4 Orgasm Types Every Woman Should Have
Clitoral Orgasm
This climax is the most common and is the result of C-spot stimulation. Intensely pleasurable feelings start within the C-spot and send waves of pleasure throughout the body.This sweet spot is the most sensitive area on the female body, being one of the most nerve rich and is the only human organ designed solely for pleasure.
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Vaginal Orgasm
The sensations from this kind of climax stay in the pelvic and lower stomach areas but they are really deep. The uterus and pelvic muscles may begin to contract during this climax. It takes longer to get to this point, on average 20-25 mins. Usually this type of pleasure is achieved with G and A spot stimulation.
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Blended Orgasm
Blended climax is a combination of inner and C-spot pleasure. Yes, it is possible to experience two types of "finish" at the same time. Blended climax is a blissful experience and can be achieved using dual stimulation toys.
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Multiple Orgasms
Physiologically nothing stops a woman from enjoying multiple climaxes. If you can achieve one climax - more is within your reach. Some women find it easier to achieve a second time if they cool off their sensitive areas. Glass toys are perfect for this extra sensual situation.
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