXT vibration pattern - Ugh!

This one was way different then the Kinky Kat but very enjoyable. I may have just too hunt out the other ones just to have them all. I wish they bring the rest back so everyone can enjoy these beautiful, elegant and whimsical looking toys.

This toy was a great idea and has a very fun design. With multiple settings, a soft silicone exterior, and a unique G-spot curve, you'd think this would be your ticket to pleasure. However, I found that the Pleasurepillar was too short to keep a good grip on and wouldn't stay in place. There is also a crack that fluids get stuck in. The Pleasurepillar is pleasurable, but that pleasure is, I'm sad to say, short-lived.

Hands down the best purchase I've made on EF thus far. Adds a great spice to foreplay; can be used in the shower or bed for new exciting adventures! Can be used with a partner or solo. Fun glowing light adds a unique addition to this toy. Has a variety of vibrations and a wonderfully smooth texture.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pleasurepillar, and honestly, even though it doesn't work for my insanely picky g-spot, it fits my body so perfectly as a clitoral vibrator, so it's still one of my favorite vibes. It's adorable, well designed, and rumbly! It travels extremely well also, so what more could a girl ask for?

You would have to be half mad to think up a toy up like this! From the beautiful artsy design, to the gorgeous box, to the teasability, this is one trip down the rabbit hole worth taking. It managed to change my opinion of Doc Johnson because they took your standard g-spot toy and improved it.

This small, yet powerful, vibrator will make an excellent addition to your toy collection. Above all else, it's fun and easy to use. The slight flexibility of the head also allows you to hit those spots you've always wanted to, and do so easily. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

This toy is worth it if you get it on sale. It does a great job living up to its name, but be wary that it might stop working later. Don't spend $35 on it, wait for a sale. I want to love this, but I can't anymore because it no longer vibes. Hopefully it will for you.

Whether you want it all for yourself, or are willing to share with your partner, the pleasurepillar will not disappoint. The shape creates many different sensations that you are sure to love. Have fun!

As my first specialized g-spot vibrator, this toy was an excellent choice. The material it's made of is super smooth, and the design and color are delightful. It's more than just a g-spot vibe: it provides all sorts of stimulation to the clitoris, vagina, perineum, and anus. It's extremely versatile and is easily my favorite toy. Its compact size means that while anybody who knows what a g-spot vibe looks like will recognize it for what it is, it's still easy to conceal.

The Caterpillar would strut around, smoking on his hookah claiming that he "is a very good size, indeed!" And while he has traded the hookah for vibrations, you will notice what a great size he is when used for teasing you. Paired with the rest of the Wonderland set, he is definitely a good size indeed for some awesome orgasms and teasing!!

All in all this is a great toy. We had a lot of fun exploring what it could do. For the price and its intention it delivered right on the mark.

The Pleasurepillar is a great vibrator that soothes the skin rather than irritates it, has ten very fun vibrating functions, and does a pretty good job getting to your G spot. The button needs to be in a different place because it's too easily pushed when using. It's a bit too small and the vibrations could be a little bit more powerful.

Like most everyone else, I saw the theme behind these toys and couldn't resist. It's playful and fun, while also being a good toy of its kind. Not for those who aren't sensitive, or for novices when it comes to the g-spot, however. Those who fall into this category might find that the novelty value of the toy was better than the actual results.

I wanted to love this toy, I really did. I pulled the packaging out of my shipment, and I was thrilled, it was beautiful, just like a little book. Then I held the toy and felt some of the softest most luxurious silicone I have ever felt. I was it love, it was fantastic, and then I turned it on. I was overwhelmed with some of the buzziest most uncomfortable vibrations I have ever felt, my fingers were numb within seconds, let alone the things it did to my poor little clit, and thus my love affair

The Pleasurepillar has the right idea in fulfilling G-spot pleasure. With his hook nose, he slides in and nuzzles his way to your sweet spot. Find the perfect setting and his quiet strong vibrations will be sure to make you squirm!

The Pleasurepillar from Doc Johnson's new Wonderland line is certainly unique, and it's got settings out the wazoo. If you're looking for something that's not going to break the bank, but you're looking for something versatile and strong, this may be a great toy to invest in. If you can get over the noise level and the weird settings issues, I highly recommend it.

Tumble into Wonderland and tuck this Pleasurepillar up against your clit or shallow g-spot for pinpoint pleasure that'll have you questioning the laws of physics. It may not change size, but somehow, when the Pleasurepillar's neck flexes, the vibrations are not dimmed at all! For lovers of pressure, pinpoint simulation, and versatile, small, waterproof vibes---take some very good advice and take home the Pleasurepillar!

With more powerful vibrations and little more attention in manufacturing, this toy would be really awesome but as it is it's just nice. I got it for the g-spot hook and cuteness, and I imagine a lot of people will do the same. If you're getting it for that, well, it certainly succeeds. If you are looking for "powerful" settings though, you might be disappointed.

The Pleasurepillar is simple to operate, does not require a lot of user effort, and keeps your self-stimulation fun and safe. Its unique design is great for both g-spot and clitoral stimulation, making it appealing to women of all experience levels. It is made of a body safe, high quality silicone and doesn't collect hair or lint. Of all the toys I've reviewed, I've had the most fun with this one. It is a solid toy, with an exceptional design.

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