Tulip plug measurements

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Tulip plug measurements

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Tulip plug royal
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Ok so I ordered the Tantus tulip plug (small) from Tantus’s closeout section and I have a review written up and ready to go but before I posted it here; I have to ask to make sure the tulip plugs here are the same one Tantus sell everywhere else right? This is the only place I’ve seen the large referred to as the royal (I’m assuming they are the same toy) and more importantly the measurement don’t sync up with the ones listed on Tantus’s site.

To demonstrate the tulip small is listed on Tantus’s site (link ) as having a diameter of 1.65 but here on Eden the tulip plug link is listed as having a diameter of 1 ¼ a big difference even if we are rounding off. I figured this was just a mistake as it does appear to have the correct circumference of 5.25. (Do the math 5.25 divided by pi will yield approximately 1.65 which is what Tantus lists as the toy’s diameter). Ok so the diameter is a little off then I looked at the tulip royal and nothing on that one syncs up the way it should

Here the link to the tulip large on Tantus’s site link and here is the link to the tulip royal here on Eden’s link . It is listed as having a diameter of 1 ¾ when on Tantus site it is listed as having a diameter of 2”. Here the circumferences is listed here as 4 ½, again doing the math it doesn’t add up. Firstly unlike the small above the circumference doesn’t sync up with Tantus listed diameter, a 2” diameter should yield a 6.25 circumference. Secondly, 4.5 divided by pi will yield a plug that is 1 ½ (rounding up) not 1.75 as listed.

So just to make sure because the way off measurements and different naming have me confused the tulip plug is the same as the tulip small and the tulip royal is the same as the tulip large, right?
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