Is glass safe to use?

froggygal91 froggygal91
I mean really what are all the consequences?
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
They're too hefty and solid to break unless you toss them onto a concrete floor.
married with children married with children
yes, unless you drop it on the floor. it could break then.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
They MIGHT break then. Tool time Tim did a glass dildo test. You can find it on EdenTube.

Glass dildos are as strong as Pyrex cups in your kitchen...they're made of the same glass.
Jish Jish
Mostly. You just have to be careful not to drop them.
DigitalSweety DigitalSweety
I wouldn't be too worried about it breaking during use, if that's what you mean. Glass dildos are tough... and very hard. Because of that, there can be somewhat of a safety issue related to thrusting too hard and potentially bruising yourself/your partner (ouch). As far as a sex toy material goes, though, it's one of the least porous and most safe.
Kazooie Kazooie
I dislike the feeling of glass toys but they are safe in my opinion. too heavy though.
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